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Lost Ark Legendary Skins For All Classes - Best Season 2 Legendary Skins Coming To Western Regions
6/27/2022 3:15:03 PM

In this guide, we are going to talk about the upcoming legendary skins for all classes in Lost Ark and we'll do a brief overview of the Yoz's Jar. 

Season 2 Legendary Skins In Lost Ark For All Classes

Legendary skins do give additional stats on the skin itself. We're playing on korean account, so you'll get an additional 1% from legendary skins and they can be worn with or without being shown, so you can show your character, you can hide the legendary skins or have your skin on top of it, if you don't like the look of legendary skin, the extra 4% total when you average everything out and you play it out because it gives you attack power not direct damage, it equals about 1.9 or 2% extra damage, you get from the legendary skins and they're pretty hard to get them a quick synopsis on how the system works without going into detail on the monetization scheme and everything like that, you will have to disenchant skins that you have that have purchased from the real money transaction shop, and you'll get golden fabric and then you can use the golden fabric to loot box rng, the skins that already exist the epic ones and you have a chance, 5% each, so 10% total of getting one of the two variations of the legendary skins which will give you additional attack power, main stat from wearing. 

Now let's go over all of the season 2 legendary skins in Lost Ark!


There are two color variants for each legendary skins, what's cool about them is you can dye them, so although they are dyeable, they do have two different colors. So for sharpshooter, he white version is one of the best sharpshooter skins in the game, this is the season 2, there's theories that we're not going to get season 1 skins because they overall weren't that good. In season 1 legendaries, there were a couple that were pretty good like gunslinger was pretty good, artillerist was okay and there just weren't classes that existed at the time. But these little the season two ones where they put a little more effort into them and this sharpshooter one looks really good. This legendary sharpshooter skin with the legendary one bow because it's bigger and it is white, these are diable so you can put patterns on these, you can change it up, you can see how intricate this one is, you have the silver hawk statue on the shoulder and the dark version looks like this, it is black with a dark brass color to it and rather than the blue glow, it has the red glow. So it looks almost like it's from phaeton. It's got that very evil vibe, evil aesthetic to it, the effects are cool and this skin also would work well pairing with other skins maybe using the hood or maybe just the jacket, the head and or the chest and leg piece combined with other maybe a different weapon or a different head.


Having the asymmetrical code is nice, we're having that kind of extra little piece sticking up on one side and it's down on the other. The effects on the weapons is really cool. It looks like they're just white jeans and the fancy shoes, there's just so many of these skins in the game for male gunners. The black one does stand out a lot better, the shoulder piece with the flames and the eyes and the mouth coming out looks a lot better. When it's a darker coloration, the coat looks better too. 


The white version is one of the better artillery skins in the game, the one we just got the dawn collection that has like the gundam pieces going up is also one of the better ones for artillerists but having the hood with that armor piece, it does kind of feel like that scouter artha teen vibe, the weapon is pretty standard but these are dyeable, so you can go in and change some of the colors here or add patterns. The all black one with the light purple, light blue coloration with the effects on the side is featured in a lot of marketing art for Lost Ark, it's one of the very popular ones, this one just fits the artillery so well and the hood is nice. You can actually mix and match them a lot easier, so you could take the hood off if you wanted to show head, a lot of people would want to do that, you can mix in different weapons maybe even like the dark omen weapon that has this coloration might fit with it.


This is also one of the best scouter skins in the game. He's got the little huds the hud display all over the shoulder with the light coming out and the dark pieces on it, the white one works so well too, it's got that reflectance on the inside on the thighs, but then the white is so stark and pops, it's got the blue coloration for the vfx like almost like teal, with the smg it looks really good. This is just so thematic.


