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Infernal Sign

Infernal Sign [Set Items]

Infernal Sign Defense: 31 (Base Defense: 6)
Required Level: 5
Required Strength: 45
Durability: 18
12 boxes
+25 Defense
+20 to Life
Poison Resist +25% (2 Items)
Half Freeze Duration (3 Items)
Infernal Sign


Price 13.46 USD

What Is Infernal Sign In D2R?

Infernal Sign is a unique amulet in Diablo 2 Resurrected. It has a random number of affixes and provides various bonuses to the player's attributes and resistances. The amulet has a level requirement of 45 and is a part of the Infernal Tools set, which consists of three items: Infernal Torch, Infernal Cranium, and Infernal Sign. When equipped together, the set provides additional bonuses to the player's stats and skills. The Infernal Sign can be useful for several character builds, including Sorceresses and Paladins.

How Much Is Infernal Sign Worth?

The value of Infernal Sign in D2R can vary depending on various factors such as its stats, sockets, and rarity. Generally, it is considered a mid-tier item and its price can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of in-game gold or real-world currency equivalent in online trading markets. However, it's important to note that the value of items in D2R can fluctuate based on supply and demand, so it's always recommended to research current market trends before buying or selling items.

What Are Best Builds For Infernal Sign In D2R?

  • Fire Sorceress: The Fire Sorceress specializes in fire spells, making the Infernal Sign a perfect fit. With this amulet, you can boost your fire damage output and increase your fire resistance to survive against fire-based enemies.

  • Fire Druid: The Fire Druid is another class that specializes in fire spells, making Infernal Sign a good choice. With this amulet, you can enhance your fire spells and increase your survivability against fire-based enemies.

  • Fire Traps Assassin: The Fire Traps Assassin uses traps that deal fire damage to enemies. The Infernal Sign can increase your trap damage and fire resistance, making it a great choice for this build.

  • Fire Bow Amazon: The Fire Bow Amazon is a build that focuses on using fire arrows to deal damage to enemies. With the Infernal Sign, you can increase your fire damage output and fire resistance to survive against fire-based enemies.

  • Fire Paladin: The Fire Paladin is a build that uses fire spells and fire-based attacks. With the Infernal Sign, you can increase your fire damage output and fire resistance, making it a good choice for this build.

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