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Madden 21 Power Up Expansion, Rookie Premiere, Fan Appreciation Promo Release Date Prediction
5/6/2021 4:44:39 PM

What major promos are actually left for Madden 21 after the NFL draft program and when will the next content/series come out? We got a little peek of the upcoming promos of Madden 21 Ultimate Team, let's take a look.

Madden NFL 21 Upcoing Promos In May & June (2021)

The life cycle of Madden 21 Ultimate Team is coming to an end, while there are still a lot coming ahead as we have some little news and notes to go over as far as Rookie premiere, power up expansion, fan appreciation packs. In this post, we're going to be taking a look at all the little details Crayola leaked out on the final GMM stream of Madden 21.

Forth Part of NFL Draft Promo

Release Date: May 13th

The final part of the NFL Draft Promo was going to come out on May 13th, so you could still go ahead and grind some of these out.

Power Up Expansion Promo

Release Date: May 11th

The other thing we want to touch on is a weekly program starting next week - Power Up Expansion, it's just going to be expanding existing power-ups of players in-game. For those of you who don't know what power-up expansion is, basically it's a way to kind of cheat and boost some players up to a 99 overall without giving them a new card. Some players we should take a look in particular that might need a boost or could get a boost, such as Earl Thomas. We could probably expect the Power Up Expansion on Wednesdays. 

Rookie Premiere Promo

Release Date: June 5th (TBC)

Rookie Premiere is also listed here. Usually with the Rookie Premiere promo, there will be a bunch of sets where you can get 99 overall version of certain rookies. If you complete their set or earn their card, however they're going to do it this year, you will get their base card in Madden 22, and anytime their card gets an upgrade in MUT 22, your will get an upgrade for free along with it. Who you might be able to expect? There's names here that we could go head and kind of pretty much guarantee is Trevor Lawrence, Treley and Zach Wilson. It tends to come like the the first week of July, but last year it actually came a lot earlier and dropped on June 12th. This year, we do think the Rookie Premiere program will kick off in the first week of June again, probably on June 5th.  Check out more details about Madden 21 Rookie Premiere Promo.

Fan Appreciation Promo

Release Date: May 14th (TBC)

We also have Fan Appreciation promo expected to come back, which covers the hottest pack in the game and the final week of solo challenges. Typically this end of season program is some way to give us free content, even with Free Golden Ticket Player available. Last year the promo first came out on Friday May 15 with two of packs, the second one was definitely the hottest one, and the first one struggles people were liking the odds on those because it's faint appreciation. 

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