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Lost Ark Cheap & Fast 1370 To 1415 Gear Honing Method | Lost Ark T3 Honing Guide
3/29/2022 3:54:56 PM

In order to get item level from 1370 to 1415 in Lost Ark, you need numerous materials. Users on Reddit present simple tricks on how you can save costs and effort.

Lost Ark Cheap & Fast 1370 To 1415 Gear Honing Strategy

In a post on Reddit, the user civocivocivo shows an infographic on how to reach item level 1,415 as cheaply as possible. The starting point is item level 1,370, i.e. the late Tier 3 area of the game.

Players are happy about the tip because they can finally move forward. Before that, the so-called dead zone has to be overcome from 1,340 to 1,370. This only works with a lot of materials, because the players have to upgrade their armor and cannot farm new ones. This caused a lot of discussions on the forums and on Reddit. Thanks to this trick, you can reach item level 1,415 much faster and cheaper.

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How Does the 1370 To 1415 Gear Honing Trick Work?

He uses the 1370 gear where you would normally upgrade everything to +15 to get the desired item level. The weapon, chest, and pants cost the most material, so civocivocivo only improves the shirt and trousers to +8 and the weapon to +11. Instead, he brings the cheapest piece of equipment (helmet, gloves, shoes) to +17.

Lost Ark Cheap & Fast 1370 To 1415 Gear Honing Method

How Much Do I Save with this 1370-1415 Gear Honing Trick?

This trick will save you over 20,000 Destruction Stone Crystals, 5,000 Guardian Stone Crystals, 500 Honor Leapstones, and almost 60,000 Honor Shards. In addition, you consume less fusion material, silver, and Lost Ark gold. So it's worth it. You would need 20 days for the 500 Honor Leapingstones alone. 

How To Get Gear Level 1370 To 1415 with the Least Mats & Time?

In the meantime we have a more detailed explanation in another Reddit thread created by player giftmeosusupporter:

When it comes to upgrading to high augmentation levels, equipment in the mid and upper subtiers of T3 has a unique feature. With each successful upgrade from +1 to +25, lower equipment will always earn a +5 item level. Mid items, on the other hand, earn +5 item level for each successful enhancement beginning at +7, and then +15 item level for each successful improvement beginning at +16.

Upgrade items beyond +15 to reduce the cost of upgrading to the next subtier or Tier, notable armor over weapons, which are more expensive to upgrade. Keep in mind that if you don't upgrade your weapon, your Attack Power will be decreased, which may have a significant impact on your damage depending on the content you're playing.

This can be controlled by upgrading to the following levels for players aiming to achieve 1415 as quickly as possible to gain access to South Vern content:

  • Helmet +17

  • Shoulders +17

  • Top +8

  • Bottoms +8

  • Gloves +17

  • Weapon +11

Optimal Honing Route for 1400:

  • 13/12/12/12/12/11 (1400)

  • 17/17/13/12/12/11 (1415)

The added effect of this strategy is that someone who uses this configuration has a greater anticipated Attack Power than someone who raises all items to +15 evenly. (in the +11 weapon config, 18,370 vs. 18,200 in the +15 weapon config) Currently, this phenomenon only occurs in T3 Mid. Depending on the cost of materials on your server, this strategy can save you up to 50,000+ Gold when compared to upgrading all items to +15.

Note: Keep in mind that this works just before the honing buff is released; once the honing boost is released, it's best to just evenly distribute your gear to +15. This is also only for 1340 legendary gear, which is only available at 1370.

What If the Honing Fails?

The advantage is that the chance of upgrade for the expensive items is still almost 100%, which decreases steadily from +7. Up to +6, it works 100%, after that the chance of success drops by a few percentage points with each improvement. Overall, the infographic calculations assume that no item fails to hone. So the materials you lose when you don't top up aren't included. However, if you use the trick, you avoid the most costly failures.


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