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100% Chance To Cast Level 40 Blizzard When You Level-up
25% Chance To Cast Level 22 Frost Nova On Striking
Level 18 Holy Freeze Aura When Equipped
+20% Increased Attack Speed
+140-210% Enhanced Damage (varies)
Ignore Target's Defense
+25-30% To Cold Skill Damage (varies)
-20% To Enemy Cold Resistance
7% Life Stolen Per Hit
20% Deadly Strike
3.125-309.375 Extra Gold From Monsters (Based on Character Level)
Ice Runeword


Prices 4.66 USD

With our reliable and timely updated D2R Ice Runeword Trading Price Index for PS4, PC, Switch, and Xbox, you can easily check the current Diablo 2 Resurrected Ice Runeword Market Value on Ladder and No-Ladder Mode! The prices of D2R Ice Runeword are ranged from 0.96USD to 174.8USD, learn when the price is rising and falling, get the best Diablo 2 Ice Runeword trading and buy D2R Ladder Items! Among Non-Ladder D2R items, the Ice Runeword is priced at 4.66USD, and in the trading of D2R Ladder items, it requires 4.3USD. Knowing the value will help you buy D2R items at a more favorable price. In terms of our D2R items stock, we still have 85 D2R items in this Runewords(Runes), welcome to buy Diablo 2 items and runes here.

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