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NBA 2K22 Best Builds (Next Gen & Current Gen) - Key Attributes, Physicals, Takeovers For Each Position
9/7/2021 11:40:43 AM

What MyPlayer builds are actually good in NBA 2K22 Career Mode? Here we break down the attributes, physicals and takeovers for each positions in NBA 2K22, and guide you through the new Builder system to create the best NBA 2K22 MyPlayer Builds for each position on Next Gen and Current Gen. 

NBA 2K22 Best Builds (Next Gen & Current Gen)

NBA 2K22 Best Builds (Next Gen & Current Gen)

Here we want to break down the safe builds - these are the most conservative type of builds, so this may not be the best build but it's going to be a build that's always going to be decent in NBA 2K22 MyCareer. Read more NBA 2K22 Build Tips here, and buy NBA 2K22 MT on UTPLAY.COM to create a unstopable starter team in 2k22 MyTeam Mode.

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Next Gen Best Safe Build: Dribbling/Nesting - Small & Fast W/Shooting & Playmaking

For dribbling for nesting, you want to build it's kind of like a similar facet as a play shop, but you choose your stats, so what you want to do if you make a build on Next Gen and it has 93 pointer, 90 speed, and 90 ball handling, this is no way that build can be bad if it's a guard. But you probably want to make it a little bit shorter than last year, you probably all want to go maybe like 6'3, 6'4 or maybe 6'2 see where you can get the math three pointer on that shin, but make a shorter build than you would last year. In that scene but make make your build have speed, three pointer, ball handling, those are the three key stats you want to go there.

Current Gen Best Safe Build: Center - Pure Red (Defense/Reb)

Centers on cringing safest build is a pure ad that might not be the best build. But if you heard about the shooting this year, it's going to be a lot easier to shoot with low 3-point ratings, so shooting centers might come back, so the safest build for a center on Current Gen is just make a pirouette now. Pure blues are decent but we don't know what the rep system is going to be like, if it's lobs, pure blue is also going to be a very good safe build but pure red on Current Gen will always be good.

Next Gen Best Safe Build: Sinner - Mas Shooting & As Much DEF/REB As Possible

Now Next Gen for Sinners, the safest build in our opinion is literally just max out your shooting and get around a 90 rebounded, so any build that has 80 - 83 pointer, 90 rebounding and around at 80 speed is going to be good. You need to build with max shooting, max rebound and decent physicals, because the thing about own nesting is you get to upgrade your physicals to what you want, so encouraging that pure red is so good because it's one of the fastest centers and it's quick. On Nexte Gen, what you can do is you can have a build that can shoot rebound and it's still as fast as in the inside center so that's why on on next gen, generally you should always just make a shooting center, there's no reason to make it inside center unless you're going to make it like super tall or something like that.

Key Attributes, Physicals, Takeovers For Each Position Builds in NBA 2K22 MyCareer

Next, we want to go into another important part of MyPlayer Building - the key attributes, physicals and takeovers you need to look for when creating your builds on Next Gen and Current Gen NBA 2K22 MyCareer: 

Guard Build Attributes & Physicals

85+ Ball Control To Dribble

For guards, if you're a ball handler, you need to have a minimum 85 ball control to dribble on both Next Gen and Current Gen, it's going to be needed for pro gmo moves but you can have more unless you're good in other areas. If you're a pure playmaker and you're only good at dribbling and shooting, you should probably have like a 90 or something ball control. But if you're using one of those weird builds like the scoring machine builds out good at dunking and shooting in multiple areas, then maybe you can just be at an 85 or 86. But you need at least 85 ball control, don't go out here making guard builds with a 75 ball control.

Max 3 Ball Always For Guards

If you're a guard, generally you always need to match your three-pointer (don't have a lower three-pointer than you're then you're able to have), so match your three-pointer to what you can if you're a guard especially on Current Gen. On Next Gen, you can kind of play with it a little bit depending on what badges you want to get, but generally you need the highest three-pointer that you're possibly able to get.

Shoot Center Build Attributes & Physicals

70-75 Three-Pointer

Because 2K said they made shooting a lot easier this year, we would say you can try making a build for 70-75 three-pointer if you want to look out for that, but that's kind of risky. You could easily go out there with a 65 three-pointer and you just can't shoot with that, so try to get at least a 70 if you're trying to be any type of shooting center this year.

Strength Almost Never Matter

Key thing we know shrimp as a raiden is never mattered, so you can have low script as a center you never get pushed around. On Current Gen, don't pay attention to your script too on the center and on the guard. On Next Gen, strength is not really important, it's just key to get your badges, so make sure you have the strength needed to get the brick wall you want or whatever badges you want, but you don't really need the raiden (you're not going to get pushed around because you have low strength)

Other Attributes and Physicals Suggestion For Creating Builds

6'9 & Under Unlock All Jumpshots

6'9 & under players get jumpshots and 6'9 & higher player don't get, so if you're trying to make a shooter, whether it's the shooting center, shooting guard, any player that you're trying to make that you want to shoot, don't make it taller than 6'9.

Don't Go Over 7'0 When Making A Build

Try to follow that next thing is don't make players too tall. We've seen if you make a player taller than seven feet, there's no reason ever to make a player taller than seven feet in this game, unless you're trying to do a post score or a really big inside center trying to dunk on people or laid up on people. Post score is the only way a player should be taller than seven feet because the problem is even if you're a center, how this game works is you make a seven foot seven for once player, you're going to be extremely slow and it's going to hurt your defense because you can't pick up on people off the screen.

Best Takeovers For Each Position

Sharp Takeover - Guards (Current Gen)

Rebounding Takeover - Sinners (Current Gen)

Lock Takeover - Lockdown (Current Gen)

Sharp Takeover - All Builds (Next Gen)

As you know, although the builds and the gameplay change from every single year, there's a pattern in 2k of what builds will always work. So in this guide, we find out what build to consistently good in NBA 2K22 to help you determine what things you should look for when you go into MyPlayer builder. 


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