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Lost Ark Tier List 2024: Best Class & Build For PvE & PvP
12/20/2023 7:04:14 PM

As the new year approaches, we’re here to update the Lost Ark Class Tier List 2024 and discuss how each class performs in raids and PvP.

Lost Ark  Class & Build Tier List 2024 (PvE & PvP)

In 2023, four new classes have been added: artist, slayer, aeromancer, and souleater. There are now a total of 25 classes in the Lost Ark NA/EU version. So as we enter 2024, which is the new best class in 2023? With this updated Lost Ark Class Tier List, we analyze and rank the different classes, ranging from S to D tier, while providing thorough explanations of each class's playstyle, strengths, and roles in both PvE and PvP content. Context is given to class-specific mechanics like stances, energy bars, and weapon swapping to convey how each class plays. Easier starting options as well as higher skill cap choices are identified. Similar classes are compared to differentiated playstyles. Factors covered include damage types, mobility, buffs, and heals, and suggestions are made regarding classes for new versus experienced players. Explanations help the viewer understand class differences beyond just rankings, informing them of which options may suit their preferred playstyle and skill level for both raiding and PvP in Lost Ark.

1. Bard (S Tier)

Female support class that focuses on shields, heals, and buffs to aid allies in PvE. Provides invaluable utility to raids and dungeons. In PvP she can be annoying by keeping teammates alive and buffed while being hard to pin down. Immobile playstyle requires careful timing and placement of skills.

2. Paladin (S Tier)

Male support is similar to Bard but has the strongest damage buffs in the game, making him ideal for PvE groups. In PvP he can disrupt enemies if players time heals/shields well, but positioning is key due to lack of mobility.

3. Sorceress (S Tier)

Standard Mage archetype that offers high burst or sustained damage depending on build. In PvE she excels at single target damage. PvP strength relies on proper spacing and dodging due to lack of mobility when skills are on cooldown.

4. Striker (S Tier)

Fast brawler that delivers quick hits and consistent DPS via an attack speed buff. playstyle in both PvE and PvP is swift and deals steady damage up close through combos.

5. Berserker (S Tier)

Melee powerhouse capable of huge spikes in damage via Burst Mode. Effective at both frontlining in PvE raids and ambushing foes in PvP, but lacks mobility and requires skill to outplay multiple opponents.

6. Artist (S Tier)

Support focused on healing, damage buffs, and Shields with 25% health orbs. The unique portal mechanic helps allies reposition in both PvE and PvP. Good balance of supporting and contributing damage to fights.

7. Arcanist (S Tier)

Spellcaster relies on randomly drawn cards for abilities. High risk/reward character with potential for great ranged damage and zoning. Not beginner-friendly due to RNG but powerful in skilled hands for both PvE and PVP content.

8. Slayer (S Tier)

Female berserker using melee attacks and burst mode like her male counterpart. Easier to handle than Berserker with similar strength in PvE damage and aggression potential in PvP scenarios.

9. Souleater (S Tier)

The Souleater class in Lost Ark is generally regarded as a strong and well-balanced class. It offers a unique playstyle with its scythe-wielding abilities and the ability to collect souls from enemies. The class has a variety of skills that allow for different attack methods, including direct scythe attacks, summoning the dead, and powerful Deathlord attacks. While individual player skill and playstyle can greatly impact class performance, the Souleater class has the potential to be effective in both PvE and PvP scenarios. It's important to note that class performance can vary based on factors such as gear, build, and player skill.

10. Artillerist (A Tier)

Slow gunner that summons turrets for damage and control. Thrives in PvE setting area denial but sluggishness hinders potential in hectic PvP. Tanky through crowd control abilities.

11. Deathblade (A Tier)

Crit-focused assassin leveraging debuffs for high damage output, namely in PvE. PvP strength comes from swift in-and-out attacks abusing mobility and threatening foe positioning.

12. Gunslinger (A Tier)

Rifle specialist capable of strong damage at range suited for PvE maps. Multi-role weapons and quick movement annoyance foes in PvP. Aiming skills takes practice.

13. Destroyer (A Tier)

Hard-hitting melee with shields to tank damage, enabling bombastic close combat in PvE freely. PvP excels at immobilizing enemies to set up lethal damage combos due to bulk and gap-closers.

14. Glaivier (A Tier)

Fast spear user charging orbs then switching weapons for powerful attacks. Fluid motions suit both PvE multi-targeting and PvP skirmishes where counter ability helps reactions.

