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Lost Ark 5x3 Engravings Guide - Cheapest Way To Get 5x3 Engravings Setup Easy
6/20/2022 3:38:11 PM

In this Lost Ark guide, we share you with the 5x3 Engraving Calculator and the cheapest method to get your level 3/3/3/3/3 engravings setup!

LOST ARK 5X3 Engravings Guide

How To Get 5x3 Engravings Set Up in Lost Ark?

The method works for 4x3 engravings but works the best for 5x3 engravings because that will be the ultimate endgame focus, so in this guide, let's go through those step by step, we'll also give you tips and hints on how to buy those items for cheaper. It will cost quite a bit of Lost Ark gold to invest in getting your ingredients and if you get into it now or later you do want to look for a cheaper price point. Now follow us to check out the  Things To Consider When Setting Up 5x3 Engravings In The Cheapest Way.

Step 1 - What +12 Engravings Books To Purchase

The thing that cost the most is actually the engraving books, we are trying to get 20 gold ingredient books for the level 12 engravings, and if we weren't buying this, it would cost me less than 100 000 gold to get everything. Still, the engravings books at the moment in the game actually cost a lot. So what we're going to do is force first focus on engraving books.

Class Engraving + Cheaper Book: Grudge, Cursed Doll, Keen Blunt Weapon, Master’s Tenacity

Going to the first step, we'll be trying to get two engraving books to +12 and we recommend getting 1 class engraving and 1 cheaper in the green book. What we have decided to go with our end game setup will be Grudge, Cursed Doll, or Keen Blunt Weapon which is quite universal, there's also Master Technicity and Mayhem. 

Master’s Tenacity = 2K Gold Vs 15k Gold Grudge

Now the question is why would you want to go with the two of the books if they're not the cheapest, why do you want to go for the class engraving, it's because later when you look into the filtering of the price point of different engraving books, it is always more expensive than your class incoming plus other engravings is the most expensive one. This is the best method to get your engraving books, to get 12 levels of the class engraving

It's 20x The Price Of One Book, And Those Are Not Tradable, So Pick Wisely!

Of course, be aware you are buying into the engraving books and you're buying 20 books. It might take some time, but you don't have to buy them right away. Buy them when the price is much lower on your server, so you can monitor this for a few days.

So what we want to have a look at and understand is once you buy those engraving books, they are not tradable, so pick wisely of the two books you want to invest into the gold level for plus 12.

Step 2 - The Ability Stone (Select From The 3 Remaining Engravings Of Choice)

After you look into the engraving books, the next thing you want to bid on is going to be the ability stone. 

Relic Level Stone = Best Chances For Higher Level

The ability stone level we'll be looking into will be the relic level for the best chance of high level, and what we'll be aiming for is at least 7/6 engraving stones. You just need the ability stone to be 76, this is the minimum requirement for everything to work. 

Aim For 7/6 At Least! 8/5 Is NOT Good (Uneven Number)

Don't go for a plus five and then plus eight, always go for plus six or plus seven because the numbers will be evenly added when you have a plus three or plus five engravings, plus eight does not add up correctly, so this is one number you don't want. We prefer 76 or 9 but don't fall go for eight, so just be aware of this: 8 + 3 or 5 = Uneven Usage Of Engravings.

Using Ability Stone Calculator Helps To Increase Success Rates

While searching for ability stones, we do recommend using an ability stone calculatorr and also do some filtering. The latest update brings the quality of life and gives us a search preset, so you can fill in the search and also save over here. So once you select relic level tier 3 and the ability stone select the engravings you wanted to search for, you don't really have to search for the debuff effect. Once you have those presets searched up, you can search those quickly to see the market price of those items. Sometimes bidding for those is much cheaper because if you look at the buying up price those can you know skyrocket into like seven thousand gold. 

Lost Ark Ability Stone Calculator

Cheaper To Buy Ability Stone After A Weekly Reset

One thing we want to share with you about fitting for those is buying those after weekly reset, they're a few thousand go cheaper because there's a lot of people selling those from the freestones from the raid, the weekly and also daily events. This is by far the cheapest point to buy the ability stones you can save anywhere from like one to two thousand gold by buying those at this price point, and if luck has given, you just need a few of the stones to make it to 7/6 and this is definitely a really good way of buying those for cheaper.

Basically, you can decide to maximize both equally and the stars will tell you which one to home and we're trying to go for and this gives you the highest chance of getting on average 12 success, we're looking for 13 success with 6/7, it is very simple and very straightforward.

Step 3 - Choices Of Engraving To Equip + Ability Stone + Accessories Set Up

Now that we talked about the ability stones and also the engraving books, the next part is how do you connect everything together, what you have left now with everything is you have left your collect ability stone you got the engravings. So the next thing you will be looking into is buying your five accessories. 


We recommend buying the necklace first, this is by far the most expensive item and the most critical piece you want to buy something with higher quality. So here we give you tips to get the right accessories at the cheapest prices:

  • 2x + 12 Engraving

  • 2x Ability Stone Engraving (7/6 Min)

  • Prioritize On Expensive Engravings + 3 Or Cheaper Engraving: Start to check for all combinations with rings and earrings first

  • Necklace Is Most Expensive With 2 Main Stats: focus on bidding & getting the right necklace first, bidding price is MUCH cheaper than buying out!

  • Then Fill Up The Rings & Earrings Slots: Be sure to avoid negative debuffs too if prices are similar

  • The cost of Pheons is around 50g per Phepon at 600h Per 95 Crystals, so 25 pheons cost 1250 gold

  • Combining Engravings: Keep a track of the most expensive 3 + 5 combinations, then find the alternative combination that is cheaper

  • Use Engraving Calculator Could Help: It takes a bit of time but saves us from mistakes!

5x3 Engraving Calculator made by Ben Lee

Engraving 1Engraving 2Engraving 3Engraving 4Engraving 5Engraving 6NegativesSTATS






Earring 1


Earring 23



Ring 1


Ring 23





Tip for 5x3 engraving: Start with stone and try and cut a 7x7 or 9x5 and have at least 1 legendary engraving book sorted

Step 4 - Picking Accessories With Filer & More Tips

More tips and different ways of filtering for accessories:

  • Start With Ability Stone Bidding & Buying First 6/7

  • Then Work On Necklace - Filter Settings Can Be Adjusted Into Rings & Earnings Too To Save Filtering 

  • Searching For 3 + 5 And 5 + 3 Alternatives For Best Prices

  • Understand The Market & Price Level For All Combinations = Cheapest Purchases, Could Also Make Extra Gold If We See A Bargain

  • Quality Of Necklace Is Most Important, Rings & Earrings Isn't As Important In Comparison

  • Using Price Tracker Excel & Finding The Best Combination = Saving 100K+ Gold!


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