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NBA 2K22 Build System & Top 5 Tips To Create Best MyPlayer Builds
8/5/2021 5:43:04 PM

There is no doubt that MyCareer Build System will once again return with new features in NBA 2K22. So how to create the best MyPlayer build in NBA 2K22 MyCareer mode? In this article, we will sort out the latest news about NBA 2K22 build system and give the best advice.

NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Build System

NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Builder System Features

2K redesigned The City and The Neighborhood in MyPLAYER. The new version of The City should feel a lot more tangible, with new NPC characters and challenges on Next Gen (PS5 and Xbox Series X | S). Meanwhile, The Neighborhood on Current-Gen (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC) takes a cruise ship out to sea and sails around the world. These additions should make both current and next-gen gamers feel like there is plenty to do when they jump into the game's MyPLAYER page, despite the differences between the two. 

Still, in order to become the NBA player you always dreamed of being and gain a competitive edge over your opponents in NBA 2K22 MyCareer, you need to master various mechanics, especially the builder system. While the core mechanics are largely the same as last year's title, as the foundation of MyCareer or MyPlayer game mode, Builder System will be adjusted to meet the player's ideal balancing state humanly, possibly with adding new way and strategy to create build. 

NBA 2K22 Current-Gen Build System

2K22 on Current-Gen is most likely going to have an almost identical builder system on 2k21 Current-Gen, means it is going to be basically a copy and paste MyPlayer build system of 2K22 current gen from 2K21 current gen, we can still choose your own attributes, and your attributes are linked to your badges, but it's a little bit more balanced. 

NBA 2K22 Current-Gen Build System

To quell community’s compliant, some balance with the badges on the builder system in NBA 2K22 Next-Gen, such us less badges upgrades for taller players. We also think both post scorers and defense are gonna make a comeback until the community complains about post defense then they’ll patch out the post scorers and make guards OP on offense like every year. Current Gen is pretty much from what we know is PIE charts again but there might be a couple new pie chart.

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Top 5 NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Build Tips In  MyCareer Mode

Without having proper knowledge and understanding of what Physique, Stats and Archetype you should choose, for new players, choosing the right character build can be a daunting experience. Coupled with the fact that NBA 2K’s build system is altered almost every year, for seasoned players, though familiar with the various customisation options and skills, it also can be difficult to create the best build you can. Although there are other things else you need to know before jumping into any MyCareer matches, but the below tips you should follow when creating your MyPlayer build in NBA 2K22! 

1. Avoid ClickBait Videos

When it comes to creating a build is avoid click bait video, one of the biggest downfalls of NBA 2k21 Next Gen was that everyone was creating build videos talking about this build is a demigod because he got this much badges. Actually these builds were lacking defense and tremendously on that area of the flow, which kind of raised the frustration of the 2k community when it comes to the defense.

Whereas someone who created a build in that same position with a lot of defensive attributes what lacking in badges was chastised because a lot of people felt for those clickbaits. But understand that at the beginning of the year, a lot of youtubers are looking for the early clicks, they know a lot of you will be searching for that keyword demigod build, but do not go for those clickbait videos.

2. Create Your Build Based on Attrubutes and Not Exploits

The second tip is create a build based on attributes and not exploits, why? Let's take NBA 2K21 next gen as example again, at the beginning of the year, we didn't need interior defense to get blocks inside, because that was an exploit of course. We understand that the game was broken and not balanced, so we create a build to match that and not necessarily create a build based on the attributes, which will tell us create a build with high interior defense to defend the interior. But we went against all that because the game just didn't need it. 

3. Know the Attribute Requirements for Abilities

Know the attribute requirements for your abilities when creating your build. If you want a build out there that's dunking on people and getting hella contact dunks, know what is required; if you want to build a shot consistent trees know what's required. A way you could know what's required is to tune with your player, we are going to definitely keep you all up to date when that information drops because usually Mike Wayne comes live and start giving those requirements early before the game drops, so that's definitely something you should consider whenever creating your build.

4. Create a Build Based on Your Strengths and Playstyle

We can't tell you how many times we heard people said "I don't like to play with point guard but I got a point guard".  So you don't need to be creating a build base it on your strengths, IQ, ability, and it will definitely help a lot more people out which leads us on to the next point on when creating your build is think about others or your teammates.

5. Think About Others or Your Teammates When Creating Your Build

If you already got someone in your crew creating a point guard, how much point guards do you really need? If you got someone else already created senders, how many senate do you really need? Think about it and talk to your teammates (the people that you plan to play with throughout the year) and create a build that will collaborate or play in sync with those build. Or if you play with randoms like they have certain positions or certain builds you could create, that could collaborate with randoms in general.

NBA 2K22's release is closing and basketball fans from around the world are busy diving into the new NBA season. Hope this guide will help you to create the best builds to put on their best performances and dominate their foes on the court. What's more, cheap NBA 2K22 MT points will be offered on UTPLAY.COM to help you as well!


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