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    07 Build SetupCharacter StatsVigor: 45Mind: 33Endurance: 25Strength: 20Dexterity: 45Intelligence: 99Faith: 99Arcane: 14WeaponRight Hand: Golden Order Seal+10, Weathered Blood Straight Sword with Seppuku Ash of WarLeft Hand:  Jellyfish ShieldArmorHead: Mushroom CrownTalismanGodfrey IconLightning Scorpion CharmKindred of Rot's ExultationRed-Feathered BranchswordSpellsAncient Dragon's Lightning StrikeHowl of ShabririFlask of Wondrous PhysickLightning-Shrouding Craked TearOpaline BubbletearGreat RunesFetid PotNeutralizing BolusesSince it doesn't seem like they nerfed or buffed Ancient Dragon's Lightning Strike in the 1
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    How to build the Ash of War & Weapon Combo One Shot Build:Stats (Attributes)Vigor: 60Mind: 15Endurance: 15Strength: 80Dexterity: 15Intelligence: 9Faith: 25Arcane: 10GearRight Weapon 1: Heavy Venomous Fang with Ash of War: Royal Knight's ResolvesLeft Weapon 1: Heavy Venomous Fang with Ash of War: Royal Knight's ResolvesSeals: Aired Tree Seal, Dragon Communion Seal, Frenzied Flame SealHead: Mushroom CrownTalisman 1: Blue Dancer CharmTalisman 2: Kindred of Rot's ExultationTalisman 3: Axe TalismanTalisman 4: Dragoncrest Greatshield TalismanFlask of Wondrous Physick Mix: Spiked Cracked Tear, Thorny Cracked Tear (PVE), Leaden Hardtear (PVP)Quick Item 2: Flask of Wondrous PhysickIncantationsGolden WoW & Flame, Grant Me StrengthTop 5 - Best Arcane One Shot BuildFor those of you that may be new to Elden Ring, arcane focus heavily on bleed specifically blood loss and bleed damage
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     Mushroom Setl Mushroom Crownl Mushroom Headl Mushroom Bodyl Mushroom Armsl Mushroom LegsIt serves a useful function to get it you need to explore this miserable dungeon called the Seethewater Cave which is a place filled with annoying mushroom men and poisoned floors, but if you're thorough enough you'll be able to collect this set which is pretty disgusting looking to wear, but it offers some pretty high resistance bonuses, the immunity is especially high and that's what protects you from stuff like poison and Scarlet Rot
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    You will also need a Melted Mushroom as a crafting material that you find some in the same underground area

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