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New World Season 3 Best Build (PvP & PvE) - Top 3 Best Expansion Builds In New World
9/20/2023 10:46:03 AM
Tag: New World

New World season 3 also known as Rise of the Angry Earth is scheduled to launch on October 3, 2023. Are you looking for the best build for New World season 3? Today we’re showcasing the top 3 best New World season 3 builds for the new upcoming expansion. 


New World Best Expansion Build - Top 3 Best Builds In New World Season 3

It is the first major expansion for the game and will introduce a number of new features and content. Players can look forward to exploring the new Elysian Wilds zone, wielding the new flail weapon, equipping artifact gear, riding mounts, challenging the new Savage Divide expedition, and taking on revamped Mutations. Now, we’re going to talk about the top 3 best New World season 3 builds for PvP and PvE. Most of these overpowered New World season 3 expansion builds are going to get nerfed once the expansion does come out. But if it doesn't go through and stays the way it is currently, we would highly recommend giving them a shot.


No.1 New World Best Season 3 Build - Musket

For the first best New World expansion build we're going to talk about the Musket. Rapier is the primary weapon clearly. This will be a glass cannon approach utilizing the 250 dex and 350 int, and a tier 5 elemental gem to go alongside it. You're going to abuse the range of the musket as much as possible, however, the enemy does somehow get to gap close you. You got the sticky nades, you got the rapier here that will give you the invulnerability frames, utilizing the flow as well as the grids, and because the scales based on your dex and int are going to pack a punch.

The secondary approach is the VG. With the VG, you can spec multiple ways, you can spec with tether rupture scream in a more mid-range competitive style, rupture orb oblivion to purely play for the range game, and assist maybe clumps or the build displaying right now, which gives a nice balance of utilizing the scream to peel for yourself potentially setting up root for the nades oblivion for the empowerment. It also weakens the enemy if they get on top of you. On top of that, you've got your additional damage. 

If you go for the VG approach the life tech artifact is mandatory because you are implementing free the center grade into your primary weapon which is the musket. This integrate is pretty much a part of that every time you hit them. You're going to be applying a DOT damage and running the rain stacks up to three times. So your musket shorts are going to hit way harder. 

The last approach is the best out of the three because obviously playing the glass cannon build, you want to really prioritize your range and you want to be able to kite them as well as do a lot of damage and be able to kill targets. The life taker artifact does apply extra damage because of the random dot. However the BB secondary applies disease and it's the pestilence artifact. The pestilence artifact just like the live taker applies a debuff on the enemies when attacking them with either the musket or the BB. But instead of the rant, it applies to 7% of diseases and it stacks up to three times so that's 21% of anti-healing. 

If you're attacking any target that's trying to part himself or getting healed or even hitting the healer who is healing himself, you're going to be negating a lot of that healing and that obviously is going to facilitate getting kills. On top of that, you can also lock the exhaustive net shot perk onto the pestilence which provides a 60% stamina exhaust for whoever you actually hit the nutshell with and that's going to make it a lot harder for them to Gap close you as well as counting away from you.


No.2 Best New World Expansion Build - Blunderbuss

The next New World S3 best build on Expansion, we have something that exploits. The spear artifacts are called the scorpion sting. The scorpion sting javelin throw applies a 40% rent for anyone above 50 HP and pulls them to you knocked down. Which makes it very easy to burst down players utilizing this other weapon. You can use the Blunderbuss for the left click and shrapnel which does a ton of damage. You're mostly using the spear just for the setup and its abilities while the Blunderbuss is for the damage itself. You have the net shot the skewer to escape or to pressure but alongside the close shot as well if you want to really gap close. Blunderbuss for the big damage spear for the setup. The other variation on the spear skill tree is essentially one that you can even use with the sword shield instead of the Blunderbuss. 


No. 3 New World Best S3 Build

For the final best New World build season 3, we will showcase you one that's going to be impossible to kill, it's going to be a menace, it's going to be applying debuff disease and CC's everything you think about. But it's still going to pack a little bit of a punch and it's going to be the flail Blunderbuss. Obviously, you're going to have the pestilence and the artifact that applies disease on both your weapons. Therefore when you are utilizing the flow, you're going to be applying a 7% stack of disease, stacks up to three times, so that's 21% total. You have a lot of abilities that apply to these as well such as the plague-splitting grenade which you should lock on the actual artifact itself. That way it saves you a slot on the gear as well.

On top of that, you have a lot of ability combos, you have the trip, you got the smites, you can use your net shot to get out of trouble but you can also gap close utilizing the net shorts. You've got the blast shots which not only rents them but knocks them on the floor. With these knockdowns, you can combo a few other abilities as well. Because you are playing 350 constitution, you're going to get damage reduction 15%, you're also going to be getting grits on your primary weapon which is going to be the flail and it's just one of those builds that just deserves to be on the list. 

We're going to be also adding the VG approach with the VG artifact the life taker. This build also applies some disease with the petrifying scream if you do lock it on the artifact. On top of that, you're going to get rents, you're going to get empowerment coming from the orb results from the oblivion, and a lot of utility. For a build like this which is purely for the utility. You've got everything from this build and it works pretty well with the VG as well because the VG also scales with the focus.