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Lost Ark Bard Specialization or Swiftness - Lost Ark Bard PvE Build Guide 2022
8/5/2022 11:44:44 AM

Support classes usually use swiftness and specialization combat stats, for the bard stats priority, there are a lot of discussions about the spec vs swift bard. So today we are going to talk about Lost Ark bard specialization or swiftness, which one should you go? We’ll also get into the stats and engravings of the bard PvE build 2022, as well as bard vs paladin. 

Lost Ark Bard Spec vs Swift

Lost Ark Bard Specialization or Swiftness - Lost Ark Bard PvE Build Guide 2022

The primary stat will have a big impact on the bard build, so based on EnKran’s explanations, let’s learn about some core aspects of the Lost Ark Bard PvE build with a focus on spec and swift. 

Lost Ark Bard vs Paladin

One of the most frequently asked questions about Lost Ark class is that bard vs paladin, which one is the better support. Based on the playstyle and strength of these two different classes, you can go with the one you really need. Bard gives you a burst healing and the damage buff, and the paladin is more sustained. So in theory, if you are playing burst DPS, then you might go with the bard in your team, on the other hand, if you are playing more sustained DPS, a paladin might be a better choice. 

In practice, if you are a Surge Deathblade and you just get your 20 stacks ready, you are not going to hold it until the bard uses her Serenade of Courage, in this case, the paladin’s constant damage buff might be better. On the other hand, if you only have 20% HP, you are not going to wait for the paladin’s heal to fill up your HP since it’s gonna take forever, in this case, the bard’s burst heal will fill your HP up to full. There are many variables to consider, and there is always a support shortage, take any support character that fits your playstyle, whether it’s a bard or paladin. 

Lost Ark Bard PvE Build Stats & Best Engravings

You can create a bard build in three different ways, swiftness, specialization, and hybrid. A swift or spec bard is the more general build that Lost Ark players use. 

The engravings that both swift and spec bard use include Desperate Salvation, Awakening, Heavy Armor, Expert, and Spirit Absorption, or Max MP Increase or Vital Point Hit. Swiftness stat increases not only the cooldown and attack speed but also increases your movement speed as a bard who only has a space bar as her only movement skill, it is good to have a higher movement speed to dodge enemy attacks. As a specialization bard, it is recommended to use a Spirit Absorption due to its slow movement speed, as a swiftness bard, you're going to encounter low mana issues, in order for a swift bard to fill up the identity meter at the same speed as a spec bard, swift has to use all her skills on cooldown non-stop, by doing so, you will encounter a low mana issue, and in order to fix this, the swift bard is taking Max MP Increase. In the end game with 5 of the level 3 engravings, both are comparable, it depends on your play style or preference.

Lost Ark Bard Specialization or Swiftness - Lost Ark Bard Spec vs Swift, Which One is Priority

When it comes to the focus, high spec vs high swift bard in Lost Ark, which one should you go? Spec bard is faster at charging the identity meter and having fewer mana issues and still be able to use Guardian and Heavenly Tune on top of it. Then swift bard is constantly getting mana issues, can’t run Guardian and Heavenly Tune at all, also on top of the meter. The higher the bard spec, the more the heal and damage buff that she does. 

In addition, the paladin’s main state is swift, if you decide to go swift build, you are actually competing with the paladin on Lost Ark accessories and ability stones, this means the price is higher since the demand goes up. The cons of low spec bard are the slow movement speed, you are slow, so you are more likely to get hit by the boss attacks, but the movement speed difference between 300 and 1000 swiftness is only 12, and you are using Heavy Armor level 3, which makes you the tankiest class in the game. With Heavy Armor, it is unlikely that you are going to die. 

Which one is the better bard build? It depends on many factors. For lower-level content, a spec bard is probably better than a swift bard, it is cheaper to build. But high swift bard is more efficient and reliable in the raid, spec bard has a high CD and usually needs Spirit Absorption for the movement speed, while swiftness can reduce your cooldowns for more uptime and also provide high movement speed.


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