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Lost Ark Valtan Update Guide: How to get your character strong enough for Valtan
5/13/2022 3:20:04 PM

We have for you a guide on five ways, you can prepare for the Valtan content that we're giving soon.


Step 1: Prep for the Raid Itself

The first topic is preparing for the actual Valtan and itself, the normal mode is going to be 1415 and the hard mode is going to be 1445 if you don't have the gear score for it, it's just something to work towards but even before you get there you can do other things to repair.


Engravings - Ideally aim for 3x3, you can just spend 35 and 1k Lost Ark gold to get three times three extremely meta engravings such as grudge crystal, etc. In term of Stats- Make sure your Stats are correct. Stats matter way more than Engravings in term of build effectiveness. 4x3 but with wasted stats will suffer severely in performance.

Get your Cards Ready 

Lostwind Cliff will become a very good choice if you can unlock the 12 Piece Awakening.

You can get 5 of the awakening points through Seria Card.


For Tankiness


For Supports


New Gear

With Valtan, we'll be introduced to alot of new content, Valtan is a 8 man Raid with new mechanics. It's in 2 stages, 1 and 2. Unlike in Argos, You can queue for each separately with different teams. You need to do stage 1 before stage 2 in that order every week. Normal and Hard Mode share the same lockout, so you can't do both in same week.

Normal Valtan- Phase 1 Reward


Chest- 500 G
Double picture loot, 240 Destruction, 480 Guardian, 400 Honor Shard, 6 Greater Honor Leap

Phase 2 Reward


Chest- 800 G
Double picture loot (except only 6 stones),  300 Destruction, 600 Guardian, 700 Honor Shard, 7 Greater Honor Leap

Hard Mode Valtan- Phase 1 Reward


Chest- 900 G
Double picture loot, 360 Destruction, 720 Guardian, 1000 Honor Shard, 10 Greater Honor Leap

Phase 2 Reward


Chest- 1200 G
Double picture loot,  400 Destruction, 800 Guardian, 1200 Honor Shard, 12 Greater Honor Leap

  • Legendary Material is for Legendary Set- (Legendary Set= same base stat as Argos Legendary Set)

  • Weapon cost 25 Pieces to make, Armor 10.

  • You need to be 1445 before you can craft them.

  • Valtan= Orange

  • Beast Set= Weapon- Helm- Chest- Pants- Gloves- Shoulder

  • Whisper Set= Weapon- Helm- Chest- Pants- Gloves- Shoulder

T3 Legendary Legion Raid Sets (item base 1340)

Beast Power Legendary T3 Set

  • 2-Piece Set Effect: When hitting an enemy, gain a stack of Balancing Power. Lose a stack when hit by an attack.

  • 4-Piece Set Effect: Changes the effect of Bombardment Power to Explosive Power. When using a mobile device, gain 10% Movement Speed and Attack Sped for 10 seconds.

  • 6-Piece Set Effect: Changes the effect of Explosive Power, Damage taken from enemies is reduced by 10%.

Desire Whisper Legendary T3 Set

  • 2-Piece Set Effect: Every non-Crit hit grants you a stack of Enchanted. 0.3 second cooldown.

  • 4-Piece Set Effect: Changes the effect of Enchanted to Seduced.

  • 6Piece Set Effect: Crit Damage +40%.


Step 2: Build Rest Energy or Not

You could get from running rested chaos dungeon and rested guardian raid:


1415 Chaos will have 0 chance of dropping Relic Accessories, so you don’t have to bank Rest Energy on that.

The strategy we recommend

  • If you are 1445: Save Rest Energy- Starting on 14th of May (Both Chaos/Guardians)

  • If you are 1415: Save Rest Energy- Starting on 14th of May (Only for Guardians)


Step 3: Look for Legendary Engraving Book

With Introduction of Relic Accessories, we can possibly get 5x3 if you are absolutely Min-Maxing.

Relic Accessories has higher base Stat/Combat Stat than Legendary.


  • 1st- 3 to 5

  • 2nd- 3

  • Negative- 1 to 3

Perfect piece is 5/3/-1, how to possibly get 5x3?

You need 75 total engraving points, each jewelry is 8 (5+3). 5 pieces is 40 points. then you need 35 points between Stone and Equipable Engravings, if you have Engraving +12 Learned from books. 12 x 2 = 24. Just need 11 points from Stone. But if you have a better stone, you can save on other parts.


Stone: 7/7


1 Accessory- +5/+3/+0/+0/+0


2nd Accessory- +3/+5/+0/+0/+0


3rd Accessory- +0/+0/+5/+3/+0


4th Accessory- +0/+0/+5/+0/+3


5th Accessory- +0/+0/+5/+3/+0


If you equip and +9 Engraving


If you equip another +12 Engraving



So advice here:

  • Look for opportunities to pick up Legendary Books. Having +12 will make your engraving process easier in the future.

  • Relic accessories isn't guaranteed to have your class engraving. So there's potential value in learning the class engraving higher. But that might be expensive.

  • It's expensive to get this process done, but keep an eye out if there's a chance to get +12.

It was the cheapest option for us at the time.


Step 4: Build Stronghold Consumables Potion/Buffs

High lvl Stronghold allows you to craft, Keep in mind that depending on material price, it's not really that much cheaper, if cheaper at all compared to market price. BUT! Most fail to factor in Stronghold Bonus from Statue and Outfit.


Great Success will give you double the yield. NPC that you max Rapport can be invited to your Stronghold and then you can purchase outfit for them with 350 Blue Crystal, such as


For potion you can aim for: 


And Structure such as:


Similarly for Food, it's beneficial to get in habit of using Consumable food:


There's one that's good for Stat+ Resource generation. One even gives a nice Vitality Bonus.

Each craft gives you stack of 10. It last 20 minutes and is lost on death. Overall it's really worth it for harder raid content.

Step5: Save up Chaos Line Tokens ahead of time

  • Save up on this token as Normal / Hard shares entry ticket and rewards different currencies.

  • There are 200 Greater Honor Leap obtainable from Hard mode, and thousands of stones.

  • Hard mode requires 1415, but this should help you progress toward 1445 if you are close.






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