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Madden 21 Sugar Rush Easter Promo - Players, Sets, Solos, Eggs, Treat Trail Tickets & More
3/26/2021 4:12:32 PM

The exciting Easter Promo - Sugar Rush is coming out in Madden NFL 21 to celebrate the yearly festival. New masters and Easter-themed players, rewards, Easter eggs, and a whole bunch of content (sets, solos, and more) will roll out, let’s take a look now.

Madden NFL 21 Sugar Rush Easter Promo

Spring is in the air, take a bite out of sweet, new Missions to earn Sugar Rush Players and find Eggs, When we were thinking we were going to have to wait another week, Madden 21 Easter promo 2021 is finally revealed. As usual, this year’s Madden NFL 21 Sugar Rush program will release in 2 parts, MUT players can enjoy the festival to their heart's content in the game. 

When Will Sugar Rush Easter Promo Release In Madden 21? 

The first part of the Sugar Rush promo will release later on Friday, March 26th, 2021. We don’t know what time it’s coming out exactly, but if EA follows the rules in Madden 20, we predict the schedule of Madden 21 Sugar Rush could be:

Madden 21 Sugar Rush Promo Part 1will drop at 10:30 am ET / 3:30 pm BST on March 26th

Madden 21 Sugar Rush Promo Part 2 will drop at 10:30 am ET / 3:30 pm BST on April 2nd

Easter Eggs will hatch on Sunday, April 4th

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Madden NFL 21 Sugar Rush Promo Players & Offers

Again, the Sugar Rush promo will keep Madden 21 Ultimate Team players busy in the next few weeks with a bulk of new masters, sets, cards, and of course Easter eggs. What’s more, the Candy Currency returns to MUT, alongside a brand new added currency - Treat Tickets. Keep reading to discover more details about this content.

Madden 21 Easter Sugar Rush Players

New some all-time great 98 Masters, a host of 96 Heroes that really good in theme teams and other Easter cards for Sugar Rush will drop into Madden Ultimate Team, which can be obtained by completing sets and solo challenges or opening packs.

Sugar Rush Masters

  • Offensive Master: 98 OVR Ryan Shazier

    Madden 21 Sugar Rush Easter Master - Ryan Shazier

  • Defensive Master: 98 OVR Steven Jackson

    Madden 21 Sugar Rush Easter Master - Steven Jackson

Sugar Rush Heroes

  • 96 OVR Calais Campbell (RE)

  • 96 OVR Cam Newton (QB)

  • 96 OVR Kendall Fuller (FS)

  • 96 OVR Rodger Saffold III (LG)

Lower ORV Elites

  • 95 OVR Anthony Harris (FS)

  • 95 OVR JuJu Smith-Schuster (WR)

  • 94 OVR Mark Ingram II (HB)

  • 94 OVR Preston Smith (ROLB)

  • 93 OVR A.J. Klein (ROLB)

  • 93 OVR Trey Hopkins (G)

  • 92 OVR Marcus Gilbert (RT)

  • 92 OVR Rock Ya-Sin (CB)

  • 90 OVR Michael Burton (FB)

  • 90 OVR Neville Gallimore (DT)

  • 88 OVR Adam Shaneen (TE)

  • 88 OVR Benson Mayowa (LE)

Madden 21 Sugar Rush Solo Challenges, Sets, & more

There’s always going to be the solos, sets and other missions are available for players to complete and get tickets, candy, players, and other rewards:


We do have two currencies: Treat Tickets & Candy

Easter Sugar Rush Eggs

Surely Easter Eggs will return for celebrating the holiday, hunt for eggs throughout the special event before they hatch into player items on April 4th. Exchange Sugar Rush items for Sugar Rush eggs. There are grand, small, medium, big, and grand eggs are available for different rewards. 

How To Get Ultimate Eggs In Madden 21? 

You can pull eggs out of the Easter Egg Packs which you could buy from Candy Shop with different amount of candy: 

  • Random Grand Egg: 39,500 Candy

  • Random Big Egg: 13,400 Candy

  • Random Medium Egg: 4,800 Candy

  • Random Small Egg: 2,450 Candy

  • Random Egg (Any Size): 4,000 Candy

Note: You can get the specified Egg 100% from the specified Pack, and it is also possible to pull out the Easter eggs of other sizes. It means that the medium egg pack will 100% offer you a medium egg, while it is also giving out grand eggs and small eggs randomly. So you can open the small and other cheaper sugar rush egg packs for trying to get the grand egg, but the thing is pretty sure the odds are turned down. Probably a better chance for the medium pack or a little better than the medium for the big egg pack.

Sugar Rush MUT Rewards

There are different Easter rewards for players according to their ranking in MUT Weekend League:

Rookies: 1 All-Pro Fantasy Pack

Pro: 2 All-Pro Fantasy Packs

All-Pro: 1 Sugar Rush Fantasy Pack

Legendary: 1 Sugar Rush Fantasy Pack & 1 All-Pro Fantasy Pack

It will be live in time for you to crush some Weekend League and dip into packs to earn your master!

Sugar Rush Solo Challenges

Egg Hunt: Earn Eggs or Candies

Icing On Top: Earn a Treat Ticket

Earn Sugar Rush Master: Earn 98 OVR Sugar Rush Masters by completing their sets

Play the Sugar Showdown: Earn one of the Candy King of Sugar Rush - Juju Smith-Schuster or Anthony Harris by winning House Rules matches and complete sets

Rush 1: 10,000 Coins

Sugar Rush Milestones

Tier 1 to 7 (10 Stars): 100 Candy

Tier 8 (80 Stars): 200 Candy

Tier 9 (90 Stars): 200 Candy

Tier 10 (100 Stars): 200 Candy

Tier 11 (110 Stars): 100 Candy

Tier 12 (120 Stars): 100 Candy

Tier 13 (130 Stars): 200 Candy & 1 Treat Trail Ticket

Tier 14 (140 Stars): 100 Candy

Tier 15 (150 Stars): 100 Candy

Tier 16 (160 Stars): 100 Candy

Tier 17 (170 Stars): 100 Candy

Tier 18 (180 Stars): 200 Candy

Tier 19 (190 Stars): 200 Candy

Tier 20 (200 Stars): 2 Treat Trail Tickets & 500 Candy

Sugar Rush Packs

Sugar Rush Welcome Pack (Free): 85 OVR Steven Jackson & MUT Tip


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