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NBA 2K23 Leaked News - NBA 2K23 Gameplay Information
8/6/2022 3:59:47 PM

New NBA 2k23 gameplay information provides us with lots of gems about NBA 2k23. 

NBA 2K23 offers first look at next-gen gameplay with details coming next  weekNBA 2K23 offers first look at next-gen gameplay with details coming next  week

NBA 2K23 Leaked News - NBA 2K23 Gameplay Information 

NBA 2K23 Clip

The first clip, so chaining animations together, looks much smoother, a lot less twitchy that word is kias, it is really kind of the thing right, that's obvious, you will notice that from the jump 22, just looking at it feels like maybe they own a little bit of a high kind of the way, they move and twitchy is the word that kind of captures, both offensively and defensively.

NBA 2K23 Realistic movement

Mike talked about more realistic movement, everybody's going to love the more realistic movement, but you know look at the game, compared it to NBA games, moving a lot faster, so NBA 2K23 definitely has smoother animations like in your catch-and-shoot game off the dribble, all those should be areas that you can notice like right away, this sounds very good.

Now, of course, the gameplay people have not been able to test out,  the best jump shots and best dribble moves and how really the gameplay looks, but it doesn't matter if you're an elite player, you're going to adapt, here every single year and continue to dominate, if you got IQ, you're going to be good in every single 2k.

As long as you are good at the game itself and have basketball knowledge, the gameplay speed sounds cool, it feels like 2k starts off slow, and then they up the speed a little bit, so if the game actually needs any updates, of course, it's gonna need some changes when it first comes out, but what is the final 2k 23 gameplay is gonna look like until probably around a month or two after the game comes out, and that'll most likely be close to finishing the product.

Let's get into the next one because everybody got a different thought about you to know what's appropriate, what's enough, and what's too much.

NBA 2K23 Changing speed and direction

Changing speed and direction, you know you're gonna have to work hard defensively to kind of stay where you want to stay, so from what he just said right there, NBA 2k 23 is gonna be very balanced gameplay, a lot of builds are going to stand out for what the build is, and if you're actually elite at defense or good at defense, you're going to get rewarded unlike NBA 2k 22.

NBA 2K23 Play good defense

Now the best NBA 2k player ever, but a 90 plus one percentage every year, played against 2k league players, this year in those tournaments and stuff, above average defense for sure, and there are just so many times that you play amazing solid defense, the best defender in the world in that straight possession right there, those 20 seconds couldn't have played any better and you still do not get rewarded.

This is when you play good defense on NBA 2k22, and it's been like this in multiple 2ks, but this one's really bad, you play great paint defense, and they either make the shot because the defense wasn't good enough quote unquote to 2k or it was good enough defense, so because of that great defense, it puts you into an animation where you do not get the rebound and that is very frustrating going back to exactly you don't get rewarded for playing good defense.

Hopefully, that's a part of it as well, and so much more to get into, but as of right now, you all know every year all the things that 2k drops, it is sounding like the best gameplay that had in years.

Some things you got to build a foundation, then you got to build something on top of that and then you got to build something on top of that to get a good feature. It is you gotta build it, you gotta refine it, you got to add some stuff to it, you got to get user feedback on it right. It serves to push the genre of basketball games forward you know and that's not the only thing that that tech will be used for eventually,  but you have to have it to be able to use it for other things.

NBA 2k23 Speed Boost Glitch

NBA 2k15 to NBA 2k17 had some similar gameplays things were changed, you know things were added on to like he said, then 18 was super broken arcadia with the snatchbacks and blow box you had stretches hitting crazy shots 19 was very similar to that but toned a little bit, then they had to fix the pushing and stuff NBA 2k20 was the third year which gameplay wise like competition wise NBA 2k20 versus, you know NBA 2k19 and NBA 2k18 was the best gameplay competition-wise compared to the other two years, then NBA 2k21 the speed boost glitch, they fixed that in 22, 22 is basically 21 without the speed boost glitch and a few you know changes and stuff like that now we've got NBA 2k 23 which is the last of their three-year cycle.

NBA 2K23 Position in transition

The bars themselves work really well, independently the thing about the bars is decision points in your gaming right, because you got those people that want to go for every offensive rebound right, but then now they had a position in transition, do they want to use a bar for that if not you know you're going to hit that big and kind of punish them the same thing for a wing fill in the lanes, you know do they want to use the bar to get open, does the defender feel like matching that or does he know he's playing against a point guard who ain't never gonna see him, you know so can you keep three bars, while your opponent has two all of these little situations, you know the people that like to stay in the backcourt and try to steal the ball and all that nonsense.

Hopefully, it will also encourage people to push the ball up the floor via the pass instead of the dribble all the time, so it's some interesting things, it's it'd be interesting that the community shakes out with that but just hope they give it a chance for complaining that they can't be left right 35 times, the idea of the defender being able to speed boost, hopefully, this is something that makes defense a lot better, they don't need to patch offense and make it worse, they need to make the defense better and that way both sides of the ball are super fun to play right, you don't want to have the really bad offense to make the defense better, you want to make them both good, so they both stand out.

NBA 2K23 The adrenaline

The next thing the adrenaline's not just for dribbling, if they're using turbo when you hit that turbo button, you're using adrenaline, so whether that's the sprint to a position whether that's to explode out of a dribble move whether that's to stay in front of the ball handler.

This is the last of the three years of the gameplay cycle for NBA 2k, NBA  2k18 is broken, NBA 19 is broken, but a little bit better than NBA 2k20 was more refined, there wasn't a super amount of cheese, you had the hop step and stuff, but you can look at 19's be like this and if the gameplay does this correctly very excited for the speed boosting as a defender man that sounds like an amazing idea.

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