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Lost Ark Artist Preparation Guide 2023 - 5 Best Way to Prepare for Artist Class Release
2/17/2023 12:08:19 PM

The newest Lost Ark Artist class is going to be released in March. This a brand new supporter class after a year. Today we are going to talk about topics people keep asking such as whether should Artists use swiftness instead of specialization, what proper builds you can choose before 1490, whether are there changes in build depending on skill points, or how to prepare for the Artist release in Lost Ark.


Lost Ark Artist Best Builds & Preparations - Lost Ark Artists Update Guide 2023

Artists is a class focused on protecting party members. The benefit of this class instead of other classes is that you can immediately fill in your identity bar quicker. If you want a cute-looking supporter class, Artist is the one. In this Lost Ark Artist update guide 2023, we talk about the Artist's release date, engravings, stats, skill builds, and preparations. We’re going to share 5 ways that you can start preparing for the Lost Ark Artist class release next month. Just a couple of ways to start saving materials and get holding on as soon as you can, there will be a Hyper Express event as well with it.


Lost Ark Artist Release Preparation

1. Anniversary Event Vendor

The anniversary event vendor is Bursery, she's in all the major cities. All of the stuff that you get from her is actually roster bound so you can go ahead and put it all in your roster.


2. Mayhem and Phantom Marks

This is the legion raid exchange. The most important things are Metallurgy: Applied Welding Chest and Tailor: Applied Mending Chest. This gives you the book to help you hone your weapon to plus 15 so a 1415 item level. The same with the armor as well from 1317 to 1415. It's pretty easy now with all the honing bars. But if you can get these three books to make it even easier, why not? Because if you do end up putting these will make it, so you're pretty faster. You can spend less on materials overall.

Then the Phantom mark is from Brelshaza. She has the same two books as well, so from 1430 to 1490, it's going to help you with those. Always make sure to buy these out. We would suggest buying some of the honing materials, especially the great leapstones because that's really nice and you can end up using a lot of them.


3. Challenge Trial Guardians/Abyssals

All of these materials you can actually put in your storage and save them easily. Just go to your Roster Storage, and place them all in there. Here's another one with the accessory chest, we would save this depending on how far you want to push on day one of your Artist. If you're only planning for 1415 as fast as you can and then slowly pushing up, then we would suggest getting the first level Inquirer accessory chest one. But if you do plan on getting to 1460 pretty soon within that week, save the Radiant Inquire accessory level 2. Because it does give you more Relic accessories, it does have a higher chance a higher chest especially like the Executioner one. Definitely save it at least for 1415 one for your Artist.


4. Golden Frog

Now the golden frog you can't really save anything because all the stuff you buy on the golden frog becomes bound to your character. But what does happen is the tokens that you get the limited-time gold event shop because the Frog will go in two weeks into the Artist. So obviously you want to buy all the materials on the Artist when you can and then those seals over there, you can actually save them. Once Artist comes out, you can actually buy honor shard pouches, honing materials, and leapstones on your Artist.


5. Login Rewards

We are getting quite a lot of honing materials this month and you can save these all. They have no expiration date, you could even try and save the Aura of Resonance available since acquired 14 days. Once you pick it up, 14 days later it will expire, so you could just leave it there until the end of the month.


Lost Ark Artist Identity

Artists are similar to Bart, meter can be filled up with three pressing Z. Artist consumes two Bubbles and gives everything an increase of DPS for 10 seconds. Pressing X, Artist consumes one bubble and creates a marble. Players can recover 25% of HP by eating the marble. This marble can last 60 seconds a maximum of 3 marbles.


Lost Ark Artist Stats

Normally Artist class takes swiftness as a main. Artists use the swiftness to rotate two buff skills before 1415 the level you can wear Relic accessories ingesting as many swiftness stats as possible. After 1415 take at least 1600 swiftness until your cooldown gems are over level 7. If you have at least 1600 swiftness with level 7 cooldown gems, two buff skills rotate and buff can be given to players infinitely. Then some can ask can we use specialization? You can but you need to remember two things.

-1600 swiftness is better than 1600 specialization. Full specialization can give more powerful buffs, however, it's critical that the above scales can now rotate infinitely and there's really no difference in failing identity. Also, skills that Artists users commonly have delays, so it's a lot more practical and efficient to use swiftness and specialization. -You can decide to give an extra 100 to 300 specializations depending on your gem level. When your cooldown gems on these two buff skills are Level 7 or lower, 1600 swiftness is a must. You can infinitely rotate a tube of skills with the given setting. On the other hand, when you have level 10 gems, you can give an extra 100 to 300 stats on specialization. Your character becomes slower but still, two buff skills can rotate infinitely.

If you prefer more reduced cooldown with extra attack speed useful swiftness regardless of your gem. If you're fine with slower attack speed, it will level 10 gems giving an extra 100 to 300 on specialization. You’d better use full swiftness as people normally don't give level 10 gems on supporter classes. Also, people just think that you bought a cheaper setting for your Artists because they don't know well about it.


Budget Lost Ark Artist Settings

If you just want a cheaper setting you can consider half and half or 1400 swiftness with 700 specializations.


Lost Ark Artist Engravings

These are Engravings you should use as a supporter.

-Full Blossom



-Heavy armor

- Increased Max MP/Vital Point Strike


For the end, setting add

-Level 1 Drops of Ether


Lost Ark Artist Skill Builds

What are the skills Artist class should use? Seven skills are fixed

-Ink Splash

-Ink Hop

-Ink Launcher

-Drawing the Sun

-Sea Conch

-Kol Pond

-Phantasm Gate

-Ink Strike/Silk Road

For the last one, you should choose between Ink Strike or Silk Road. These two skills have an inked mark tripod which gives extra damage to the foe. Ink Strike has a low cooldown with more stagger and Silk Road can give extra attack speed to party members. However, Silk Road can be canceled when you get hit by the foe. The best thing you can do is use Ink Strike until you get used to it. Furthermore don't use dream butterflies instead, it's a PVP skill.





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