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Lost Ark Vykas Phase 3 Guide (Normal/Hard): Major Mechanics, Patterns For Vykas Phase 3
6/21/2022 10:53:52 AM

Today we are going to cover Lost Ark vykas legion raid stage 3. For stage 3, there are some things to prepare before the start of the raid, you need time stop potion and whirlwind grenade to resolve a gimmick in stage 3. Also you need a sleep bomb. Let’s check the wipe mechanics and all the patterns, everything about vykas phase 3 Lost Ark. 


Lost Ark Vykas Guide Stage 3 & Phase 3 (Normal / Hard)

Vykas Phase 3 is a tier 3 Legion Raid and you need to be at least 1430 (Normal) or 1460 (Hard) item level to enter this raid. In phase 3, there is no need to assign any potions and for battle items, you want to have hp potions, sleep bumps, woven grenades and time stop potions. 

If you go in the vykas starts from 180 hp bar and you will see gauge above every players, this is called charm gauge. Whenever you get hit by any attacks from vykas, then you get this gauge filled up. If it passes the white threshold, you will deal increased damage but also take more damage. And if it hits 100%, your character will start attacking random teammates. This is when you want to use stunt skill or throw a sleep bomb when he's standing up to bring him back to normal. Also on the 4 cardinal directions, there are 4 golden orbs that will be used throughout the fight to deplete your gauge bar as it is needed to be on zero to pass certain mechanics. You only need to use 3 of them and the fourth one only serves as backup, make sure you decide beforehand in which order you will take those orbs. 

Major Gimmick & Mechanics For Vykas Phase 3 Lost Ark

X175 = Swamp

Around 175 hp and 75 hp bar, vykas goes to the center and assigns brown pillars on three players of his normal mode and two players if it is hard mode, and others get blue pillars. Players with brown have to be together horizontally to vykas and players with blue should stand near them. After few seconds, the pillars generate floors and all 8 players have to dash to the edge of the brown floor. Blue floor increases movement speed and brown decreases the speed, then you will all get charmed and start to move toward to vykas, the thing is vykas will do a wipe attack to those who reaches her inside the circle. So by standing on brown floors that decreases your movement speed, you will be able not to reach vykas when she does the wipe attack. You should dash to the edge of the brown floor inside the circle because if you go out of the circle, it will do massive tick damage that will almost kill you.

Lust Floor

Vykas randomly assigns lust on several players. After a few seconds, the lust becomes a floor where the player is. If you stand on this floor your gauge will be filled up by a lot for every second, so you wanna put these floors on any edge of the map and grab some to meet the line if you want to do more damage.

X155 = Sword & Clone 

Around 155 hp bar, vykas will summon swords and clones on random direction. If your gauge is over the line, then you will only see swords, if not, then you will see the clones. There will be only one spot where the sword and clone overlaps and that's the spot that all of you have to move into because she'll do a wipe attack to those who are not in the correct spot. So some people need their gauge to be over the line and some should not. People can fill up their gauge by using the lust floor, people on sword view usually pings where the swords are and when the ping is detected on the clone, then people on clone view all pings that spot and everyone dashes to the safety zone.

X135 = Typing

At 135 hp bar, vykas flies away bombarding with lust attacks. All the players have to dash to 12 o'clock and someone have to interact with the yellow ball. This will make yellow filled which will remove the gauge of the players time to time. And all of you s have to make sure to reach zero gauge. Then you will see some happy time cutscene with typing pattern for two times. Every single one of you should succeed these typings because for each people who fail, she will do massive aoe damage after the cutscene. The damage skills with count of people who failed, if four or more people fails, that's a raid wipe. If your gauge is not exactly zero, then she will give you way less time to type which will most likely be a fail. If everyone succeeds, she gets staggered and this is when the raid leader wanna use linave for the guarantee hit.

X120 = International Charm

Around 120 hp bar, vykas assigned lust on every players. All of the players should gather and make the lust floor in one spot and get charmed. This is because vykas charges a wipe attack to those who are not charmed. Do not counter the attack she does right after, if you do, then the lust floor will last longer which will increase the possibility of players getting charmed after the gimmick ends.

