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Madden 21 Best Theme Teams Tier List & The Best 49ers Theme Team Breakdown
3/28/2021 12:06:05 PM

We are updating the theme team tier list, let's take a look at today's tier list and as always we already did rate a good amount of the team. We have 11 teams to go over, but we're not going to waste our time with Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders. Everyone knows who's on those teams it feels like you face either a Raiders or a Washington team every single game. Washington and the Raiders are staying at the top of the S tier. Those two teams are simply the best. One thing about these theme teams: you can win games with any of the theme teams, you should always have a theme team, doesn't matter which one it is. But if you're pairing any theme team, it doesn't matter if it's the jaguars with Washington or the Raiders, your team is fine. As long as you have either an S tier or an A tier team, you will be winning games.


Madden 21 Best Theme Teams Tier List

S: Washington Redskins, Oakland Raiders

A: Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks, New York Giants, Arizona Cardinals, Indianapolis Colts

B: Los Angeles Rams, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans

C: New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears

D: Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions

E: Cincinnati Bengals, Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars


Click here to see the 49ERS THEME TEAM -

Best 49ers Theme Team Breakdown & Analysis

The 49ers theme team always one of the best steam teams in MUT 21. The 49ers and the Raiders both love to eat during the ultimate legends promo. Because almost every single legend has played for the 49ers and the Raiders at some point in their career. so the 49ers are only going to get stronger to end the year, we can almost guarantee that. The offensive line is pretty solid, you have Trent Williams, Randy Moss, Larry Allen, McGlinchey, Laken Tomlinson, not the best but as long as you have two solid offensive linemen. Tight-end Vernon Davis is the best player in the game. After the catch, his speed and run blocking are a big part of the tight end. Also, there will be future George Kittle upgrades, the matter of when it's coming. The wide receiver we have Isaac Bruce, who is debatably the best wideout in the game right now after the catches nasty Rav runner archetype. You got Jerry Rice and Randy Moss as well. And Raheem, one of the fastest running backs in the game on a theme team. 

Jimmy Garoppolo is a little better than Joe Montana, so if you do end up going 49ers do not waste your coins on Joe Montana, he is too expensive and for what he can do which is not worth it. You can be using Jimmy Garoppolo on any team, you don't even need to have a 49ers team or a patch theme team, that's how good this Garoppolo card is. And Reggie Bush. As long as EA does him right, whenever you can do get the Reggie Bush card, he'll be the best running back in so many good theme teams and also a receiving back. Great speed too. 

The reason why this 49ers Theme Team so overpowering is that not only are they really good right now, they also have an amazing future. So we're evaluating what they are now and comparing them to what their future will be. 


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