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Lost Ark Best Kakul Saydon Build - Engravings, Gems, Gear & Tips In Clown Gear Guide
9/23/2022 11:23:53 AM
Tag: Gear Guide

Kakul Saydon is coming out on the 28th of September, next week Wednesday. As Legion Raids go, this is one of the most challenging and aggravating ones you've seen so far. In this Lost Ark Kakul Saydon legion raid gear guide, we are going through the best Clown build. 


Lost Ark Kalkul Saydon Legion Raid Guide - Best Kalkul Saydon Build In Lost Ark

Just as the Valtan and Vykas raid does not have any resurrections, just restarts, Kakul-Saydon only features Normal Mode and Rehearsal Mode. Read our best Lost Ark Clown raid gear guide, including what gems, how many engravings, etc that you should be looking at for this best Lost Ark Kakul Saydon build. For the pug meta and what people are going to be looking for, what they kind of accept to be able to go into the raid for this, so you kind of know where you stand with this and what's going on with Korean and what people expect there.


Lost Ark Kakul Saydon Item Levels

First things first, you need to have a character ready at item level 1475. If you had an organized group, they've got experience, then this is the kind of character that you could be able to go and do this. A point to remember any characters at 1475 or higher when this guy comes up won't be able to get Lost Ark gold from Argos anymore.


Lost Ark Best Engravings For Kakul Saydon

The best engravings you need to have is Grudge, Curse Doll, Raid Captain, Adrenaline, Awakening, and Esoteric Skill Enhancement. This is the equivalent of five free and that's where most people are going to be looking mainly, especially for like the pug meta. People are going to be looking for that 5x3 or 5 free equivalent which is what this is.


Lost Ark Best Gems For Kakul Saydon

When it comes to your gems for gearing Clown in Lost Ark, most people are going to be looking for again a full set of level sevens. If not just like your main damage or if you're a healer or you're a cool down reduction gem on your shields etc. They're going to be looking at Sky Shattering Blow, this one is just on a super low cooldown anyway, it's for five seconds. Because we want to spend out the money to try and get that down to remain at five seconds, it's not really going to have any impact. You'd rather put the money into your alts for the minute. But a full set of level sevens is going to be kind of really optimal.


Lost Ark Best Gear For Kakul Saydon

With your gear for Lost Ark Clown rain, you're going to want a full set of Relic gear. 1475 is going to be fine, you can leave your characters there for this. Obviously the higher, the better especially if you're squishy if you're like a gunslinger then we might recommend you to level up every bit of your gear up another one maybe try and hit like 1490 or so. It depends on how good you are and how much you get hit in the raid.


Lost Ark Best Cards For Kakul Saydon

Lostwind Cliff 2 Sets

  • Dark Damage Reduction +8.00%

Lostwind Cliff 4 Set

  • Dark Damage Reduction +8.00%

Lostwind Cliff 6 Set

Dark Damage Reduction +9.00%

  • Lostwind Cliff 6 Set (12-piece Awakening)

Crit Rate +7%


Lost Ark Clown Gear Tips

That's our best Lost Ark Kakul Saydon raid tips there. Obviously, weapons at level 20-21 that kind of thing is going to be absolutely fine. But again you really want to be aiming for those that are optimal like level 7 gems, 5x3 or 5 free equivalent engravings, and your full Relic set for this Lost Ark Kakul-Saydon raid. When it comes down to your kind of more minimal requirements, full-level fives are definitely going to be the minimum that you would be looking for to go in for this raid.


However as time goes on and people get a lot better at the raid and learn the machine, then you'll probably find a character who has a crit rate set. Just bear in mind if you're getting gatekeep trying to get into the raid and people look at your stuff. Once they see legendary accessories, they see 4x3, it might be hard to get in.




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