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7 Best Lost Ark Valtan Tips & Tricks - How To Move Your Mini Map, Be More Efficient With Your Main and Alts
5/13/2022 10:20:59 AM

If you are just starting Lost Ark or you already have thousands of hours in the game and preparing for upcoming valtan, this guide is for you! We cover 7 Lost Ark valtan tips that will help you make your game run smoother, how to move your minimap, how to be more efficient with your main and your alts, etc. Be sure to check it out!

7 Lost Ark Valtan Tips & Tricks - How To Prepare For Valtan Release

1. Add friend to skip knowledge transfer 

Leveling character with knowledge transfer. Whenever you level a new character with knowledge transfer, you have to go to the quest line until you get to the big city, so you can use the teleported stronghold in order to buy knowledge transfer for your new character. However, if you make a new alt, then you log on your main and you add him to friend, then you press escape, switch characters and you log into that character. You go to friends list and you accept the request and then you will go to friends and you will see teleport to stronghold. Even if the friend is offline, you can go there and it shouldn't be an issue. Then we go to the stronghold and you can come here, you can purchase knowledge transfer as soon as possible. Easy skipping a couple of steps moving fast

2. Disable XP in chat for better frames

It’s a frame increase tip which is directly related to the chat. On our chat, we may have a lot of messages being spammed with the amount of xp and the amount of currency that we're receiving from killing specific mobs, this has been proven so far to decrease the fps of the game overall. However, if you go and right click the chat go to chat tab settings, you can disable xp and currency right here apply okay and those messages will disappear from there. First and foremost, making your chat clear so you can see if there's any chat in the area and second you're having only the loot available to see exactly what you can get from killing those mob. You can disable the loot, it will probably increase the fps just for a small margin but better than nothing.

3. Alt + right click rooster storage

The third Lost Ark tip has to do something with moving items from your inventory to your bank with ease and vice versa. So what you do, you open your bank and you hold alt and by holding alt, you'll be able to transfer items straight to the roster storage. If we want to transfer those stones here that we got recently from kiosk dungeons, ones, two. Another thing is they will stack automatically, so this way if you normally click, they will go into this roster. However, if you click by mistake and you hold alt and you put it here then you keep holding alt and you right click it and it will go exactly on the same one. So with alt modifier, you can move as much as you want the items from one to another. This makes your life way easier when it comes to organizing things and putting them into the correct order in your inventory. 

Best Lost Ark Valtan Tips & Tricks


As you know, valtan will be released soon or new content, this is a tip that works for future content as well. If your character has reached 1415 eye level gear score, you can start leaving your character to gain rested xp bonus, so you can benefit from the new line of relic accessories that will drop from chaos dungeons and guardian raids. We would recommend having five lines of arrested xp, currently our character has a well 50% reset bonus on guardian raids and about 40% on chaos dungeon. Now every day you don't do anything, you get one bar of it, so basically if valtan will not be released by the time we have four, we start doing two per day and then leave it, but normally it takes about 5 days to get full bar. It would be nice when valtan is released to get 5 bars of both guardian raids and chaos dungeons as they will drop relic accessories which can be very expensive in the beginning.

5. Key Bind Swap - Quest Efficient daily

Every day we're doing quests in this game especially the Una tasks and the default key binding for Una task is Alt + J, it's a bit awkward to push and the quest keybind is j itself, so why not swap the key bindings between them. So go to settings, hotkeys, menu, scroll a bit down and you will see J for quest journal and we can modify this with Alt + J. And then we can put J at Una task and then just press J on every character every day other than pressing Alt + J with a modifier as you will open more often on an Una daily task rather than a quest log, so it's way easier.

6. Hidden story line quest rewards

The next tip is the hidden storyline question in rania village in front of the town hall, you can loot something from the ground which start the quest line which eventually will give you about 5 legendary uncommon legendary rare card packs and a couple of other enhancing material. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to fully complete it and you can do it on every alt that has finished the southwest storyline quest and also the yellow quests from the Candaria Territory. You can get those legendary cards and it can help you to complete your lost wind cliff set or if you don't get legendary card packs, keep in mind that you can still use the green card packs to get solas cards which are used for awakening the lost wind cliff set. After you've finished your main storyline quest, there's going to be a yellow quest at collapsed ancient ruins and after you finish that one, it will be available for your second alt as well, so you need to finish the quest around this area to be able to unlock it.

7. Move Mini-map

It's a map tip, press tab in game and you can hold mouse wheel down and you can move the mini map whatever you want. This makes it really easier to travel and about the quest you have to complete or the region, you have to reach by just moving it out from the middle of the screen without interfering with your character. Another thing that you can do here is hold alt and use the tripod straight from here without having to open the big map.


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