15. Gunlancer (A Tier)

Ultra-tank bringing guard for teammates to face bosses head-on in PvE. Bulky shielding spawns zoning play in PvP to safeguard backline comrades.

16. Summoner (A Tier)

Supportive caster handling minions to deal damage at range from safety. PvE strategy prioritizes uptime while PvP enjoys puppets tanking/distracting foes.

17. Reaper (A Tier)

Stealth assassin leveraging positional skills and burst for critical strikes. Deadly surprises common in both PvE boss backstabbing and PvP one-shotting players unaware.

18. Shadowhunter (A Tier)

Melee/ranged hybrid utilizing demon form for diverse skills. PvE shape-shifts smoothly between forms, while identity frightens opponents in competitive scenes.

19. Wardancer (A Tier)

Agile fighter empowered by orb charging, favoring whirlwind attacks. Good team player with attack buffs in PvE and elusive strikes/defense in organized PvP.

20. Aeromancer (A Tier)

Versatile caster handling windshields and AOEs. Utility-based playstyle meshes with any PvE role, and protective skills plus zoning grants options in group PvP.

21. Sharpshooter (B Tier)

Marksman centered on sniping capabilities for picking off enemies. Effective targeting in PvE but stealth sole utility in PvP where mobility is required.

22. Machinist (B Tier)

Complex rifle/drone dual specialist juggling weapon roles. High PvE ceilings for coordinating abilities, while transformation identity excels in PvP engagements.

23. Deadeye (B Tier)

Expert pistol/shotgun rotation needs mastery. High PvE damage potential achievable by adepts, yet risky all-in play makes PvP success reliant on technical finesse most lack.

24. Soulfist (C Tier)

Martial artists are empowered by stance meters which add depth but also frustration managing rotations. Outshone by others unless comfortable optimizing empowered skills across modes.

25. Scrapper (C Tier)

Bruiser lacks supportive benefits. Must rely on damage and mobility to compete, whereas others bring more utility valued in organized PvE and PvP matchups.

Lost Ark Build Tier List 2024 - Best Builds Ranking

Here we've sorted out the tier list for each class build after reviewing their overall endgame performance in raid and PvP:

  1. Surge Deathblade (S Tier)

  2. Predator Slayer (S Tier)

  3. Hunger Reaper (S Tier)

  4. Energy Overflow Soulfist (A Tier)

  5. Barrage Enhancement Artillerist (A Tier)

  6. Night’s Edge Souleater (A Tier)

  7. Full Moon Harvester Souleater (A Tier)

  8. Shock Training Scrapper (A Tier)

  9. Pinnacle Glaivier (A Tier)

  10. Esoteric Wardancer (A Tier)

  11. Robust Spirit Soulfist (A Tier)

  12. Death Strike Sharpshooter (A Tier)

  13. Master Summoner (A Tier)

  14. Arthetinean Skill Machinist (A Tier)

  15. Emperor Arcane (A Tier)

  16. Taijutsu Scrapper (A Tier)

  17. Perfect Suppression Shadowhunter (A Tier)

  18. Remaining Energy DeathBlade (A Tier)

  19. First Intention Wardancer  (B Tier)

  20. Empress's Grace Arcane (B Tier)

  21. Berserker’s Technique Berserker (B Tier)

  22. Enhanced Weapon Deadeye (B Tier)

  23. Punisher Slayer (B Tier)

  24. Rage Hammer Destroyer (B Tier)

  25. Esoteric Flurry Striker (B Tier)

  26. Lunar Voice Reaper (B Tier)

  27. Time to Hunt Gunslinger (B Tier)

  28. Death Blow Striker (B Tier)

  29. Loyal Companion Sharpshooter (B Tier)

  30. Pistoleer Deadeye (B Tier)

  31. Communication Overflow Summoner (B Tier)

  32. Drizzle Aeromancer (C Tier)

  33. Windfury Aeromancer (C Tier)

  34. Control Glaivier (C Tier)

  35. Mayhem Beserker (C Tier)

  36. Peacemaker Gunslinger (C Tier)

  37. Firepower Enhancement Artillerist (C Tier)

  38. Evolutionary Legacy Machinist (C Tier)

  39. Igniter Sorceress (D Tier)

  40. Demonic Impulse Shadowhunter (D Tier)

  41. Reflux Sorceress (D Tier)

  42. Gravity Training Destroyer (E Tier)

There will be more classes added to Lost Ark in 2024, some buffs and nerfs may also be implemented in each new update to bring character balance, so our Lost Ark Class & Build Tier List will definitely be updated, so stay tuned!


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