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Angelic Halo

Angelic Halo [Set Items]

Angelic Halo Required Level: 12
Replenish Life +6
+20 To Life
+ (12 Per Character Level) 144-1188 Attack Rating (Based On Character Level) (2 Set Items)
+50% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items (3 Set Items)
Angelic Halo


Price 0.8 USD

What Is Angelic Halo In D2R?

Angelic Halo is a unique ring that is part of the Angelic Raiment set, which also includes the Angelic Mantle and Angelic Sickle. The ring is most commonly used by melee characters such as Paladins or Barbarians.

The Angelic Halo ring provides a number of useful bonuses for players, including an increase to their attack rating, a boost to their life and mana, and a chance to hit bonus against demons. Additionally, when the ring is used in combination with the other items in the Angelic Raiment set, players receive a bonus to their attack rating and a boost to their resistances against all elements.

How To Use Angelic Halo In D2R?

To use the Angelic Halo ring, you simply need to equip it to your character's ring slot in the inventory. Once equipped, you will immediately begin to benefit from the ring's bonuses, which include an increase to your attack rating, a boost to your life and mana, and a chance to hit bonus against demons.

If you have the Angelic Mantle and Angelic Sickle, equipping them in addition to the Angelic Halo ring will provide you with even more powerful bonuses, such as a boost to your resistances against all elements and a bonus to your attack rating.

What Is The Worth Of An Angelic Halo Ring In D2R?

As a unique item that is part of the Angelic Raiment set, Angelic Halo can be a popular item among players who are looking to maximize their damage output and survivability. The value of the item can also be influenced by its attributes, such as its attack rating bonus, life and mana boosts, and chance to hit bonus against demons.

In general, the value of Angelic Halo can range from a few thousand gold to a few high runes, depending on the item's attributes and the current state of the in-game economy. The value of high runes can also fluctuate depending on supply and demand, so it's always a good idea to check the current market before buying or selling items.

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