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NBA 2K22 Defense Guide- Best Defensive Settings on NBA 2K22
9/26/2021 4:45:21 PM

Defensive settings on NBA 2k22, which will be taking a deep dive into two different pick and roll settings that are available to you in NBA 2K22, both of them are extremely effective on their own,  how to execute them individually or how to combine both of them with some sneaky defensive settings?

So you can have the best of both worlds when guarding any pick-and-roll alright. Here are the full defensive settings for your reference, break down every single thing here in detail, but this is just for you to do a reference to, so start with talking about extended pressure.


 NBA 2K22 Best Defensive Settings: How to Play Defense in 2K22

Extended pressure

So in this case, put it on James Harden, because he's the point guard of the nets essentially and to what extent pressure does, if you look to the left here, Manu is doing extend pressure on Harden and what it is doing a one-man full card press against the opposing point guard and what that does is it forces the other team to pass away from that point guard, this ends up being an effective strategy to pretty much force the ball out of their main handler's hand from time to time.

Now let's take at the first pick-and-roll setting, to focus on so here, set under Versus Joseph and catch Hash Versus the center and stay attached to the node. So this is under catch stay attached no versus a center and point guard pick and roll because ciakam my senate defender is not staying attaches, he shows on the screen very hard and this allows him to play contain and as long as.

When don't fully come into the ball while controlling siacom, keep backing up to guard the drive and the row call, in the original defender will go under coming back pick up the ball? This is a very effective way to kind of pick and roll versus. A point guard that isn't a great shooter now, in this case versus kyrie, did over and catch hedge so instead of under this time is over with catch hedge. When ciaco once again stays attached to know, he's showing pretty well on the screen, controlling siacom to let pull-ups go over the screen and that's perfect. Suggest if you have to go over and catch hedge, it is good to get into position with the onboard defender, but then immediately switch off to the hedge to control, because ai does a pretty solid job getting over as long as you start off putting them in a pretty decent position before you switch off.

And the other thing about the ai edge also is that it has op steel awareness, so when it starts you want to control the hedge get him in the right position, and immediately when the hedge is in the right position switch back on the ball because any kind of hedge pass down against you, while your hedge is already in a good position is most likely going to be a steal like this. Going to combine the characters of another setting, for the on-board screen versus point guard shooting got small forward, so non-center going to set it to switch all. And if you do that your team is going to switch any pick and roll that does not involve the center as the screener, so in this case, you can see this is versus a point guard and at the same time a shooting guard, and they immediately switch it, this is a very effective way to guard anything that isn't screened by a center. So essentially you have the best of both worlds you're gonna switch everything one for four and then with the center, you're gonna go catch edge so you can see here again this is a pick and roll between the four and the two so this is an easy switch right here.

Switch to the hedge defender

Switch to the hedge defender and just pick up the ball, and then the original player is going to immediately pick up the roll on the screener, that is a very effective way to guard wing pick-and-rolls. So now that you know how to switch one for four and catch hatch with the five, you can run both settings at the same time, so you can see this is a double screen,  so originally this is a 4-2 screen into a 4-5 screen, it's a double but you can switch the 4-2 screen and then the five-man when he rolls down the catches also takes care of that so, this is perfect and after dealing with it all you got to do is play good on-ball defense.

This is not a double screen you can see us switch the initial bill ups, seasom is about to switch, and then Kareem controlling as the hedge myself, Phillips goes over, because it's durant and takes out the row go back on the ball. Let the hedge do his thing grab the rebound perfect stall, now one giving you to understand is that these settings aren't absolute, it's about fret level. so you can see in this catch hedge because brown has separated from the menu and its driving kind of farther away.

So as the hedge defender that has to pick a ball, so even though it's a catch hatch, it becomes a switch because of the threat and the space between brown and the roller. The settings are adaptive and you must make the read on the chord, here you can see again, this is brown again and he's gonna drive wide and weight is fully stuck on the screen. There's no more catch hedge and under and all that and because the screener has also popped this becomes a full switch with the five, that's still pretty good ood as onboard technique.

Put all of the little setting details at the end

So don't expect the settings to be completely absolute it is going to adapt based on your positioning and the thread, but if you get good positioning and you take out the threads, it will play as you expect it to and honestly, when it doesn't it's still a good adjustment. This is supposed to be a switch and you can see it ended up being that because of the threat level, but as we throw into another pick-and-roll, this one is also supposed to be a switch, because it's between wade and manu, but you can see the switch did not need to happen because the weight didn't even get taken out by the screen. So no switch took place but that's also a good read by the computer and good adjustment by the user.

As you play through the setting, make sure you're aware of this element, so pretty much going in with these settings you know in general what is supposed to happen, but as you read the situation on the court like here, it's better to just pick a ball instead of going back, because otherwise, you would've had to drive, so you're going to make the read in real time but the settings are so good that they're not going to do anything that you didn't tell them to in terms of guarding the pick and roll with the initial two defenders, it's just you have to make the read on what is the best thing to do at that moment, but as long as you nail that down, you'll be perfectly fine, so you can see time and time again the settings are reliable they're effective catch hatch and switch one for four is probably the best way to go this year, it is just most reliable and most effective and you can see it leads us to a good block.

To sum it up, going to put all of the little setting details at the end for reference, and also explain to those to you in more detail outside of these pick and roll settings, but overall get these down get your execution down, with defense so good this year,  if you get the settings nailed down too just it's so hard to get scored on outside of the crazy corner help, but they will pass that soon but make sure to stay attached make sure that it's at the known that's going to give you the best version of the hedge defense available post defense set it to three-quarters bottom.

So it's a good deny on post passes and it also puts them in good health position, switches rules off-ball ticket to switch bakes, so then your AI defenders are as crazy, in terms of the screen hub rules and drive help rules, so far automatic is the way to go and to limit crazy random corner help just try to control the corners yourself when needed on off-ball pressure you can set it too tight on anybody that can shoot an eyeball on elite shooters, but anybody else that's not a great shooter or an elite shooter, you can just set it to moderate but players like durant and kyrie you want to set it too tight but like any center or anything else moderate is perfect and any shooter that can shoot off screens like James harden make sure you set it to go over.

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