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Madden 21 Series 6 Update - MUT Masters, Level Rewards, Redux Players, Team Builders, Sets, Solos
4/9/2021 11:03:31 AM

Madden 21 MUT Series 6 promo is coming along with the final drop for Team Builders, and also features upgrade level rewards, team masters, team captains, Series Redux players, solo challenges, sets, missions! Discover all details about Madden NFL 21 Series 6 Update here!

Madden NFL 21 MUT Series 6 Update

Madden NFL 21 MUT Series 6 Update

The final Madden 21 Ultimate Team Series is dropping, and again it boasts some of best players from each of the 32 NFL teams this past season and brings plenty of other new content (team masters, sets, solos) to keep the game refreshed and players stay. Check out everything you should know about the Madden 21 Series 6 Promo.

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Madden 21 Series 6 Release Date

The Series 6 Update is targeted to be released on Friday, April 9th. 

Madden 21 Series 6 Masters & Team Captains

MUT Master: 99 Sam Mills (MLB)

Madden 21 Series 6 MUT Master - Sam Mills

Level Master: 99 Andre Johnson (WR)

Madden 21 Series 6 Level Master - Andre Johnson

New Gold 99 Team Captains

99 La'Roi Glover (DT)

Madden 21 Series 6 Gold 99 Team Captains - La’Roi Glover

99 Aeneas Williams (CB)

Madden 21 Series 6 Gold 99 Team Captains - Aeneas Williams

99 Ed McCaffrey (WR)

Madden 21 Series 6 Gold 99 Team Captains - Ed McCaffrey

99 Eddie George (HB)

Madden 21 Series 6 Gold 99 Team Captains - Eddie George

Tips: Get your Sam Mills objectives done tonight to redeem 190k, this goes away tmrw and if u need to get them done. Here's how: Superbowl Past challenges > X: Steelers Vs. Cowboys > Load block left > Contain 1 side and user Sam Mills to the ball and get a pick!

Madden 21 Series 6 Team Builders

Each of the 32 NFL teams will receive a 95 on both sides of the ball for Team Builders. To obtain these Team Builders you need to complete each player's set to unlock them, and you have to complete challenges to complete the sets. We will explain more details on the part of Series 6 Sets and Solos.

Full list of 32 Series 6 Team Builders

95 Alex Mack (C)

95 Andy Lee (P)

95 Austin Corbett (RG)

95 Brandon McManus (K)

95 Britton Colquitt (P)

95 Chris Boswell (K)

95 Corey Bojorquez (P)

95 Dorian O’Daniel (LOLB)

95 Drew Sample (TE)

95 Greg Zuerlein (K)

95 Isaac Seumalo (LG)

95 Jakob Johnson (FB)

95 Jamie Gillan (P)

95 Jawaan Taylor (RT)

95 Jesse Davis (RT)

95 Joseph Charlton (P)

95 Josh Jackson (CB)

95 Keith Smith (FB)

95 Kolton Miller (LT)

95 Max Scharping (LG)

95 Michael Badgley (K)

95 Pat O’Donnel (P)

95 Riley Dixon (P)

95 Rodrigo Blankenship (K)

95 Ryan Succop (K)

95 Sam Ficken (K)

95 Sam Koch (P)

95 Stephen Gostkowski (K)

95 Thomas Morstead (P)

95 Tre Flowers (CB)

95 Tress Way (P)

95 Tyrell Crosby (RT)

Series Redux Players

New Series Redux players will also be released on Friday, April 9th. These are LTD player items that were in the previous Series that will now be available in packs as non-LTDs. The key changes you will see on the non-LTD player items are as follows:

- The player item artwork will have a different border and stamp, and the LTD icon will be removed

- The player item will no longer quicksell for 250,000 MUT 21 coins but quicksell for the appropriate amount of training based on the player items Overall (OVR)

- The existing LTD player items in Series 5 will remain unchanged, including their quicksell value. 

The list of LTD player items from Series 5 are now available in packs as Redux versions at the start of the Series 6 update:

Will be updated here soon

Series 6 MUT Level Upgrades & Rewards

Level Update: 91-99

Level 91: Store Offer

Level 92: Ultimate Legends Fantasy Pack

Level 93: Power Up Pass (98) & Level Up Token

Level 94: 50,000 Coins Quicksell

Level 95: Level Solos Unlock

Level 96: Store Offer

Level 97: Level Solos Unlock

Level 98: Ultimate Legends Fantasy Pack

Level 99: Power Up Pass (99)

MUT 21 Series 6 Team Affinity & Missions

There are new Series 6 missions help you collect players and items from your favorite NFL team. Putting players and items from the same NFL team into your lineup will activate a Team Chemistry which boosts those players’ ratings to make them better on the field.

Team Masters

Team Captain: Series 1

Team Captain: Series 2

Team Captain: Series 3

Team Captain: Series 4

Team Captain: Series 5

MUT 21 Series 6 Trophies

Once the Series 6 kick off, your current Series 5 trophies will automatically convert to Series 6 trophies. The conversion value for a previous Series program to a new Series program is half. For example, if you have 100 Series 5 trophies, then they will convert to 50 Series 6 trophies when the new Series Update launches.

Madden 21 Series 6 Solo Challenges

Obviously, throughout the new series promo, new solo challenges and missions will be available to keep solo grinders busy.

Level Challenges (Earn collectibles for upgrading Level Master)

Level 85 - 7 Challenges, 3,500 Coins, 1x Level Master Collectible

Level 87 - 7 Challenges, 3,500 Coins, 1x Level Master Collectible

Series 6 Team Builders Challenges (Earn your choice of new 95 OVR Team Builder players)

TB: Series 5 - 16 Challenges, 11,200 Coins, 80 Stars possible

Team Affinity Series 1-5 Challenges (Earn Milestone Rewards: Fantasy Pack & Coins)

880 Stars: Gold Team Fantasy Pack and 2,000 Coins

896 Stars: Gold Team Fantasy Pack

912 Stars: Ultimate Gold Team Fantasy Pack and 2x Gold Team Fantasy Pack

928 Stars: 10,000 Coins

944 Stars: Gold Team Fantasy Pack and 10,000 Coins

Series 6 Sets

At the same time, new Series 6 themed sets will be available on MUT:

93-94 OVR Elite Exchange - Exchange 3x Elite Players (91-92 OVR) for a random Elite Player (93-94 OVR).

95-96 OVR Elite Exchange - Exchange 3x Elite Players (93-94 OVR) for a random Elite Player (95-96 OVR).

95 OVR Team Builders Fantasy Pack (Series 6) - Exchange 2 x 90-92 OVR Players, 8 x 86-89 OVR Players, and 16 x 82-85 OVR Players to earn a Team Builders Fantasy pack containing your choice of 1 Offensive or Defensive Team Builder player from the team your select.

That's all the information we knew about Madden 21 Series 6, more details will be updated here once it release in MUT, stay tuned! What’s more, cheap Madden 21 coins for sale are available on UTPLAY.COM to help you enjoy the big promo!


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