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Lost Ark Relic Set Guide - Dominion, Yearning, Destruction & More Lost Ark Relic Gear Sets
6/20/2022 3:13:51 PM

Let's talk about Lost Ark relics. People always ask what relic set should certain class go to in Lost Ark? What combinations should you go with your relic set? Which relic set is better? In this Lost Ark relic set guide, we are going to help you defend the fundamentals of which relic set should you go, relic gear set craft, and the best relic set for each class.


Lost Ark Relic Set Guide - Which Is The Best Relic Gear Set In Lost Ark

It’s very important to understand the fundamental information about Lost Ark relic sets. Because these are very important. A relic set is just icing on the cake and it helps you. The relic set is not going to change, while some of the classes do change a whole lot. It’s like damage versus utility, crit versus speed, and crit versus consistency. All you need to do is find out which Lost Ark relic gear set is the best for you. Don’t fear your set is going to be bad.


1. Dominion

Relic set where you receive Cooldown/Damage buff when awakening is used. Since the buff lasts 2 minutes, you need to match your awakening cooldown to have this buff 100% uptime.
In the past, people were using awakening, but with high swiftness + Judgement/Conviction, you can keep this buff up 100% of the time but it requires high skill management. 6 Dominion or 4 Dominion/ 2 Nightmare exists.


Best Classes for Dominion

No Awakening Engraving High Swiftness EO Soulfist, Wardancer (2/4, or 6Dom)
Past builds with awakening lv 3 (GS etc)


Dominion Crafting

Weapon - Head - Top - Bot - Glove - Shoulder

Valtan 25 - Valtan 10 - Valtan 10 - Valtan 10 - Valtan 10 - Vykas 10 - Vykas 10


2. Yearning Relic Set

Mandatory for all supports 8-12% ATKSPD, MSPD, ATK at Lv3 set bonus.


Best Classes for Yearning

Bard, Paladin, Artist


Yearning Crafting

Weapon - Head - Top - Bot - Glove - Shoulder

Valtan 25 - Valtan 10 -


3. Destruction Relic Set

Relic set that provides sustainability, the artist can actually use this relic set due to the majority of her skill being multi-hits. It is almost nearly impossible to keep this uptime at 100% because stacks disappear during cutscenes etc. Since you would take additional time to keep it max stack, the yearning set requires you to hit the boss once to keep the buff up. Since fast skill rotation is required, slow supports like spec bard cannot use this set at all.

Why is this bad? In Lost ARK raids, you don't really have raids that allow you to deal with DPS while taking hits. (Valtan knockouts, Vykas lust meter, Clown madness meter, Brelshaza knockout, etc) However, dungeons like Kayangel could work. Either way this is a severely worse choice compared to Yearning


Best Classes for Destruction



Destruction Crafting

Weapon - Head - Top - Bot - Glove - Shoulder

Valtan 25 - Valtan 10 - Valtan 10 - Valtan 10 - Vykas 10 - Vykas 10


4. Charm Relic Set

Charm provides little lightning damage based on the number of hits provided. Some classes do use them as off-meta, but the damage provided is too low. Some DPS bards use this for chaos dungeon and solo content. This is possibly the worst relic set among all.


Best Classes for Charm

EO Soulfist, DPS Bard


Charm Crafting

Weapon - Head - Top - Bot - Glove - Shoulder

Vykas 25 - Vykas 10 - Vykas 10 - Vykas 10 - Valtan 10 - Valtan 10


5. Entropy Relic Set

Relic set focuses on Back attack Head attack classes. The entropy set itself has a built-in Keen blunt so you actually do not have to go Keen blunt, but there are two reasons why entropy classes still go keen blunt even if they go Entropy set. Did not know and made a mistake. Entropy classes tend to lack other choices in damage engravings so they chose Keen blunt.

The entropy set has a built-in crit rate boost. So entropy DPS classes do not need much crit combat stat due to their synergy skill + entropy set + adrenaline. Currently, from the latest patch of giving a slight few damages if not attacked at the head or back, this relic set is significantly useless if attacks aren't hit at the back or head with the corresponding skills. To decrease this stress of "back attacking" in the past, things like nightmare RE blade were popular, but Korean users are mechanically better now at the current raids to a point over 70% of their attacks properly hit the back or head.


Best Classes for Entrophy

Deathblade, Striker, Gunlancer, Deadeye, Destroyer, Scrapper, Glaivier(Control), PerfectSup SH, Reaper, Wardancer(Spec)


Entropy Crafting

Weapon - Head - Top - Bot - Glove - Shoulder

Valtan 25 - Valtan 10 - Vykas 10 - Vykas 10 - Vykas 10 - Vykas 10 


6. Nightmare Relic Set

Nightmare has two phases: Manaburn phase, and Unlimited Mana Phase. Manaburn phase provides a huge damage boost, they don't want their mana to be low. Unlimited mana keeps their mana pool low on purpose for Cooldown and Attack speed boost. One class Ignition sorc utilizes both phases, (Manaburn for igniter damage, Unlimited mana for identity gauge gain mode), Pinnacle Glavior (5Blue2Red, Blue skills are better at unlimited mana mode).

