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How To Get Level 60 In Classic WoW Season Of Mastery - 10 Tips & Tricks To Fast Reach Level 60 ASAP
12/17/2021 11:13:50 AM

With a bunch of changes introduced to this season of Classic to make everything go faster, Blizzard applied a lot of tweaks to level to make your character reach 60 fast. In this guide, we’ll break through Classic WoW SoM leveling tips to reach 60 on any character very smoothly. Some of these tips will be hardcore friendly and some others won’t use your better judgment if you’re leveling a hardcore character.

How to Get Level 60 ASAP on Season of Mastery

How To Get Level 60 In Classic WoW Season Of Mastery

Season of Mastery has been running for over four weeks now, and some people still have not been level 60 yet. SoM only lasts 12 months with just a couple of months between the phases releasing, and it’s not called Season of Mastery for anything, your goal is to go fast and be ahead of the curve for when new phases drop, thankfully Blizzard made it easier to accomplish that, especially when it comes to leveling. Leveling itself is a huge part of the content in Classic, a lot of people enjoy leveling more than an end game even but to make your journey from 1 to 60 smooth and enjoyable. Here are the top 10 tips and tricks you can apply to make a bunch of quests easier to complete optimizing your character for leveling to 60 in Season of Mastery Classic WoW. 

1. Authenticator for More Bag Slots 

The first tip to get level 60 on Season of Mastery is to use authenticator on your account. The reason for this other than the obvious security risk for not doing so is that since Classic Wow's phase 5, having an authenticator on your account provides you with four additional back slots in your main backpack. This is huge, especially at lower levels. You'll undoubtedly run out of space at one point or another during your leveling journey no matter how organized you are, and this will provide you with more space and save you some gold or silver that you would have thrown away otherwise. Remember having an authenticator is free now, it's just an app you install on your phone so take advantage of it.

2. Target Command & Markers

Another trick to reach level 60 on SoM Classic WoW is to make use of target command and markers. Target markers are mainly intended for radios, but they're very useful while leveling too. When used together with the target command, they allow you to more easily spot a target you're looking for, even if it's far away from you if it's hidden among a bunch of other mobs, or even if it's hidden behind a wall. So this sort of gives you x-ray vision in a way and all those scenarios will happen very often while leveling. The way you do this basically is by typing slash target in your chat followed by the name of the target or at least the first part of its name. Then once you have it targeted and you still can't see it around right-click on its portrait, go to raid target icon and select any icon on this list. Then just look around and you should more easily spot your target. Now you can also bind the target marker in the keybinds menu if you want to do this even faster.

3. Abuse The Mailing System

The next tip to fast reach level 60 on Classic WoW SoM is by using and abusing the mailing system. The mailing system in Classic Wow in general offers you infinite inventory space, you can send hundreds of items if you want and just keep juggling them back and forth between your alt's mailbox and your own mailbox. Remember in Classic WoW, mail takes one hour to arrive, but once your alt receives your mail, you can return it instantly by clicking the return button. So it’s highly recommended using and abusing this while leveling to not have your inventory overburdened when you know it will be a while before you go to an auction house and sell all that stuff. 

4. Use Spirit Gear

Spirit is a very useful stat while leveling whether you're a warrior mage, hunter rogue, it doesn't matter. It will allow both your health and mana to regenerate faster thus saving you both the downtime of having to drink and eat between the mobs and also the gold costs associated with that. Obviously, you will have to do that from time to time, but overall stacking spirit will highly reduce that. Thankfully, the spirit seems to be very abundant while leveling not only on cloth pieces but even on male and plate ones. So if you have to make a choice between two pieces, always go for the one that has either a large amount of your class's main stat. So agility, strength or intellect or the one that has spirit on it. Having both on one single piece being the ideal scenario.

5. Summoning Stones

Take advantage of summoning stones in SoM meeting stones which used to be useless in Classic now work as summoning stones just like in TBC. So those are very useful for doing dungeons and in certain scenarios. These can also be useful for solo players and save you tens of minutes worth of running because what you can do is summon yourself with the help of another player. So say you need to quickly go to your capital city, your hearthstone is there or maybe you're a mage and you can teleport there but you don't want to spend tens of minutes running back here to your leveling spot, what you can do is look for a player around, invite them, ask them to click your summon hearth to your capital city, then go about your business learning new spells or buying something from the auction house and then simply accept your own summon and voila. 

6. Ghetto Hearthing

You can use ghetto hearthing to level to 60 on Season of Mastery Classic WoW. But this works in the opposite way. If you're in your capital city and you want to go to your hearthstone location but your hearthstone is on cooldown, you can invite someone to your group, give them leader enter stockades or rage fire chasm or any dungeon for the matter, then leave the group and you'll be teleported to your hearthstone location after a minute. This isn't proper to capital cities, you can do this if you're stranded in the middle of the world and you happen to have a dungeon close to you and you want to go to your hearthstone's location.

7. Leveling Professions

First aid is a must-have for every class even if you can heal yourself, so learn it and keep it up to date. But then what are the best professions while leveling in Season of Mastery? Enchanting is a profession while leveling because you can disenchant any item no matter the item level or the quality and you don't have to level your enchanting at all. So instead of rendering your old gear or gear, you can't equip, you could disenchant it. And in general the enchanting mats you get from it will be worth more than the vendoring price of that item. Then in Season of Mastery, we have mining and herb nodes being more abundant around the world. 

8. Prioritize Quest Turn-ins

Prioritize turning in quests as soon as possible. The adventure awaits buff makes it so that the moment you turn in a quest you'll receive a significant amount of xp, so what you can do for example upon entering the zone is focusing on doing the quests that you can turn right away upon picking them by having the required items in your inventory already. One example for this is the grin hills of stranglethorn, that's 4 quests you can turn in right away for a huge boost of xp or even the badlands quest at the camp in the west. Knowing in advance where those quests are and what you can do to complete them right away can give you a huge advantage.

9. Use A Questing Addon

Using a questing add-on especially now in Season of Mastery can help you easy and fast get level 60. Those add-ons for the most part are optimized to offer you the fastest and smoothest questing routes. And they do tell you to buy these quest items in advance for example. So getting one and following it. 

10. Join a Guild

Join a guild as soon as you can depending on how nice your guild is you could receive a number of perks for leveling. Players can link a green or blue item that dropped for them that they couldn't use in guild chat and whoever wanted it could buy it from the person for vendor price, instead of just having it vendored. You could also have a tailor in your guild that could make you bags for free as long as you provide the clothes and much more. And obviously being in a guild makes everything more fun.


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