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10 Quests You Must Do At Level 60 In Classic WoW Season Of Mastery
12/10/2021 4:16:20 PM

Today we’ll go over 10 quests you must do at level 60 in Classic WoW SoM, from attunement quests to important gear pieces quests. Some of these will be for all classes and some will be class or role specific. 


10 Quests You Must Do ASAP At Lev 60 In Season Of Mastery 

Season of Mastery has been running for over 3 weeks now, and people are already starting to hit level 60 all over the place, and SoM is awesome at 60, there’s a ton of content available from the get go and a plethora of things to do before even setting foot inside Molten Core or Onyxia. Among these things are important quests, at the higher levels and especially at level 60, you’ll unlock a lot of important quests that will either reward you with powerful items, or unlock even more content for you. Let’s explore 10 of these SoM quests and unveil what you should do in order of priority once you’re 60.

1. Attunement To The Core

The number one most important quest chain you should start in SoM is obviously the Molten Core attunement quest. Grab this from the elf Lothos Riftwaker at the bottom of Blackrock Mountain, if you don’t know, the way you complete this quest is by simply picking an item deep inside BRD, right before the room to the last boss and near the entrance to Molten Core, you’d have to clear the whole instance and kill those mobs that guard the bride. Once you enter BRD, open the doors that would normally lead you to the arena, if you don’t have the key for this you can either get someone to open the door for you, so ask around in your guild or someone outside,  or you can also pick the lock if you’re a blacksmith with a skeleton key or a rogue. Anyways once the doors are open, follow this path and avoid pulling as many mobs as possible,  once you’re at this hallway you can either make a run for it, stealth through or use an invisibility potion. We’re actually gonna use another invis potion later before the end and they have a 10min cool down. From there follow this route,  jump in the lava, keep swimming through the lava while making sure to avoid the fire elementals, use a second invis pot once you’re near the entrance to MC then at the end of this you’ll be able to simply pick the quest item and turn in the quest back at the NPC.


2. Onyxia Attunement

MC is only one of the raids available, you also need to get attuned to Onyxia, the Onyxia attunement is a long an arduous quest chain that has you go all over the world. The Onyxia attunement at the end has you do UBRS and kill General Drakkisath, UBRS is a long and annoying dungeon to do, and there’s actually a lot of quests that have required you to kill Drakkisath, so you’re better off making it count and do all these quests at once. 

3. General Drakkisath’s Demise

So the next SoM quest you should grab before killing Drakkisath is called General Drakkisath’s Demise. This one is also important to do if you’re a melee, a hunter, feral druid, or caster because it rewards you with Blackhand’s Breadth, a trinket you’ll be keeping for a very long time as a melee or, Mark of Tyranny, a trinket you’ll be keeping forever as a feral druid, and  Eye of the Beast, a solid trinket for casters. So to do this quest you’ll first have to do lower Blackrock spire, an equally long and annoying dungeon as UBRS, but anyways at the end once you kill Overlord Wyrmthalak, you’ll be able to loot an item from him that starts this quest, from there you’ll just need to clear UBRS and you’ll be done with this, but before you do that, there’s one last quest you’ll want to pick first. 

4. BWL Attunement

BWL isn’t out yet and it probably won’t be for another 3 or 4 months, but you’re better off doing this now anyways, for it’s quite simple, in this hallway near the entrance to Blackrock Spire, you’ll want to go to this left door and kill the Scarshield Quartermaster, he’s not very hard, easily solvable. He will drop Blackhand’s Command, an item that will start the quest to get attuned to BWL, now that you have all the quests that have you kill Drakkisath, you can safely go, kill him and knock three birds with one stone,  just remember rto click the orb behind him after he’s dead to complete the BWL attunement, the other two you turn them somewhere else outside.

5. Level 50 Class Quests

Those were added later in Classic originally, but in SoM they’re available from the get-go,  each class’s quest starts somewhere different but they all have you do the same thing at the end,  do some boss in Sunken Temple, now keep this quest is not worth doing for every class,  in fact the only classes that should bother with this are warlocks, warriors, hunters and shamans.  You can do those if you’re in another class but the rewards aren’t really interesting. Anyways each one of those class quests is vaguely similar, first, you’ll be going to your class trainer, which will send you to an NPC somewhere in the world, that NPC will have you do a chore quest for him, then he or she will send you to Sunken Temple to either kill the troll mini-bosses or Morphaz, the green dragon before the last boss. You can now return to that NPC that gave you this quest and choose one of three items as a reward, be careful what you choose here, probably a lot of these items will look very good,  but there’s only one right choice, for warriors choose Diamond Flask, for hunters Devilsaur Eye, shamans take the Enamored Water Spirit, and warlocks can go for the Soul Harvester, which mind you will be replaced quite easily, or the Abyss Shard, for a free summon of the Voidwalker, it does have its uses in certain situations. 

6. A Taste Of Flame

One of the first Classic WoW SoM quests you should do as a melee or hunters once you hit level 60. You’ll have to go to BRD and kill Bael’Gar, a level 52 boss at the end of the hallway opposite to the big forge, kill him, dip the quest item on his corpse and turn this quest in. This will reward you with Wyrmhide Shoulders, the next best pre-raid bis item in this slot after Truestrike Shoulders from UBRS, which you’ll likely not be getting for a while, so these will be the shoulders you’ll be rocking until you either get Truestrike shoulders as a warrior, or until you get your set shoulders as a rogue or hunter.

7. Corruption of Earth and Seed

This is a very important quest to do in Season of Mastery if you’re a rogue or fury warrior. You should probably have done this while leveling but if you haven’t, or even if you have, obviously you want to do this for the Thrash Blade, but most importantly, you can actually get two Trash Blades from this. Pick this quest in Desolace from either the alliance quest giver in Nigel’s point or the horde once in Shadowprey Village, you’ll simply have to go through Maraudon and kill Princess to complete this quest, so turn it in, and once you turn it, speak to the NPC again, and you’ll see the option that says I lost my reward, click it and just simply buy a second Trash Blade, now you will likely replace those weapons semi easily, but until then you have some solid swords.

8. Battle For Alterac

You get this outside the entrance to Alterac Valley in the Alterac Mountains, and this will require you to win an AV. The rewards from this quest are really solid, you get Blood Seeker, which is the pre-bis for hunters and Wand of Biting Cold, which is bis for frost mages. So get this quest, do some AVs until you manage to win one and simply turn it in and reap those rewards. 

9. In Dreams

This is big for melee DPS, hunters, healers and tanks, because it rewards Mark of Fordring, the pre-raid bis neckpiece for melees and hunters, Fordring’s Seal, a pre bis ring for all healers, and Ornate Adamantium Breastplate, a  solid chest piece for tanking although unless you’re going for pure mitigation, I recommend going for the neck instead. This quest in particular is an escort which is definitely not soloable, so you’ll have to get a group.

10. Dire Maul Books 

Another Season of Mastery quest that a few classes might want to do, especially if you’re still missing a decent trinket, is the Dire Maul books quest, you can buy these books directly from the auction house, or if you’re feeling lucky you can go and farm them yourself, but once you have the book you can start a quest that simply has you go to Dire Maul and turn it inside the library to receive a free trinket. 

Now how long you’ll be keeping these trinkets depends on your class, if you’re a hunter you’ll be keeping these for a very long time, if you’re a warrior, not so much, but if you just hit level 60 you’re most likely not going to have any useful trinket, let alone two, so I recommend getting one of these as soon as you hit 60. 


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