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Lost Ark Kakul-Saydon Phase 2 Guide: Battle Items, Patterns, Mechanics & Gate 1 Walkthrough Tips
8/5/2022 11:29:34 AM

In this Lost Ark guide, we walkthrough the Legion Kakul-Saydon Gate 2 Raid, by going over the battle items and skill to prepare, mechanics to use for different patterns (gimmicks)!

Kakul-saydon legion raid gate2 guide

Battle Items and Skills for Kakul-Saydon Gate 2

Lost Ark Kakul-saydon legion raid gate 2 - Battle Items

Battle Items

  • Panacea or Time Stop Potion

  • Splendid Sacred Charm

  • Marching Flag

The reason for Panacea and Sacred Charm is because the boss makes a burning puddle and if you get hit by it that burns you for loss of seconds. You can also use Time Stop Potion over Panacea because in Gate 2, you can fall die just like in Photon gate 2. Marching Flag might be needed for a specific gimmick that we will let you know later.


  • Use Ninave for more damage 

  • Use the Mana as second for certain gimmicks

Kakul Saydon Patterns, Gimmicks & Mechanics

When the raid starts you will see Kakul that have 140 HP bar and your Mayhem gauge beneath your characters just like we said in Kakul Saydon Gate 1 guide. You do not want to get hit by the pattern and turn into a clown when the gauge hits Max, since it gives incoming damage reduction buff to the boss.

Let's go over the major gimmicks first:

Saydon Patterns & Gimmicks (125 HP Bar)

Around 125 HP bar, Saydon pops up from the background and the Kakul starts to bombard the area, go to the edge to dodge it, from now on until Kakul's HP hits zero, they don't more periodically combo attack with Kakul and most of Saydon's attacks will knock you out and make you fall die. On the other hand, Kakul's attacks do not make you fall. Here are the patterns that Saydon does: 

  • Bird strike - Saydon fires urge on the front which will knock you down to the ground, these birds come back after a few seconds, so stay away from that line

  • Wind Blow - Saydon blow the wind on front with yellow Telegraph, this will knock you out all the way to the end and make you fall die.

  • Flamethrower - Saydon  flamethrowers in a wide range that knocks you out to the edge and fall die

  • Hammer bunk - There are two kinds of attacks and it shows yellow Telegraph, be sure to dodge it since you have a chance to fall die, Saydon bounce two times on the same spot, second time with larger range or he bounced three times on the different spots

  • Medusa - A flash comes out from the stadium size which will fear players for a long time if you see where he is be sure to look away from him when he flashes 

  • Grab - Saydon grabs all the players nearby, if grab then he starts to bond the players for lots of times, you cannot use the item when grabbed and it will kill you if you don't have enough HP.

Red & Blue safety zone (110 HP Bar)

Around 110 HP bar, Kakul moves to the center and loads which creates four safety zones that have either red or blue colors. For blue safety zone, only one player should go in, if it's red then two players should go in. To resolve this gimmick smoothly, assign party number one and two on the left side and three and four on right side, and depending on the colors generated on each side two players go into the correct color. Make sure to look away from the side on first, since he does Medusa at the beginning. Failing to going into the correct Zone will kill the players.

Lost Ark Kakul-saydon legion raid gate 2 Pattern - Red & Blue safety zone

Card flip (95-25 HP Bar)

Around the 95 and 25 HP bar, 7 cars appear and Kakul hides in one of the cards, then Saydon starts to block the players with the target Mark above, the player should stand on the second card from either left or right side since the bunk flips cards on the side as well. Make sure to dodge the bunk when he makes a motion because it will actually knock you out and fall die. When the card flips for instant moment you can see whether Kakul is in the card or not. Saydon spawns for three times and you have to find the Kakul in three times since the raid wipes if you don't. If you succeed, Kakul will get staggered.

Lost Ark Kakul-saydon legion raid gate 2 Pattern - Card flip

Mini game (80 HP Bar)

Around 80 HP bar, all the players get dragged into a new mini game. You can see that countdown happens from 2 minute and a half seconds and there will be a box in the center which one player can destroy it. If he does, he will get the overview of the whole map and other three people will remain the narrow view getting three different shapes: Diamond Clover and Heart. The overview can see three different mobs spawning in the random direction and he has to let other three people know which shape is on where because they need to kill their mobs. 

For instance, in this case, the overviewer can type in chat: Heart 10, Clover 12, Diamond 4.

Lost Ark Kakul-saydon legion raid gate 2 Pattern - Mini Game

You can also ping near the players to guide them. When you are doing this for the first time, it will be better to just share the overviewer's screen to other three people through Discord. When the players kill the mob, they will get a kill stack and the next mob will spawn randomly, players have to kill these mobs for three times. If the time hits 1 minute and half seconds each shape of the destination will spawn randomly, and players who killed three mobs of their ship can enter the destination. If all three players enter the destination that's the clear of this gimmick.

Lost Ark Kakul-saydon legion raid gate 2 - mini games

One thing you have to be careful is that settle runs in either vertical or horizontal way. If you get hit by it, you will lose all of your stats and have to kill three mobs all over. The problem is when the timer hits zero, the Raid wipes, so you want to hide in the block when Saydon comes close, before shadow moves it will show Telegraph of which way that he's going to go to, so memorize the direction and hide in time.

Velganos pizza (55 HP Bar)

Around 55 HP bar, Kakul teleports to the center and shows three times of tell either left or right, in this case it's right, left, left. Then the valgolness pizza pattern starts three times in a row starting from the back of the Kakul and to the direction he showed. If you step wrong pizza, then you will receive lots of damage and the gauge filter, this is where you use margin flag to speed up the Party Movement speed. If you're doing this raid for the first time, we would recommend using inanna since she will protect you from the damage, but be sure to do the pizza since the gauge still gets filled up which will result in turning into a clown.

Kakul-Saydon Phase 2 Normal Patterns

Now let's go over to the normal patterns in the raid:

  • Finding White zone - White and red zone starts to generate while Saydon enters the Medusa, there is only one white zone which is the safety zone. Avoid the Medusa and find the white zone if you're nearby, if you are far from it just stay at the edge between the red zones since that's also the safety zone 

  • Laser - Kakul aims a player and shoes laser in the front, dodge laser when the aim is locked.

  • Missle - Kakul fires missile from the cannon that generates a puddle, if you get hit by the missile or the photo then you will get burned for a long time and this is where you want to use Panacea or sacred charm for the other people

  • AOE Attack - Kakul AOE attacks either in inner way or outer way, the safe zone is near Kakul. 

  • Spinning Hammer - Kakul spins the hammer following a player this pattern is able to counter before it spins 

  • Slide - Tackle slice board on a player field hearing all the players in the way he can do this twice and is able to counter before it slides 

  • Blowing horn - Kakul blows a horn on each four directions

  • Jump & AOE - Kakul  jump and AOE attacks the other side 

  • AOE line attack - Kakul AOE attacks with multiple lines

  • Bombardment - Kakul flies up and drops bombs on the floor

  • Juggling - Kakul throws balls three times while juggling

That's the full guide of the Lost Ark Kakul Saydon Gate 2 Raid, if you want to get good preparation for it, get cheap Lost Ark gold to build up your character now!


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