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Skullder's Ire[ETH]

Skullder's Ire [Max Varies 95%-100%]

Skullder's IreDefense: 634-732 (varies)(Base Defense: 225-243)
Required Level: 42
Required Strength: 97
Durability: 90
+160-200% Enhanced Defense (varies)
Repairs 1 Durability In 5 Seconds
+ (1.25 Per Character Level) 1-123 % Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items (Based On Character Level)
+1 To All Skill Levels
Magic Damage Reduced By 10
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.09 or later)
Skullder's Ire


Price 0.92 USD

What Is Skullder's Ire [ETH] in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Skullder's Ire [ETH] is a unique Russet Armor in Diablo 2 Resurrected. It is an ethereal version of the regular Skullder's Ire, which means that it has higher base defense, but it can also only be repaired by using an ethereal repair or recharging item, or by visiting an ethereal armor repair NPC.

Skullder's Ire [ETH] has the same stats as the regular Skullder's Ire, including its unique mods. It provides a significant boost to cold resistance, as well as bonuses to skills, mana, and magic find. It also has a chance to cast a Nova spell when the wearer is hit, which can deal significant damage to nearby enemies. Overall, Skullder's Ire [ETH] is a powerful armor for any cold-based caster build, especially those focused on magic find.

What Are the Advantages of Skullder's Ire [ETH] in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

Skullder's Ire [ETH] is an ethereal version of Skullder's Ire, a unique Russet Armor in Diablo 2 Resurrected. The ethereal version has the same advantages as the normal version, but it also has a higher defense rating due to the ethereal property.

The advantages of Skullder's Ire [ETH] in Diablo 2 Resurrected include:

  • High defense rating: The ethereal property of Skullder's Ire [ETH] provides a higher defense rating compared to the normal version, making it more effective in protecting against attacks.

  • Increased Magic Find: Skullder's Ire [ETH] provides a bonus to Magic Find, making it an excellent choice for players looking to increase their chances of finding rare D2R items.

  • Faster Cast Rate: Skullder's Ire [ETH] also provides a bonus to Faster Cast Rate, which can be useful for casters who rely on spells that require a shorter casting time.

What Are the Most Popular/Hottest Build for Skullder's Ire [ETH] in D2R?

Skullder's Ire [ETH] is a popular armor choice for many builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected, particularly for those who rely on spell casting. The Ethereal version of the armor offers the same benefits as the regular version, with the added bonus of higher defense rating and magic find, but it cannot be repaired.

The advantages of using Skullder's Ire [ETH] include:

  • Increased defense: Skullder's Ire [ETH] has a higher defense rating than the non-ethereal version, making it a better choice for characters who need additional protection.

  • Magic find: The ethereal version of Skullder's Ire offers a boost to magic find, making it a great choice for players who want to increase their chances of finding rare or unique items.

  • Resistance bonuses: Skullder's Ire [ETH] also offers resistance bonuses, making it a good choice for characters who need extra protection against elemental damage.

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