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Lost Ark Artist Hyper Express Gear Guide - How To Gear Up Artist 1370 To 1440 In Lost Ark
3/13/2023 11:59:17 AM

A lot of people are coming back to Lost Ark after not having played for a while due to Artists and the Hyper Express. Today, we want to talk about the upcoming Lost Ark Artist Hyper Express pass, and what you will need to progress to hone your Artist to from 1370 to 1445.


Lost Ark Hyper Express 1370-1445 Gear Guide - How To Gear Up Your Artist 1370 to 1445 In Lost Ark

Lost Ark Hyper Express is an event in Lost Ark made to help players progress. We're getting the Hyper Express event confirmed up to 1445 with the Artist update on March 15, 2023. As we all know if you do it by yourself, you have to level up through normal Punika chaos dungeons, you get your gear there, then you do an Oreha hard mode and Argos and you get the legendary gear from there, then you start holding that up from 1370 onwards.


Lost Ark Artist Hyper Express Gearing

This is the Lost Ark Artist Hyper Express plus gearing guide on how you actually hold your Artist up with the Hyper Express or whatever character you plan on. Holding up with the new Punika power pass and Hyper Express plus event we will be getting next week on the 15th of March. So if we have a lot of the punika power pass, you'll receive item level 1340 gear. If you ask yourself 1340 gear, you come and look at the vendor via the best vendor, the Argos gear and the chosen gear is actually 1340. 

It starts at 1340, we're just used to actually having it at 1370 because we transfer other gear into it and we hone it up. So you will start with 30 and 40 gear if you use the power pass on your Artist or whatever class it is you use. This new one will be no missions like there were before with the Scouter. You had to not do Oreha normal and do Oreha hard to get all of your materials they can actually craft this gear. But it states there that you will be getting the 1340 gear, so you'll just get it straight from there and you can start honing it straight from there. 

So you won't even need the smaller materials either like the Oreha fusion materials and honor leapstones, you'll just go straight on to greater leapstones.  Don't worry about missing out on not buying your rear box or doing Argos, none of that has to be done, apparently. You just boost your power pass your character straight up and get 1340 gear which will be the Chosen Harp set or might be a new extra set. But it's going to be legendary and you're going to be able to hone it up to 1490 because that's where legendary gear caps out.

If you're power passing Artist, you'll start out straight in 1340 gear, grab it up there and you come on straight over and you start honing and you go with the Hyper Express just all the way up 1445 is where it ends off. With the materials, you can get there pretty easily and push it up even further because a lot of players are going to main Artists.


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