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NBA 2K23 New Gameplay Features & Updates - New Dribble, Shooting and Defensive Controls, Stamina Meter & More
8/5/2022 5:32:10 PM

NBA 2K23 will be launched soon with bringing stronger game functions and improves the competition intensity in all aspects. 2K just dropped a huge bombshell of information on the community and they said the authenticity was the goal for both current and next gen. Below, we detail all the information about the NBA 2K23 new gameplay features and improvements. 

NBA 2K23 New Gameplay Features & Updates: New Adrenaline Boosts, Stamina Meter & More

1. New Controls

2K23 shows love to slashers, we've got all new controls that involve double tapping the right stick, this creates new weapons for shooting and ball handling, and meter skill dunks make a return for 2K23. Take a look at some of these commands.

  • Up = Two-Hand

  • Right = Strong Hand

  • Left = Weak Hand

  • Down = Rim Hang

  • Up-Up = Flashy Two-Hand

  • Down-Up = Flashy One-Hand

  • Up-Down = Normal Skill Dunk with meter

  • Down-Down = Rim Hang Skill Dunk with miter 

2. New Rim Hangs

You can hang on the rim in 2K23. The left stick controls your swinging and the right stick pulls you up on the rim. This is not a canned animation, you totally control those animations although this is fun for the city you'll definitely get a tech in NBA games.

3. Finesse Lays

You can also finesse your weight to the rack. If you release the sprint, you can double tap the right stick for hop step lays. Double tap the right stick left right for euros and cradle lathes, you can hold the right stick left or right for scoop blades, those are great for avoiding blocks. 

4. New Contact Layups

There's also new contact lays, we saw that in the first look trailer and as expected there are a bunch of new layup packages. We've got Devin Booker, Joel Embiid, Allen Iverson, Magic Johnson, Nicola Jokic, Zach LaVine, John Morant, Sue Bird, Diana Taurasi, and more. For you post players, double tap the right stick for drop steps and hop shots, double tap the right stick left to right for shimmy and hook shots.

5. New Dribble Controls

Moving crossover signature package has grown from 15 to now 28 moves, so there's a whole bunch of new animations for doing quick moving crossovers. The speed of your stick throws and timing is important now. Rapid double taps of the right stick will give you the new combos, flicking the right stick back and forth repeatedly gives you new signature combos.

6. New Attacking Size-Ups

They provide better side to side movement and this is not speed boosting left to right, these are like quick crossover boom boom animations, your energy will deplete much quicker when spamming too many move. So it's important to be efficient and not play with your food too long.

7. New Adrenaline Boosts

This prevents over dribbling, there are three boosts per player per possession, they're shown as three small bars under the stamina meter. These boosts are consumed every time you perform a hard go or an explosive sprint launch. Once they're gone, your speed and acceleration decrease significantly for that possession. The key is efficiency, no more left riding.

8. New Authentic Shooting

Signature jump shots have shooting stats to help determine effectiveness. You've got shot speed, release height, defensive immunity and timing impact. There are now over double the amount of shot animations to choose from and MyPlayer’s shot animations are gated by shooting ratings.

NBA 2K23 New Gameplay Features & Updates

9. 5 New Shot Meters

We've got new shot meters and feedback. There are 5 new shot meters to choose from, you've got big, small, above the head, side and below the shooter. They're more like the 2K17 to 2K20 shot meters. And you still get a boost to shooting if you choose not to use the meter. Shot arcs determine releases, so if you see a high arc, you know it was an early shot. If you see a flat arc, you know was a late shot. If it's on time, it was the ideal arc. Shot feedback delays timing coverage info and green release animations until the ball hits the rim. This is to create more drama and it also reduces cherry picking. 

10. New Passing Styles

MyPlayers can equip new signature passing styles, we've got Magic Johnson, Jason Williams, LeBron James to name a few. On to defensive gameplay, there's a new shot contest system that evaluates the defensive player's contesting hand throughout a window of the shooting motion. So now shot contests are going to be determined by how well your hand is actually affecting the shot.

11. New Shading Indicator

There's a new defensive shading indicator on the ball handler when guarding a position, this shading indicator works in the post too, it's designed to help you get a better read when predicting which way the ball handle is going. Shot blocking is more realistic, no more small guards pulling off LeBron like chase downs. You've got more ball security for good dunkers. So the higher the dunk rating, the harder it is for defenders to track the ball while you're trying to dunk on them. Tomahawks and back scratchers are back, there's less chances for the ball to get knocked out on the way up. So it's not like you can't block dunks like in 2K21, you can with good defenders, but now it's not overly excessive like it was in 2K22 where everybody was blocking dunks. 

There are new flyby blocks to prevent defenders from fouling shooters and there's also better sideline awareness during scramble plays. That's gonna be big because 2K22 was lacking in those sideline animations. 


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