The majority of the classes will have to try to keep one mode on, transitioning to another mode will decrease your overall DPS. For example, instant cast sorc without unlimited mana mode will have a higher cooldown. Ignition sorc with igniter on but unlimited mana mode due to poor mana management will miss a bunch of DPS. Gunslingers do not need unlimited mana mode because they have a bunch of skills to rotate in the first place. This is the most popular relic set among all DPS classes due to the all-rounded support of all attributes.


Best Classes for Nightmare

GS, Zerk, Gunlancer(Blue), Glaivier Pinnacle, Atrillerist, Sharpshooter, Summoner, Sorc, Arcana, Deathblade(Few)


Nightmare Crafting

Weapon - Head - Top - Bot - Glove - Shoulder

Valtan 25 - Valtan 10 - Valtan 10 - Vykas 10 - Vykas 10 - Vykas 10


7. Hallucination Relic Set

This relic set provides a crit rate. So this set is often used by classes who are lacking crit rate and crit rate synergy skills. (ex. Souter, Robust Soulfist, Demonic Impulse SH, High swift Summoner)

People will notice a big jump in seeing more yellow numbers with Lostwind Cliff card set completion (7% Crit), 6Set Hallucination gives a 20% crit rate, which is better than adrenaline lv 3.
So classes with no crit-related attributes, utilize this set bonus to use damage engravings like keenblunt, also good for classes who rely on crit rates like robust soul fist. However, this particular set requires the longest to prepare (loading up the stacks, etc), so short raids or raids with many cutscenes make this set not as efficient.


Best Classes for Hallucination

Demonic Impulse SH, Scouter, Swiftness Summoner, Robust Soulfist, Wardancer, Scrapper (off-meta)


Hallucination Crating

Weapon - Head - Top - Bot - Glove - Shoulder

Vykas 25 - Vykas 10 - Vykas 10 - Valtan 10 - Valtan 10 - Valtan 10


8. Salvation

Salvation's biggest merit is the bonus attack speed. If your class can take advantage of this attack speed bonus, it's a great set bonus, if not, it's not great. If we take Demonic impulse SH for an example, with a full salvation set, they are able to use A and S skills three times during transformation. However, without sufficient cooldown gems or swiftness, hallucination SH cannot use A and S skill three times.

As for scouters, same case, going salvation will help you reach different skill rotations, but lack of crit and damage is still lower when it's level 2 set. This is why people are confused with Salvation vs hallucination. To simply think of it as one gives attack speed, and one gives crit rates which both require you to load up the stack first. For global servers, as a very initial beginning set, it is great, but detailed min-max Nightmare vs Salvation, Hallucination vs Salvation requires the game to have a level 2 set with Kakul sadon released.


Best Classes for Salvation

Crit Spec Demonic Impulse SH, Glaivier Pinnacle, Scouter (bad)


Salvation Crafting

Weapon - Head - Top - Bot - Glove - Shoulder

Valtan 25 - Vykas 10 - Vykas 10 - Vykas 10 - Valtan 10 - Valtan 10 


9. Betrayal

Main off-meta relic set. A long time ago there was no Nightmare, Hallucination, or Salvation. So if your character could not use dominion or entropy, you had to use betrayal and DPS. Betrayal set has meteor falling and ascension ethers, where it provides attack speed and identity gauge gains. For example, if Robust Soulfist cast his energy release before the meteor impact from the betrayal set, the damage boost is added on top of that so it did enough damage as the main DPS skill. As for identity gains, some destroyers used it for faster hammer bonk mode.

The problem with this set is RNG on these ethers, so buffs are all over the place especially raids that have cutscenes and off times. People do use them on Chaos dungeons and open-world PVP, it's a fun relic set to have when you're able to freely change.


Best Classes for Betrayal

Robust Soulfist, All classes for Chaos dungeons (Recommended)


Betrayal Crating

Weapon - Head - Top - Bot - Glove - Shoulder

Vykas 25 - Vykas 10 - Valtan 10 - Valtan 10 - Valtan 10 - Valtan 10


Lost Ark Relic Set Hallu vs Salv

Hallunation vs Salvation Thought process is
1. Cannot utilize Nightmare or Entropy (Best DPS sets as of now)
2. Cannot go Betrayal or Dominion due to conditional requirements
3. You're left with Hallucination and Salvation, most people choose salvation for consistency and hallucination for a higher ceiling.


Lost Ark Relic Set Night vs Slav

Nightmare vs Salvation is simply Damage vs Utility. If your character lacks a lot of utility where you need additional attack speed like sorcs where you cannot case two doomsday during igniter mode, the consistency of salvation may out DPS live battles due to consistency. Other than that Nightmare is just stronger overall.




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