This one feels a little too normal for a legendary skin. The all black is nice, it's got like the red,  kind of back on the on the inside of the two cape shoulder pieces, that fades away, the effects are nice, it's nice to have like these little burning embers that come off with dead eye and gunslinger the hardest part is showing the weapon because the weapon is just so small in most cases even with the weapon glow. The alternate version is an all white with blue, very similar to the one with this on the all white the metal fixtures, the metal pieces pop out a lot more on this coloration maybe because the white just doesn't pull away from it or just because it's almost like a rose gold tint to it on that metal. You do have spikes depending on your hair, the hat would force this hair to come down but it would show the hair color on it. The embers are cool, it's very sleek, it's very minimal and form-fitting. 


The only class in the subclass of specialist, the weapon is very unique for the artist, it's like having this like little flower. They do look like flower petals as well and because she does a lot of her animations, she'll jump up on like her staff as a pogo stick, she'll swing it wide, she'll paint with it, having this kind of shape and aesthetic for a paintbrush is super cool and the opposite color is all black with white on the skin itself, the weapon is super cool, so this black gradient that goes into like bright red at the top, it does have petal vfx coming off the top of it as well. But this is the other option for the coloration on the class that we will have one day.


This is monstrous, the cape is pretty big, the weapon is even bigger and it's got spires and glowing and spikes, this feels almost like guarding the gates of heaven and the gates of hell like just juggernaut dreadnought looking. This is one of the better berserker skins, this skin just looks so good on the berserker, you can even sub out different weapons for this, then it would fit pretty well if they have red coloration and net or you could just dye it. This is the other coloration and for anyone who's wondering why there are two colorations if the skins are diable, it's because of the parts that aren't dyable. So every skin has diable skins, there are things that you can change and there's like little sub elements that you can't, one of those is going to be the vfx, you can't dye the color of the lights and the vfx coming off of the skin, so maybe you want to have this blue coming off of it and then you can dye the colors around it if you really want to or maybe there's certain metal pieces or accents that may never change. With dye, so you would find one that with the dye would look better if you wanted the red maybe you wanted to dye it with some orange or some yellows or things like that. Maybe with this one, you want to die closer to the blue side of the spectrum, but this is the other option, super cool, super good looking and a nice profile as well.

Berserker season 2 legendary skin lost ark


This is very similar to the berserker as the red with that bronze and then like a deeper red on the cloth down below, this one has these demon horns and these crazy like almost like wolverines or demon monsters on the shoulders. the weapon is absolutely massive, it's got spikes coming off of it, it's got this face on the side of it as well. This one is super cool, it looks really good and dyeable so you can change this up if you wanted to have, maybe mix up some of the coloring, maybe darken it or brighten it somehow or maybe put some more coloration in the way that you like. The second is the dark tower defender, mostly black. They emphasize the blue on the cloth elements that hang off the waist, there's not that many vfx as compared to the berserker version. This adds in to the destroyer effects that are all that some of the ones that are pretty blue as well, this fits really well in it especially if you're going like gravity training, build with him and you're spending a lot of time in that blue gravity vortex, this skin works really well with that.

Destroyer legendary skin season 2


This is one of the skins that was featured on the preview that they gave us for western Lost Ark, so it's probably gonna be the one they choose and it's one of the reasons they're gonna be doing the season 2 legendary skins for the west. This one is just super regal, it's got a lot of tassels and things hanging off very intricate and regal on the cape that comes down, it's got layers to it, it's got like this angelic aura coming off the shield with some dark elements underneath it, the gun lance is super nice even has a shield on it so you feel like you're this holy royal knight wielding holy power as a gun lancer and this is the blacked out version rather than having the blue effects. It has the purple which looks just like the chaos characters you meet in south vern that have amazing armor sets. 


This is the season 2 legendary skin setup on to paladin and there is a fair argument to be made, this is the best paladin skin in the entire game. The eye slits that come through, there's a black version as well but this white one reminds me both of eisen from bleach just having that um all-white but evil esthetic and even if you are a fan of like sword art online like the holy like main guild that has this look to it, it's got blood almost like vampiric aura to the weapon and just the hood and the helmet just looks so good on the palette. This is why we think one of the best if not the best paladin skin in the game. Skins are subjective, so maybe you have one that you like more but this one is one of the better ones for paladin for sure. As with the other warriors, you have the all blacked out version rather than the vampiric blood red effect that you have, you actually have misty sandy rust colored look to it, on the effects you have a little bit of on the chest, a little bit in the eye slits plus sign, you have for the eyes and then just glowing through it but it's all blacked out. You could get the white version for the effects and then dye everything else because they are dyeable.


