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Madden 21 Best Abilities (Offense & Defense) For Each Position After AP Update
3/24/2021 2:33:07 PM

In Madden NFL 21, we got a huge Ability Points update features 15 AP slots of the abilities were adjusted, which should make it a lot easier to beat your opponent in the weekend league. In this guide, we will go over the best abilities to use for each position and the ones you shouldn’t be using. 

Madden NFL 21 Best Offense & Defense Abilities To Use

Finally, we got the ability point update in Madden 21, which brings a lot of changes and additions on offense and defense AP. To achieve a Meta team, you should reset the abilities of the players on your squad, so here we list the best abilities for each position you should take a try:

Best Abilities For Offense 

  • Best Abilities For QB (Quarterback): Escape Artist, Gunslinger, HRM (9 AP)

  • Best Abilities For RB/FB (Running back): Bulldozer, Juke Box

  • Best Abilities For WR (Wide receiver): Deep in Elite, Deep out Elite

  • Best Abilities For RT/LT (Tackle): Edge Protector (1 AP)

  • Best Abilities For C/LG/RG (Interior lineman): Post Up

  • Best Abilities For TE (Tight end): Matchup Nightmare, Edge Threat

Best Abilities For Defense

  • Best Abilities For DT/LE/RE (Defensive lineman): Edge Threat, Inside Stuff

  • Best Abilities For OLB (Outside linebacker): Edge Threat Elite (3 AP), One Step or Not One Step Ahead (4 AP)

  • Best Abilities For MLB (Middle linebacker): Lurker (2 AP), Enforcer (2 AP)

  • Best Abilities For CB/FS (Defensive back): Beach Press, Acrobat, Mid Zone Ko (1 AP)

  • Best Abilities For S (Safety): Mid Zone KO (1 AP), Deflator (2 AP)

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More Tips For Resetting Ability For Each Position After AP Update

And soon players discovered the obvious changes brought about by AP update in the actual game, the European Union, and the obvious changes. We found this shared information on Reddit, from which you can find out some useful tips on how to reset the abilities of each player in your squad in order to maintain your powerful lineup in matches. 

  • Bench press only works on press wins. It does say that in the description, so just make sure you have ways to beat press and the ability will be rather ineffective. Unbumpable routes such as stack formations, tight ends often cant be pressed. Or just make sure to have strong WRs on your roster, with good beat press ratings. 

  • Players that ran man are just finding new ways to run it. Route tech may not be that bad an investment. A lot of players are just trying to send the house and account for the one guy who doesn’t have acro/one step.

  • Pinch buck O. Ran into two teams doing this. Edge threats on either end in 34. Pinchbuck O, they take the guy lined up on the halfback and bring him over the center to do the tap blitz.

  • Human joystick on Dri Archer goes absolutely crazy. Faced it once. Continually got torched. Very difficult to stop.

  • Edge Protector seems like an absolute must now, but most people still don’t use it. 

  • Sub your Tackles out at TE if you're going to max protect. You could use your backups at the tackle position and then sub in your tackle at TE. Might be worth a shot to get the edge protector back.

  • Post up isn't lighting up and is getting insta-shed by two man rush still. Double team is engaging, but no light up and definitely not helping slow down the pressure.

Madden 21 Ability Point (AP) Update

To help you better understand this update, below we have listed the changes to the Abilities Points from the official path notes:


  • Offense and Defense AP Limit increased from 12 to 15

  • Special Team AP Limit increased from 2 to 3


  • QB Playmaker (QB): Now 10 AP for Improviser Archetype

  • Playmaker (HB, WR, TE): Now 6 AP across the board

  • Route Tech (HB, WR, TE): +1 AP to all Archetypes


  • One Step Ahead (MLB, OLB, CB, FS, SS): Now 6 AP across the board

  • Deep Route KO (CB, FS, SS): +1 AP to all Archetypes

  • Medium Route KO (MLB, OLB, CB, FS, SS): +1 AP to all Archetypes

  • Acrobat (MLB, OLB, CB, FS, SS): +1 AP to all Archetypes

  • Lurker (MLB, OLB): -1 AP to all Archetypes

  • Lurker (FS, SS): +1 AP to all Archetypes

  • Inside Stuff (MLB, OLB): -1 AP to all Archetypes

  • No Outsiders (MLB, OLB): -1 AP to all Archetypes

  • Goal Line Stuff (MLB, OLB): -1 AP to all Archetypes

  • Edge Threat Elite (DT, DE, OLB): -1 AP to all Archetypes

  • Enforcer (MLB, FS, SS): -1 AP for Run Support FS/SS Archetype, -1 AP for Field General MLB Archetype

  • Double Or Nothing (DT, DE, OLB): 4 AP to all Archetypes

This is our guide for the best ability to use after the AP update, hope it will help you keep your team meta.


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