X100 = Stagger Mechanic 

Around 100 hp bar, vykas goes to the center and starts to charge a wipe attack. All of you have to go to three o'clock and interact the yellow ball to remove your gauge because the floor where she is at will fill up the gauge time to time. Then use the skills and whirlwind grenade to stagger vykas. As soon as she's staggered, use the time stop because the two mobs on the side will explode and immediately charms people who got hit.

X155 = Tentacles

Around 55 hp bar, vykas flies up and summons 8 tentacles around the area, all of you have to destroy all the tentacles by attacking it, leaving even one tentacle will wipe the raid. The thing is you can only do damage on the tentacle if you have gauge over the line. But in this gimmick, you will lose the gauge bit by bit by time to time. And the only way to fill up the gauge is to take the orbs that are spreading out from the center. If you take too much orbs, obviously you will get charmed and start attacking your party which will disturb destroying the tentacles. 

X40 = 4 Orbs

Around 40 hp bar, vykas will go to the center doing some aoe damage, then 4 orbs each from the direction of x will be generated and start to approach vyaks. 4 players have to grab the each orbs when it's taken those players get some gauge and have to spam the space bar. If any of the orbs is taken by vykas, then that's a raid wipe. 

X10 = Last Yellow Orb

Around 10 hp bar, all of you have to go to 9 o'clock and interact with the last yellow ball to remove the gauge. This is to prepare for the last gimmick that vykas does at 0 hp bar. Make sure to leave fuel gauge since you will do significantly less damage when your gauge is zero.

X0 = Stagger & Wel

At 0 hp bar with a cutscene, she will go to the center and summon 4 clones on each direction of the map. Only one clone is real and you can find that from the minimap. All of you have to look to that direction because there is an eye above the vykas in the center and that will stun people who sees it. From now on, your gauge will be filled up time to time and you can see a black floor that is moving to the side where the real one is and stepping on this floor will help you to remove the gauge. When the floor passes where the real one is, then she will start wiping players who are in front of her. So all of you have to go to her back and stagger. This is when the raid leader wanna use way to do more stagger. The fight will go until either she gets staggered or all the players get charmed by the auto gauge fill up time to time. If she gets staggered, then that's the end of the whole raid.


Vykas sits on her sword having an eye above her, if she falls both way, then no one should watch her. If she falls one, then only one player should watch her. If she flaps both, then two players should watch her. Since she's phoning both in this case, no one should watch her. The problem is she can do medusa twice in a row and people who watched her will be stunned. The way how we do this is by assigning party one to do the gimmick. If you are number one and two in party one, then they will be responsible for the first medusa. If you are number three and number four in party one, then they will be responsible for the second medusa.

Normal Patterns For Vykas Phase 3 Lost Ark

  • Energy Blast: Vykas points the sword and the energy blast on the side.

  • Back Tumble and Striking Twice: Vykas back tumbles and strikes the ground for twice.

  • Imprison Sword: Vykas points the sword and multiple swords come out from the portal with explosive floors on the ground. If you get hit by the swords then you will get imprisoned with bleed debuff, it can be used twice.

  • Dash: Vykas disappears and charges for dash attack this attack is able to counter. If you fail the counter, she will dash back again or strikes the ground with aoe damage.

  • Pulse: Vykas slashes the sword several times and does the pulse attack on all the front side. If she swings once before the pulse, she will do the pulse attack on the opposite side as well. If she swings more than once, then she will either just do pulse once or she will slash back.

  • AOE Slash: Vykas slashes front and back and generates aoe slashes on the floor.

  • Sucking the Gauge: Vykas points the sword and pulls one player who was in the range, then she takes a player to the air removing most of the gauge slamming the player afterward with aoe damage. You cannot use the potion when you are caught.

  • In or Out: Vykas summons red and black colored circle and does aoe damage on either out or inside. If her sword is on the black side, outside is safe. If your sword is on the red side, then inside is safe.

  • Whale: Vykas will make a large circle and someone whales. If you get hit by the whale, then you will get massive damage that will almost kill you. The thing is only players who have gage over the line will be able to see these whales. So players who can see them should ping the floor to let others know where it is safe.

  • Lust Bombardment: Vykas starts to drop lust on the floor doing aoe damage.


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