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Annihilus[ATTR+RES: Total 25-29]

Annihilus [Max Varies 95%-100%]

AnnihilusRequired Level: 70
+1 To All Skills
+10-20 To All Attributes (varies)
All Resistances +10-20 (varies)
Sale [ATTR+RES 25-29 (varies)]
+5-10% To Experience Gained (varies)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)
[ATTR+RES: Total 25-29]


Price 1.08 USD

What Is Annihilus [ATTR+RES: Total 25-29] In D2R?

Annihilus [ATTR+RES: Total 25-29] is a valuable item in D2R that can greatly enhance a character's performance. The charm's bonuses to Attributes and Resistances can help a character to survive against tough enemies and deal more damage.

Obtaining Annihilus [ATTR+RES: Total 25-29 in D2R requires defeating Uber Diablo in Hell difficulty and hoping for a lucky roll of the charm. Players who are seeking this particular version of the charm should be prepared to invest a significant amount of time and effort into farming for the charm.

How To Use Annihilus [ATTR+RES: Total 25-29] In D2R?

To use the Annihilus charm with ATTR+RES: Total 25-29 effectively, here are some tips:

  • Equip the charm: First, equip the Annihilus charm to your character's inventory. You can do this by opening your inventory and dragging the charm into one of the empty slots.

  • Take advantage of the bonuses: The Annihilus charm's bonuses to Attributes and Resistances can greatly enhance your character's survivability and damage output. Make sure to allocate the increased Attributes points to the most useful stats for your character build. The increased Resistances can also help your character resist elemental damage.

  • Use the bonus to All Skills: The Annihilus charm provides a +1 bonus to All Skills, which can greatly enhance the effectiveness of many of your character's abilities. Make sure to adjust your character's skill point allocation to take advantage of this bonus.

  • Farm for the charm: If you don't have Annihilus [ATTR+RES: Total 25-29] yet, you can farm for it by defeating Uber Diablo in Hell difficulty. Keep defeating Uber Diablo until an Annihilus charm drops with the desired roll.

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Annihilus[ATTR+RES: Total 35-39]
1.74 USD
0.87 USD
Annihilus[15-20 ATTR & 15-20 RES]
2.82 USD
1.41 USD
Annihilus[ATTR+RES: Total 30-34]
2.82 USD
1.41 USD
Annihilus[18-20 ATTR & 18-20 RES]
6.69 USD
3.35 USD
Annihilus[19-20 ATTR & 19-20 RES]
9.59 USD
4.79 USD
Annihilus[20 ATTR + 20 RES]
12.5 USD
6.25 USD
Annihilus[20 ATTR + 20 RES + 10EXP]
58.04 USD
29.02 USD
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