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NBA 2K23 New Badges & Jumpshots System (Next & Current Gen)| NBA 2K23 New Build System
8/6/2022 11:22:05 AM

The new Badges and Jumpshots system will bring a whole new gaming experience to MyPlayer Builder, let's learn about these changes together!

NBA 2K23 New Badges & Jumpshots System

The MyPlayer Builder System is about to get a new look in NBA 2K23, Brand New Badges & Badge System, Brand New Jumpshot System, Brand New Dribbling System, Double Takeover for Current Gen, Pie Chart Removed, these changes will bring every player who loves MyPlayer System Come to a new gaming experience! 

NBA 2K23 Brand New Badges & Badge Tier System

New Badge Tier System

There are 16 badges per attribute category:

  • Tier 1 - 8 Badges

  • Tier 2 - 4 Badges

  • Tier 3 - 4 Badges

NBA 2K23 Badge Tier SystemStrength/Effectiveness:

Tier 1 are least powerful and least effective, while Tier 3 are Elite badges but cost more

Core Badges:

Each attribute category has a unique badge slot that can be filled with badges that don’t count toward your badge points. Each badge will have a challenge reuqirement that, once met, will allow the badge to be placed into a core badge slot.

NBA 2K23 Badge Tier System 2

NBA 2K23 New Badges

In addition to the new Badge Tier System, a series of new badges have been added to the four categories, and some badges have also been removed and updated:

New Shooting Badges

  • Agent 3 - Ability to hit difficult 3 PT shots off the dribble

  • Middy Magician - Improved ability to knock down mid-range jumpers off the bounce or out of the post like MJ

  • Amped - Reduces the shooting atribute penalties when fatigued and when moving excessively prior to shooting

  • Comeback Kid - Improved ability to shoot perimeter jumpers when trailing in a game

  • Hand Down Man Down - Makes an outside shooter even deadlier if opponent fails to get a hand in the face

  • Space Creator - Formerly a Playmaking badge, it now boosts the ability to hit stepback jumpers and hop shots, and also will cause defenders to stumble more often

  • Limitless Range - An old favorite returns, making shooters more effective with any shot attempt from deep 3PT range

  • Claymore - Increases a spot up shooter's ability to knock down catch and shoot jumpers the longer they remain stationary prior to shooting

New Finishing Badges

  • Slithery - Makes it easier to gather through traffic. avoiding ollisions and strips (Rework?)

  • Masher - Increases ability to finish inside layups over defenders

  • Aerial Wizard - Ability to successfully complete aley-oops and putbacks

  • Bully - Like Giannis and LeBron, able to finish strong by bulldozing through traffic

New Playmaking Badges

  • Killer Combos - Improves a dribbler's effectiveness with size-up dribble moves (basically a combination of last year's Quick Chain and Tight Handles badges)

  • Clamp Breaker - Helps ball handlers win more 1-0n-1 body bump confrontations (the counter to Clamps)

  • Vice Grip - Improves ball security immediately after securing a rebound, catch, or picking up the ball. Great badge for bigs!

  • Mismatch Expert - Formerly a shooting badge, this badge now helps smaller guards break down taller defenders when mismatched 1-0n-1

New Defense / Rebounding Badges

  • Anchor - A crucial badge for last line of defense bigs, improves ability to block and contest shots in the paint

  • Work Horse - The Pat Bev badge that boosts your ability to hustle down 50/50 balls and play hard-nosed defense without getting tired

  • Glove - Helps rebounders win boxout battles on both offensive and defensive rebounding shots and poke the ball free from ball handlers

  • Boxout Beast - Helps rebounders win boxout battles on both offensive and defensive rebounding situations

  • Challenger - Improves the effectiveness of perimeter shot contests

NBA 2K23 Removed Badges

  • Hot Zone Hunter

  • Chef

  • Lucky #7

  • Mismatch Expert (moved to playmaking)

  • Set Shooter

  • Sniper

  • Limitless Spot-Up

  • Hook Specialist

  • Bullet Passer

  • Downhill

  • Glue Hands

  • Stop & Go

  • Defensive Leader

NBA 2K23 New Jumpshots & Jumpshot System

In addition to the badges, the jump shots system has been updated with new signature jump shots that have shooting attributes (help determine its effectiveness) and rating requirements in NBA2K 23。

Full List of NBA 2K23 New Jumpshots (Stats & Requirements):

NBA 2K23 New Jumpshots (Attributes & Requirements)
Size AllowedRating Requirement (Higher of Mid & 3 PT)


Stephen CurrySmalls96324.343.325
Chris MullinSwings912.32.74.343.325
Tracy McgradySwings883.71.3443.25
Trae YoungSmalls9213.
Klay ThompsonSmalls911.72.74.343.175
Ray AllenSmalls912.71.74


Kobe BryantSwings
Kyrie IrvingSmalls
Michael JordanSwings90314.343.075
AL HorfordBigs/Swings831.
Chris PaulSmalls9031.
Kevin DurantBigs/Swings9130.744.33
Dirk NowitzkiBigs8721.74.343
Chris Bosh
Steve NashSmalls942.314.34.32.975
CJ MccollumSmalls902.333.73.72.925
Kawhi LeonardSwings8522.7432.925
Vince CarterSwings86224.33.32.9
Khris MiddletonSwings8432.333.32.9
Larry BirdBigs/Swings93214.34.32.9
James HardenSmalls/Swings881.733.732.85
Lamarcus Aldridge
Kevin LoveBigs/Swings8412.
Nikola JokicBigs8022.33.732.75
Markieff MorrisBigs/Swings772.
Julius RandleBigs/Swings79
Chris WebberBigs/Swings791.
  • Shot Speed - How quickly the shot gets to its ideal release point

  • Release Height - How high the shot is released

  • Defensive Immunity - How effective the shot is against defensive contests

  • Timing Impact - Adjusts shot windows to reward good timing at the cost of an increased penalty for bad timing

Make sure you check the available jumpers with the test build feature to make sure you can get the shot you want before locking in your build [smalls=under 6'5"] [swings=6'5"-6'9"] [bigs=6'10"+].

NBA 2K23 New Jumpshot Systems

With the new jumpshots, we will see the below changes in our NBA 2K23 build system:

  • You have a rating requirement to go along with that height requirement now, so your shooting attribute needs to be at a certain point to unlock certain jump shots 

  • every jumpshot has a rating for not only release speed but also release height, timing impact and defensive immunity, so who knows how all this is going to play out, but it's definitely something very different from what we've had in the past this could provide and we think their goal of doing this is to provide more variety in terms of what jumpshots everyone uses

  • The custom shot you create will generate attributes and a shot rating requirement based on the components you use to build the shot

  • If you mid-rang or your three-point rating metts the requirement for the jump shot, you will be able to unlock Stephs or Kyrie's shot

  • Didn't make it in time for the courtside report, but working on adding a new controller setting to let you customize where your ideal release point is in your shots, examples early near the takeoff or late closer to the wrist flick, still working out the kinks but it's going to be fire. So this is something completely brand new being able to change when your release point is going to be for you to green that is. 


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