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Lost Ark Slayer Guide: Release Date, Engravings, Skills, Gems, Gear, Builds, Combat Stat & More Tips
4/26/2023 2:08:51 PM

The fifth Warrior Advanced Class - Slayer was officially announced in Lost Ark 2023 Roadmap Part 2 and will be added to the game in the May update! So follow us to take a look at the release time of this brand new class, identity, engraving, skills, synergy, and build variations!

Lost Ark Slayer Guide

Lost Ark Slayer Release Date (NA/EU)

The new class Slayer will release in Lost Ark NA/EU servers alongside the May Update, that's has been confirmed in the second part of the 2023 Roadmap. We don't know the exact date and time, but we guess the update will most likely be on Wednesday, May 10th (the last update happened on Wednesday, April 12th).

Lost Ark Slayer Guide (Engravings, Skills, Gems, Gear, Combat Stat, Build Variations)

The slayer class is a common sight on the battlefield, wielding massive two-handed greatswords and unleashing devastating attacks. Renowned for their exceptional offensive and defensive capabilities, they are considered the most reliable and consistent class in the game. When activated, their runaway mode grants them immense power, making them a force to be reckoned with and capable of quickly turning the tide of battle.

Slayers Class Engraving & Basic Mechanic

The Slayer rating is very good. Slayer uses Executioner and Predator as her profession Engravings. The two Engravings differ in their methods of operation. Usually, only occupational engravings that use pole-specific settings are well evaluated. Slayer is also pretty positive about predators compared to executioners who use polarized settings.


When an attack hits an enemy, it absorbs blood from the enemy and recovers 3/6/10% of the rage gauge and 1/2/3% of mana. /40% increase, but every 3 seconds you get a 'fatigue' effect, increasing the rage gauge consumption by 10%, and you cannot use the Bloodlust skill. At the end of the runaway, the duration of exhaustion is reduced by the number of stacks of 'fatigue', and when the exhaustion ends, the entire rage gauge is restored.


Increases damage dealt to enemies during executioner by 7/15/25%, increases Bloodlust skill's critical hit rate by 5/10/20% but reduces rage gauge acquisition by 25% and runaway duration by 50%. The exhaustion effect does not occur at the end of the runaway.

The duration of congestion itself is shortened and the congestion cannot be used for long, but it supports Aden and increases the amount of damage, so use a special or special tree for the purpose of securing Aden.

In exchange for Aden's technology being sealed, it allows the runaway state to last longer. Also, it is good to support the Slayer's dilemma, lack of mana. This is because almost all skills in Slayer are back attacks, so the Death set is almost forced. As the main character, I recommend a super tall tree. Due to the high-performance correction of the Death set and identity, fatalities other than the necklace are unnecessary.

So more like identity rely classes like the mass of sommer or igniter saucers, so horror specialization combat stand is quite useful for her class identity. You know the Doomsday-Doomsday combo right? We mean the sorcerer's main part. If you have a higher Crimson Gem of the Doomsday skill you can use a dupe twice while you are identity the magic amplification turned on. Slayer has a little similar scale called Guillotine. Guillotine is one of the backbone skills of the Slayer, just like the same or maybe almost similar to the Doomsday mechanic.

Let us summarize the mechanic in short:

1. Fill up Identity

2. Turn on Identity

3. Throw Everything

Slayer Skill Build

We will recommend skill builds and composition like this, but still, the building research is going on since the release, so it can't be changed in the future. As you expect her skill consists of Identity Supply skills and Main DPS skills almost similar to the igniter sorcers. 

Grounds Smash and Spinning Sword have an orb control tripod for a better identity game. Guillotine, Blue Impact, and Volcano Eruption are the main DPS skills of the slayers. And one empty skill slot can be filled with an additional movement skill Wild Rush or an additional identity Supply skill Flash Blade.

Slayer Gems



Gem is also slightly similar with the identity of ride classes, so having more high level of crimson gem can make more smooth Combos and high DPS performance.

Slayer Gear

Recommended Relic gear set: Earth's Entropy

You thought you were going to use the hit master right, however, most of the skill has back attack factors, so you want to feel up the identity and do the damage deal behind the enemy. Come to think of it, it can be a Displayed or Scrapper in shock training. As you already know she mainly used a specialization combat set for DPS efficiency. Because of the Crazy Prices of the accessories, her setting cannot be tested with many variations in many different raids. 

Slayer Engravings

Recommended Engravings are: Groot Ambush Master, Slayer Class Engraving, Raid Captain, Adrenals, or Crystal

Engraving is photo specialized to back attacks, but as she was newly released we can tell you the most exact statistic for those Engravings but we can show you the most recommended combination of the Engravings.

Slayer Combat Stat

Full Specs (W. Swift 1500-600, Spec 1600-1800)

Necklace Swift Spec / Other Spec

High DPS performance for now

Commonly used

Spec (1500-1700) + Slightmore Swift (1500-1700) + Crit (200-300)

One more crit accessories

For those who are mean about Crit

Decent performance

Still on research

Slayer Skill Mechanic

Slayer has two forms or modes like sorceress rage mode her main DPS will be performed, while this mode is turned on so she has a quite simple skill mechanic. One different thing compared to the sorceress is that her identity Supply skill has a low cooldown, if you fail to fill the whole identity you can strike back again in a short period of time. You spill out the whole skill during the igniter sorcerer's magic amplification, almost the same Slayer too, turn on or during the rage mode, you go to spill out the whole main DPS skills that you saved while you are identity field up with many DPS skills Volcano, Guillotines, Blue Impact.

Slayer Typical Skill Combo

The most typical combos: Start with the Synerg that's why we stomp turn on identity Awakening skill and Main DPS skills


Guess you ask