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8 Best Addons & Weak Auras In WoW Classic Phase 2 - Make You A Better Raider 2021
9/27/2021 4:35:25 PM

Here are top 8 best WoW Classic add-ons and weak auras that will make you a better raider in WoW TBC Classic phase 2. These add-ons and weak horrors will do a number of things, they will help you avoid stupid mistakes and overcome particular road mechanics, so you don't frustrate your raid leader. Some of these add-ons are really cheeky because they will help you to boost your dps just very briefly in case people don't know weak auras is essentially a mother ship add-on with loads of add-ons built into it. You just have to import them off the week or as website and some of the best add-ons WoW Classic Phase 2 are basically just weak aura add-ons.

Top 8 Addons & Weak Auras In WoW TBC Classic Phase 2

1. Efficient Potion

It will display a little potion reminder whenever it is the best time to use your potion, obviously the best time to use a potion is precisely when you have missing a manner equal to the amount of mana that the mana potion will provide back because obviously the more mana potions that you can use in a single fight means overall more mana efficiency in the entire fight and this will also include demonic runes and dark runes into the mix. 

2. Maey’s Auto Marker

You can preemptively set up the marks for whatever targets of his trash mobs or particular mobs on boss fights before you actually enter the raid. So as you can see here it's actually already set up for, you don't need to actually set it up unless you want to change it in whatever way for instance in. Everything is automatically set up, so all you have to do is click the mob and then it will automatically assign one of these marks. The second you install the add-on and you can just customize it for whatever you want. Obviously it's normally the tanks jobs to do the marking so you are recommended for every single tank to download this weak aura to make your life so much more easier. 

wow classic addons

3. Classic Heal Prediction

It implements a feature, that's already in on retail where you can actually see incoming heals on friendly targets. They will display on your party frames and your raid frames and it helps you to basically not be a crap healer. it helps you to not overheal a target. If a target's already getting healed by another healer, then you don't need to heal it and obviously it will tell you when a particular target is not being healed and therefore they need to heal, it will drastically improve your healing experience and make you a much better healer, definitely recommend getting this add-on.

4. Consums at Read Check

There's a ready check in your array group, just above the ready check it will display little reminders for every single one of your consumables. So one of the hardest things for a raid leader to keep track of is the raids interrupt cooldowns, because from fairly short cooldowns and many classes haven't.

5. Group Interrrupts

There is an add-on called group interrupts TBC and md which very simply will track the cooldown of every single possible interrupt. So we have stuff like counterspell pummel and kik but then also particular stuns like kidney shot and hammer of justice and then other things like tracking misdirection. Therefore, you can very easily see when particular people can interrupt, when they are not interrupting, when they are slacking, so they can give them a bit of a telling off. If you do your wipe and they do miss and interrupt and then you can also keep track of when you literally cannot interrupt a particular enemy. So you can pre predict when there's going to be massive damage or a particular mechanic is not going to be dealt with. So how many times have you heard this very simple sentence from a raid leader, what's the cooldown on bloodlust, what's the cooldown on shield wall, what's a cooldown on soul stone and you know things like that.

6. TBC Party/Raid CD Tracker

For every raid leader, it is a weak aura called TBC Party/Raid CD Tracker which will display the cooldowns on every single shaman bloodlust in your raid group, and then other things like anken soul stone and shield wall. You'll also track really useful stuff like innovate battle, rez's fear wards and even a shaman's mana tight. So this is a very useful tool to just keep track of every other raid members cooldowns probably one of the most frustrating mechanics in WoW Classic phase 2. Raids is throwing the tainted core, if you don't know basically on the last five ssc lady vash you will sometimes loot an item called the tainted core and you can only walk a certain, you know a few meters before you can't walk anymore which means you have to throw it to another player so that they can deliver it to lady vasha, break a shield and everything like that. But without add-ons, you have to go into your bag, you have to click the bag and target a friendly party member and it can be very frustrating and it can go a bit ski with luckily. 

7. Tiny Threat

It does actually have a fret plugin, so you don't have to go and install a new fret add-on which obviously you know less add-ons you have installed, the better. Because it saves on memory and reduces lag and stuff like that. There is a plug-in on detail which is called tiny fret and all you have to do is link it out of details, make a new frame and just pop it under your dps frame.


The last odd on is an all time favorite, if you haven't downloaded it already you really do need it. Whenever you are standing in fire or any other mechanic that you need to stand out of it will start beeping at you a really irritating consistent, beeping until you get out of that mechanic and stop yourself from killing yourself. Another very useful element of his addon goes unappreciated is obviously, sometimes when you're like doing a particular boss or whatever other people in the raid, group will be doing flame strike on the ground or consecration and it's sometimes difficult to know when you're studying boss aoe or your mates aoe like a warlocks aoe, so you can very easily use this add-on to distinguish whether you are standing in aoe that you should get out of or a way that you can just comfortably sit in.


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