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Tomb Reaver[ETH & 3S]

Tomb Reaver [Max Varies 95%-100%]

Tomb ReaverTwo-Hand Damage: (99-125) To (450-570) (274.5-347.5 Avg)
Required Level: 84
Required Strength: 165
Required Dexterity: 103
Durability: 65
Base Weapon Speed: [10]
+200-280% Enhanced Damage (varies)
+150-230% Damage To Undead (varies)
+60% Increased Attack Speed
+250-350 To Attack Rating Against Undead (varies)
All Resistances +30-50 (varies)
10% Reanimate As: Returned*
+10-14 Life After Each Kill (varies)
+50-80% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (varies)
+4 To Light Radius
Socketed (1-3) (varies)
(Ladder Only)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)
Sale [ETH]
Tomb Reaver
[ETH & 3S]


Price 6.02 USD

What Is Tomb Reaver [ETH & 3S] In Diablo 2?

Tomb Reaver [ETH & 3S] is a highly versatile weapon that can greatly enhance a character's offensive capabilities. Its high damage output, bonuses to damage against Undead enemies, and bonuses to Barbarian and Necromancer Skill Levels make it a valuable item for many character builds.

How Does Tomb Reaver [ETH & 3S] Work In D2R?

  • Damage: Tomb Reaver [ETH & 3S] has a high base damage range, making it an ideal weapon for dealing heavy damage to enemies. Its damage output can be further enhanced by its Enhanced Damage bonus, which provides a percentage-based increase to its damage.

  • Sockets: Tomb Reaver [ETH & 3S] has three sockets, which allows players to socket the weapon with gems or runes to further enhance its properties. Players can socket Tomb Reaver [ETH & 3S] with gems or runes that provide bonuses to damage, resistances, or other stats.

  • Ethereal: Tomb Reaver [ETH & 3S] is Ethereal, which means that it cannot be repaired. However, Ethereal items provide a significant boost to damage and other stats, making them highly valued items.

  • Bonuses: Tomb Reaver [ETH & 3S] provides several powerful bonuses that make it a valuable item for many character builds. These bonuses include:

  • Damage to Undead: Tomb Reaver [ETH & 3S] provides a significant bonus to damage against Undead enemies, making it an ideal weapon for facing bosses and other challenging Undead enemies.

  • Replenish Life: Tomb Reaver [ETH & 3S] provides a bonus to Replenish Life, which can help players recover health during combat.

  • All Resistances: Tomb Reaver [ETH & 3S] provides a bonus to All Resistances, which can help players resist different types of damage and reduce the amount of damage they take.

  • Barbarian and Necromancer Skill Levels: Tomb Reaver [ETH & 3S] provides bonuses to Barbarian and Necromancer Skill Levels, making it an ideal weapon for characters who specialize in these classes.

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Tomb Reaver[ETH & 2S]
5.71 USD
2.86 USD
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