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Lost Ark Glaivier Build Guide: Best Skills, Engravings, Stats, Set Cards, Gems, Builds for Lance Master
4/8/2022 10:11:33 AM

Being the new female Martial Artist class that will be released in the April patch in Lost Ark, we invite you to discover the complete guide of the Glaivier. From the basics to know to the awakening of the Lance Master class and the exploitation of her skills, we explain everything you need to know.

Lost Ark Glaivier (Lance Master) Class Build Guide

The Lost Ark Glaivier also referred to as Lance Master is an advanced class of the Martial Artist archetype. She masters the art of sword and spear that she exploits to perfection to unleash a series of devastating attacks on her opponents at short and medium distances.


  • Very high DPS potential

  • Extremely high attack speed

  • Very high mobility


  • Average defense level

  • No support to provide to his allies

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Lancer Master Identity Skill

Identity Skill is what makes the class you play unique compared to other classes in the same archetype.

In the case of the Glaivier, it is her postures adapted to her spear and her sword that makes her what she is. You have an Identity gauge that increases as long as you maintain one of the two postures your character has: Moon or Sun.

All the power accumulated in this gauge is consumed and released when you change your stance to give you a formidable bonus for 12 seconds whose effects vary according to the previous stances. In total, there are three gauges that can be filled for each posture.

Moon Stance (Change to Sun Stance)

  • Level 1: +5% movement speed for 12 seconds

  • Level 2: +10% to movement speed and damage inflicted for 12 seconds

  • Level 3: +15% movement speed, 10% damage dealt, and 25% critical damage dealt for 12 seconds

Sun Stance (Change to Moon Stance)

  • Level 1: +5% attack speed for 12 seconds

  • Level 2: +10% to attack speed and 5% to damage inflicted for 12 seconds

  • Level 3: +10% attack speed, 5% damage dealt, and 10% critical strike chance for 12 seconds

Glaivier Weapons

Glaivier's main weapons are the spear and the glaive. Glaivier can switch between two separate skill sets: Focus and Flurry, with each stance and skill, set symbolized by one of her two weapons.

  • Spear - In the Flurry Stance, the shorter spear is used to launch a frenzied onslaught.

  • Glaive - The longer glaive makes use of Focus Stance to deliver beautifully devastating strikes and sweeping attacks.

Glaivier Awakening Skills

When you reach level 50, you gain access to your Awakening Skill, a technique exclusive to the class you play and differentiating yourself a little more from the other classes in your archetype. It is Beatrice who offers you the quest offering you access to these skills, she simply asks you to go to the hometown dedicated to your class. Subsequently, a second skill becomes available and you can opt for the one you want depending on the Build chosen.

Yeon-Style Spear Technique: Spear Meteor

At the designated spot, you unleash an attack. You leap back 4 meters without turning around, gathering energy in your spear in preparation for launching it at the target region. When the spear hits the ground, it inflicts a large amount of damage, followed by an explosion that inflicts 6 times as much damage. Enemies are knocked back by the final hit.

Yeon Style Spear Technique: Storming Red Dragon

You focus and toss your spear in front of you to deal damage before drawing it back towards you to deal more damage and draw foes closer to you. Then you spin it 5 times to cause heavy damage, then unleash numerous attacks that deal heavy damage an additional 8 times. You move 8 meters past your opponents before landing the last blow that deals huge damage and knocks them back.

Using these skills requires Pieces of Chaos. They are relatively easy to obtain. You can purchase it from a general supply dealer for 120 Silver Coins. Be aware that this skill has a reload time of 5 minutes.

Glaivier Lance Master Recommended Stats

70% Specialization for 30% Agility

Best Glaivier Engravings

Class Engravings

  • Climax (Most Popular)

  • Self-Control (Korean Names, Western names are not known yet)

Recommended Engravings for the Lance Master:

  • Grudge

  • Cursed Doll

  • Keen Blunt Weapon

  • Awakening

  • Ambush Master

Best Glaivier (Lance Master) Builds

While some builds may focus your emphasis on one of two weapons, an effective Glaivier can maximize their potential by striking a balance between the two stances, accumulating energy in one stance that provides a significant stat increase when switching to the other. While here we recommend two builds that focus on different Glaivier class engravings:

Climax Build:

Stat Priority: Specialization & Haste

Engravings: Grudge, Keen Blunt, Mass Increase, Cursed Doll, Raid Captain, Awakening

General Build: 

Lost Ark Glaivier (Lance Master) Class Build - Climax Build


Start Priority: Haste and Crit

Engravings: Grudge, Keen Blunt, Cursed Doll, Ambush Master, Raid Captain, Awakening

General Build: 

Lost Ark Glaivier (Lance Master) Class Build - Self-Control Build

Best Gems for Glaivier Lance Master Build

  • Draconian Defense (Damage)

  • Draconian Defense (Recharge)

  • Chained Blue Dragon (Recharge)

  • Red Dragon Horn (Damage)

  • Red Dragon Horn (Refill)

  • Lunar Slash (Damage)

  • Lunar Slash (Recharge)

  • Raging Dragon Laceration (Damage)

  • Raging Dragon Slash (Recharge)

  • Wheel of Blades (Damage)

  • Comet Leap (Damage)

Best Card Set for Glaivier Lance Master Build

The best Lance Master Card Set is Light of Salvation:

Light of Salvation (7 cards)

  • 2 set: Dark damage reduction +10%

  • 4 set: Dark damage reduction +10%

  • 6 set: Dark damage reduction +10%

  • 6 Awakening Set 12: Damage dealt becomes Holy damage

  • 6 Awakening Set 18: Holy Damage +7%

  • 6 Awakening Set 30: Holy Damage +8%


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