This is the third mage class, she is the card drawing more rng deck drawing kind of mage, this fits for her it is one of the better ones for arcane, it feels like she's in a casino, you could have someone like this walking around the casino floor and a high class casino and it wouldn't really feel out of place. You could definitely make this work really well for arcane, you can even swap out different pants or different ways to look for the character and you can dye it, but this one fits with arcana really well. If you didn't like the black one, there is a white version, it's got very mute peach, with all white it does have a high spec on the cloth itself and then the heels themselves. It just has that almost earthy peach metal color to them and you have the wings on top for the helm.


This is the skin that they showed on the promo art in the patch preview for western Lost Ark. This one has crazy big silhouette break, these almost like tulip shapes on the shoulders. From all angles, it does have a lot of silhouette break, it's got little floral patterns and metal that stick out in the back and it's got crazy sparkly vfx flying off in every direction, some on the weapon, there's some on the skin itself as well and it does have the two flowy tassels on the outside. If you bring the weapon out for the summoner, the big thing if you if you've never played other regions the summoner has a staff just like the sorceress, it's just not as long. It's like a medium length staff, but it's nowhere near as like the six foot, ground to above head staff that the sorceress has but maybe they're going to swap that out. The white version has blue, the blue is kind of lighter, more pastel color and it blends with the white and you feel very angelic and pure and innocent and it kind of de emphasizes some of the stark colors, the red that they had prior and kind of helps the white pop a little bit more and then the vfx uh blend a little bit more.


They do have medieval styles there and then the bottom half, there's a lot of these in Lost Ark overall, you almost got this full crown top here, it's almost like scarlet monastery feeling to it, this is the white version of it. The weapon for this is a shield, with how like thick and wide it is and it's got this light at the front, feels like it's going to shoot a laser beam out of it and it works really well. This is one of the better barge skins in the game. The black version is very formal, it's got lots of black, it's kind of that bronze, brass color to it, on the metal fixings got a pure white light coming out of it and you can mix and match these if you wanted to you could put the black on the white one and you could dye them as well. 


It has that masquerade mask look to it, the weapon itself is the big staff, it does have bunny ears on top of it and some effects coming off of it, it just feels a little too normal for being a legendary skin or something that's gonna cost you either a lot of money or a lot of gold or a lot of patience to get it and most solar sources that use it for the stats, but you could super dig this having night masquerade vibe to it. There is the red the white version. And there is a black version as well, this helps the stockings pop a lot more just because of the way the color palette shifts and this will help show your character's customization as well depending on how it looks.


Most of her builds are swiftness, she plays very fast, it's all about timing and fluidity and motion, this kind of aesthetic for the ward answer just feels really cool and super awesome, you have that quintessential, riding hat, but then you like the gradient coming down and you have the effects coming off the weapon which is super cool and it is dyeable and you can swap in different pieces. The white version is just as cool, this one just pops like the white blur just going across your screen zooming kicking flipping, doing all that business, this one fits overall really well and has that different and you can have your haircut. It’ll have the same hair style coming off this hat regardless of what your customization is but you have plenty of room to show off your customization everywhere else. And it does have claws coming off the outside and on the middle finger there's a claw there.


It feels a little too like phantom of the opera masquerade for a martial artist, this feels closer to the noble banquet for the scrapper, they are unique for every class in the legendaries, but this has the scrapper version and this is with her in combat stance. But it just feels like it's a little too normal and not as unique but maybe you're super into this. You can dye it, you can change the mask, if you want you change out different pieces this may even work with the founders pack skin. It also has the black version, rusty sandy color on black, so the contrast makes it pop a little bit more. This could be something that people really jive with. 


