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Lost Ark Farming Guide News
  • Lost Ark Brelshaza Normal/Hard Loots & Bid Rewards | Lost Ark Brelshaza Raid Rewards
    11/8/2022 4:20:47 PM
    In Lost Ark, the Brelshaza Raid, which is confirmed to be released in the December update, will bring new materials for higher-level gear - Upper Relic and Ancient Gear!  So what rewards will we be excited about with this massive raid with gate 6 requiring at least 1490 items level? Let's take a loo...
  • Lost Ark Pheons Farming Guide - How To Get 125 Free Pheons In Lost Ark
    9/22/2022 10:16:36 AM
    Pheons are an important currency in Lost Ark. How to get some free pheons then? In this Lost Ark pheons coins farming guide, we are showing you the best ways to get 125 pheons for free.  Lost Ark Pheon Coins Farming Guide - How To Get 125 Free Pheons In Lost ArkIf you haven’t gotten to the endgame a...
  • Lost Ark Gold Making Guide -  How To Save Lots Of Lost Ark Gold?
    8/20/2022 3:15:57 PM
    Today it is about more prepping, to talk about what jewellery and what kind of stone you should keep in Lost ark. Lost Ark Gold Making Guide -  How To Save Lots Of Lost Ark Gold?1. Lost Ark Gold Making - Scouter Recently saving some lost ark jewellery and some ability stones for the release of scout...
  • Lost Ark Gold Farming Guide 2022 - 10 Best Methods & Tips To Make Gold In Lost Ark
    8/5/2022 5:54:56 PM
    Gold is required in Lost Ark, and there are several ways to earn it. Are you ready to ride to victory on a mountain of gold in Lost Ark? Today we're going to talk about the 10 best tips and methods to make gold in Lost Ark.  Lost Ark Gold Making Guide 2022 - 10 Best Gold Farm Methods & Tips In Lost ...
  • Lost Ark Kakul-Saydon Phase 2 Guide: Battle Items, Patterns, Mechanics & Gate 1 Walkthrough Tips
    8/5/2022 11:29:34 AM
    In this Lost Ark guide, we walkthrough the Legion Kakul-Saydon Gate 2 Raid, by going over the battle items and skill to prepare, mechanics to use for different patterns (gimmicks)!Battle Items and Skills for Kakul-Saydon Gate 2Battle ItemsPanacea or Time Stop PotionSplendid Sacred CharmMarching Flag...
  • Lost Ark Kakul Saydon Rewards - Clown Rehearsal, Normal, Inferno Raid Drops & Loot Bid Rewards
    8/2/2022 4:33:43 PM
    Lost Ark Legion Kakul Saydon Raid aka Clown Raid is going to roll out in the game soon. Similar to other released Legion Commander Raid Valtan and Vykas in Lost Ark, by clearing the Kakul Sydon Rehearsal, Normal, and Inferno Raids, we will be able to collect the T3 gear materials, additional rewards...
  • When to Buy a Chest in Lost Ark - All Lost Ark Argos, Valtan & Vykas Rewards (Clear & Chest)
    7/23/2022 10:28:07 AM
    At the end of all of your abyssal raids and legion raids, you have the chance to buy a chest using Lost Ark gold to get some rewards from it. When should you buy chests for your character and which one has the best value? Let’s take a look at all clear rewards and chest rewards of Lost Ark Argos, Va...
  • Lost Ark Best Place To Park Alts (1415/1430) - Efficient Parking Spots For Main & Alts
    7/15/2022 5:17:47 PM
    In this guide, we are going to be talking about Lost Ark alts and the best place to park your alts to make gold with them, so like what's the best item level to get all your alts to for weekly gold income with raids, chaos dungeons. Right now, we actually have a couple of raids and things out, so th...
  • How to Facet Ability Stones in Lost Ark - Lost Ark Ability Stone Calculator Guide
    7/11/2022 2:10:43 PM
    How to make sure that you are doing your ability stones as best as you can? There are lots of calculators that can be used to avoid any mistakes and find out the best moves. So let’s learn about the best way to facet ability stones using a Lost Ark Ability Stone Calculator. Related Read: Lost Ark En...
  • Lost Ark Fast Platinum Field Foraging Guide: Benefits, Requirements & Best Foraging Route
    7/11/2022 11:32:35 AM
    In this Lost Ark guide, we are going to cover Platinum Field foraging, by breaking down the benefits, requirements, and quick foraging route to help you get a bunch of mats in this dungeon!Platinum Field Forging BenefitsIn the Platinum Field, the foraging gives you lots of mats per every run, though...
  • Lost Ark Best 1370 Gear Sets For Every Class - Lost Ark 1370 (Tier 3) Gearing Guide
    7/1/2022 9:44:42 AM
    If you want to be the best player in Lost Ark, we are going over how to pick all the best gear on Lost Ark. So that you never make a gear mistake on Lost Ark. In this Lost Ark T3 gearing guide, we bring the best gear set for every class so that you can pick your 1370 plus gear without thinking about...
  • Lost Ark Fast & Cheap 1370 to 1385 Honing Methods - Lost Ark 1370-1385 Gear Honing Guide
    7/1/2022 9:35:34 AM
    In this Lost Ark tier 3 honing guide, we share the best 1370 to 1385 gear honing methods. As well as some strategies for when you use your anti-fail materials. Because you're going to find yourself going up against pretty low percentages, pretty quickly while you're leveling up. On your armor, you w...
  • Lost Ark Vykas Rewards | Loots & Bid Rewards in Vykas Raid Hard & Normal Mode
    6/10/2022 6:04:12 PM
    In this guide to Lost Ark Vykas Rewards, let’s check out all the loots you are able to collect by clearing the Vykas Legion Raid Phase 1-3 in both Normal/Hard modes.Lost Ark Vykas Raid LootsVykas raid is coming to Lost Ark, is it worth honing your gear to 1430 and 1460 to join the Normal and Hard mo...
  • Lost Ark Hunting Guide- How To Make Gold With Your Life Skill Energy
    6/10/2022 5:21:00 PM
    Today covering on hunting the reason for this is meat has gone up insanely, because of the drop of the vault, and then also it's probably going to continue to rise, because of the drop on vicus. To make a guide on how to hunt, how to level it up, and how to get the most out of lost ark hunting, so y...
  • Lost Ark Thronespire Rewards| How To Clear Each Floor & Get Reward Fast
    6/9/2022 5:35:22 PM
    We have the Thronespire coming soon obviously in Lost Ark, it's just been announced in the Summer Road Map and with this, we think it is time to look at what it is and how it works, and what rewards you get!Lost Ark Thornespire DungeonThroneSpire is content where you can claim rewards just once in t...
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