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WoW TBC Classic Season 2 PvP: How to Increase Your Rating with Rogue
9/29/2021 9:28:07 AM

When you're stuck in the game, sometimes a small change can have an amazing effect. As a lower-rated Rogue, how to get a higher rating fast? Now we bring you the 5 best tips and tricks for how to increase your rating in WoW TBC Season 2 PvP. 

wow tbc season 2 pvp

WoW TBC Classic Season 2 PvP: How to Increase Your Rating with Rogue

How to boost your rating in TBC Classic Season 2? Here are 5 tips for Rogue PvP by Vayd. 


When playing The Walking Dead Classic season 2, the first suggestion for raising your Rogue rating is to utilize gouge, which is a very strong skill. It doesn't seem quite as powerful with the five and a half-second incapacitate, but it's still a very powerful skill with only four seconds. It is possible to get the most benefit out of a kidney shot, and that is pretty much the primary application of gouges immediately following a kidney shot. It can assist your teammates in getting into position to actually go for a kill during that kidney shot, or it can simply assist them in making the most of that kidney shot so that you can force a trinket, pain suppression, or nature swiftness, which is exactly what gouge can assist you in accomplishing.

Kick lockouts

The second method is to let your kicks sit for a few seconds before applying another stun lock. Whenever you interrupt someone, there is really a lockout time for kicks. For some classes, such as shamans, this is five seconds, but it is actually decreased in half for everyone else. Therefore, it's simply something to be aware of, but other rogues will kick and then instantly kidney shot or disappear cheap shot thereafter, which wastes a lot of time on your part, and it's just very excellent practice to let that kick lockout sit, especially if you lockout in the manner of a healer. Depending on whatever school of magic you choose to lockout, the majority of the time it's going to be a heal and allowing the whole lockout duration to really expire.

Stack wounds

Wounds are so vital to just maintaining such high levels of pressure that having five stacks of wounds boosts the amount of healing they get by fifty percent, with ten percent for each wound sack added on top. So it's really important to keep those up, sometimes you don't always have to have crippling up, a lot of rogues just run wind poison in the main hand and crippling in the off-hand and sometimes you don't even need crippling, because especially if you're playing with something like a mage, that mage is almost always going to have a slow on the target. It's much better to stack your wounds and then switch to maybe like a mind-numbing instead. 

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Blinding kill target to reset

Sometimes you're gonna get the most value out of blind by just blinding your kill target, letting your DR's reset, giving yourself an opportunity to re-stealth, so you can reopen and it's even better if you blind someone. If you need to vanish, if you need to re-stealth, you can reset your kill target, let your DR's run out and you can reopen on the target, and there's nothing they can really do about it, so a really simple thing you can do is stop blinding your off-target, it's obviously not going to be the case all the time, but in most cases or in a lot of cases, it's really beneficial to just blind the kill target and reset.

Do not waste sprint

Do not waste time sprinting and shadowstepping before the opener unless it is absolutely necessary. Something like a human warlock is going to have a perception, they're going to be able to see you from a mile away, and you're going to have to step back in order to be able to use your mage and priest spells like dispel or spell steal effectively. Lower rogues have a tendency to sprint like crazy right out of the gate before they even realize what's going on, and they don't understand the importance of sprint and shadow step, because if you use those too early, you'll be forced to either blow a vanish if slowed or prep shadow step sprint, which may require you to swap targets or go for a blind on the off-target. So, instead of blowing sprint and shadow step right out of the gate, be sure you're going to get the most value out of them. After all, during real combat, you may need to blast sprint or shadow step at some point anyway.


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