This is another one that does have foxy vibe too with the two tails coming off the back and the two pieces on top as well. It's got cherry blossoms plus this tree on the headpiece, lots of bows and stark colors, this is the more or less white version, it's a mixture of pink like a deeper pink. The claws coming off the fingers and there are v effects that are passive on both the weapon and the skin itself. And this one does feel more unique, there's not really any skin that looks like it in the game you have big poofy, shoulder piece, this mantle that goes around, it comes back down, you've got massive tails coming off the back, there's different presentation for the arms and for the head and the weapon feels relatively different as well with different effects on it, you can even use different weapons for the skin but it feels very soul fisty and unique.


It fits in the same collection as the Wardancer does. It does have vibe to it, but this one feels a little bit more compact rather than more flowy, formal mainly because it just fits better and it looks like it's more fit for combat. The black version looks super cool, it's got little pouch on the waist, that's just spewing effects. This one fits really well, this would be the spear as well. Spear is simple but you would have the weapon glow on it covering the whole thing. You could also swap out different ones but this one is dyeable. Some of these parts are a little pretty flexible on what areas you can dye which ones you can't. The all white version for the Glaivier is the same skin, it just has different colors and there are subtle aspects of each skin that cannot be dyed in this case and that's why there's two of them so you can figure out if you wanted the all-white effects, you could dye the rest of it to make the white pop more on the vfx side, but then you have flowing parts.


If you've ever played black desert online, this one got some criticism for being the basic striker in black desert online and it kind of is, this kind of very heavily armored but muscle defined armor on the top glowing bits to it if you swapped out the mask or even just elongated it. It would look very similar to the black desert online but maybe that's cool. It fits really well with his motion, it's like armored but not like encumbered armor that you get from a warrior where it feels like they can't move as well. It got the open gaps in different pieces, it feels like it's not full heavy armor, it's like plated but not all the way there. Frill effects shooting off the weapon would look really good with some of the higher like plus 18 up and up weapon glows that you get on your weapon.

For the black version, we can see batman or robin maybe it's just because it's the black mask with just the mouth showing. It does have shaw, white glowing effects on the weapon itself which is super cool. It's dyeable, so you could mess around with this and make your own skin out of it. 


She has better skins, you can mix and match them with other ones. The head is probably the best part of the skin, it's like a light hood that angles downward with crazy glowing angelic halo behind, and then the chest piece is pretty cool too. The rest of it just feels a little more normal but you can mix and match, you can die, you can put patterns. Like the season 1 deathblade skin was better and there's also just better death blade skins in the game overall. But this head going with other skins that she has, you can even dye this how you want. The black or the all white version for the death blade and the alternate color, it's almost reversed, they do have this skin for the deathblade and a lot of art like marketing art splash art that they use for the game. The coloration is like a cobalt blue on the very bottom with high spec and then you got the whites with very light brushed white metal, the effects on the weapons have gone full white. So very angelic and you should have halo on the back of the hood. 


There's some techie vibes going on with the mask, the rest of it's kind of cool, the high collar behind, the effects coming off the weapon have very intentional directionality. They're kind of like shooting off in a direction where they're just drifting around. The shadowhunter does have better skins as well but it is dyeable if you wanted to mix this up and then just use the vfx as an accent for your character. It's almost like the matrix almost trinity vibes, maybe because it has super high spec, almost latex looking, suit on it plus the goggles and the mask as well showing the hair. Rather than having that pink purple shine to it, it has mostly black, it is like an off black, a charcoal black and then it's got the red vfx coming out with red accents. 


This one is latex extreme, so this is the legendary season 2 skin for the reaper. It's got heart glow piece, this one is very iconic, they use this a lot in their marketing just in general for reaper and super cool. This skin is nice, it's not so shiny but it's got some really cool things. It has a black version with south vern chaos dark purple color to it and it is dyeble so you can change some of this up if you wanted to max with the skin, they go all black but they leave the strong coloration on the vfx and the glow, it makes the glow pop a lot more. It fits the reaper really well. 


Guess you ask