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Wisp Projector[20% LA]

Wisp Projector [Max Varies 95%-100%]

Wisp ProjectorRequired Level: 76
10% Chance To Cast Level 16 Lightning On Striking
Lightning Absorb 10-20% (varies)
Sale [Lightning Absorb 20%]
10-20% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (varies)
Level 7 Spirit of Barbs (11 charges)
Level 5 Heart of Wolverine (13 charges)
Level 2 Oak Sage (15 charges)
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)
Wisp Projector
[20% LA]


Price 4.04 USD

What is Wisp Projector[20% LA] in D2R?

In Diablo II: Resurrected (D2R), the Wisp Projector is a unique ring that provides various bonuses to the player wearing it. The 20% Lightning Absorb is one of the properties of the ring that can be randomly rolled, along with several other potential affixes.

The Lightning Absorb property means that when the player takes damage from a lightning-based attack, 20% of that damage is absorbed by the ring and doesn't affect the player's health or mana. This can be very useful when facing enemies that use lightning attacks, such as the infamous Lightning Enchanted monsters.

In addition to the Lightning Absorb, the Wisp Projector also provides bonuses to the player's life, mana, and resistances. It has a chance to cast a Lightning Nova spell when the player is hit, and it grants the player the ability to teleport short distances when struck by enemies. All of these properties make the Wisp Projector a highly sought-after D2R item for many builds in D2R.

What is Wisp Projector[20% LA] Good For in D2R?

Wisp Projector with 20% Lightning Absorb is a highly valuable item in Diablo II: Resurrected (D2R), especially for characters who are vulnerable to lightning-based attacks. The Lightning Absorb property allows players to mitigate a significant amount of damage from lightning-based attacks, effectively increasing their survivability in combat.

There are several builds in D2R that can benefit from using Wisp Projector with 20% Lightning Absorb. Some examples include:

  • Lightning Sorceress: As a lightning-based character, a Lightning Sorceress is naturally weak to lightning attacks. Wearing a Wisp Projector with 20% Lightning Absorb can help mitigate some of the damage taken from lightning attacks, making her more resilient in combat.

  • Amazon builds: Amazons have access to several lightning-based skills, but they also tend to have low health pools. Wearing a Wisp Projector with 20% Lightning Absorb can help them survive lightning-based attacks, which would otherwise be their bane.

  • Melee characters: Melee characters are often in the thick of combat, where they are vulnerable to all sorts of attacks, including lightning. Wearing a Wisp Projector with 20% Lightning Absorb can help them survive in situations where they would otherwise be at risk of dying.

Overall, Wisp Projector with 20% Lightning Absorb is a very versatile item in D2R that can benefit many different builds. Its combination of lightning absorb, life, mana, and resistances make it a highly desirable item for any player looking to improve their survivability in combat.

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