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Angelic Wings

Angelic Wings [Set Items]

Angelic Wings Required Level: 12
20% Damage Taken Goes to Mana
+3 To Light Radius
+75 Life (2 Set Items)
+1 To All Skills (3 Set Items)
Angelic Wings


Price 0.8 USD

What Is Angelic Wings In D2R?

Angelic Wings is a cosmetic item that can be equipped on a character to change the appearance of their wings. It is not a functional item and does not provide any bonuses or affect gameplay in any way.

The Angelic Wings are a pair of golden wings with white feathers that give the character a more angelic appearance. They can be obtained by completing certain quests in the game or by purchasing them from vendors or other players.

In D2R, players can equip and customize their characters with a variety of cosmetic items, including wings, pets, and portrait frames. These items do not affect the gameplay mechanics of the game but allow players to personalize their characters and express their individual style.

How Do You Get Angelic Wings In Diablo 2?

  • By completing the "Infernal Machine" quest in Act IV of the game. To do this, players must collect four special keys that drop from bosses in each of the first four acts. Once all four keys are collected, they can be combined to create the "Infernal Machine," which can be used to access a special dungeon. Completing this dungeon has a chance to drop Angelic Wings as a reward.

  • By purchasing Angelic Wings from vendors or other players. Angelic Wings can be traded among players or found for sale in in-game markets such as the Auction House.

  • As a rare drop from certain bosses and enemies. Although the drop rate for Angelic Wings is quite low, some bosses and enemies in the game have a slightly higher chance to drop them. These include Diablo, Baal, and Uber Diablo.

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