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WoW TBC Classic FRESH Server 2021- What Should Blizzard Add to Classic Fresh?
9/6/2021 5:51:30 PM

With the confirmation on Classic Fresh being worked on and which changes in this version of wow classic servers for those of you who might not be up to date?

Blizzard recently confirmed in a wow development update that they are working on a fresh experience for classical players.

Blizzard is looking to make some changes to wow classic servers, this time around as they have sent out several surveys, asking for player feedback regarding which changes people want to see in wow classic servers and these changes are things like faster leveling guild banks, barbershops, summoning stones, earning more WOW classic TBC gold, getting more loot and things.


Which changes you would like to see in a fresh start for classic wow?

Summoning Stones in WoW Classic Fresh

Blizzard actually will so first of all summoning stones, this is an obvious change and it will make the life of every warlock so much easier, and even while forming a group you don't need to worry about finding a warlock just for those summons warlocks will still have their utility, and you can use them to summon inside instances plus the health of stones, so warlocks will still be wanted but this is an obvious quality of life improvements.

Barbershop & Guild Bank in WoW Classic Fresh

In classic fresh number two barbershops and guild banks, the barbershop offers some cosmetics value and doesn't really impact the game in any negative way. No reason not to add it, the guild bank also offers more storage, and storage was a big issue in classic one for a lot of players.

More Difficult Content in WoW Classic Fresh

So once again, positives about adding that one as well more difficult content, this is something that they have mentioned and a lot of players have asked for, this will be coming with classic fresh and it will as well go for classic fresh is that bosses will have an increased amount of hp or health, and their mechanics will deal more damage, this will be a flat percentage increase, so maybe raid bosses will get something like fifty percent more health and deal fifty percent more damage, this wouldn't work on every boss without also extending their enraged timer, and in a dream world, they would also rework some boss fights and human-specific mechanics, maybe even add the new mechanics as well.

Respec Cost in WoW Classic Fresh

To see more difficult content in some way shape or form regarding respeccing, they should do several things about this, NO.1 is they can make it cheaper to respect, NO.2 is they can make it completely free to respec and No.3 is they can add a duel to talent specialization.

Maybe dual talent specialization which would make it easier for healers and tanks to actually do content outside of raiding, without having to respect all the time on their official survey sent out.  

Earning Gold in WoW Classic Fresh

Regarding classic fresh, they also mentioned earning more vol gold which could potentially be their way of fixing respeccing costs, but personally, rather see them reduce the cost of for example trading spells, but also respecting rather than artificially inflating gold numbers, for example, if you only earn gold faster, it doesn't really mean that you will be able to buy materials from the auction house or buy more of them, because their value will always be based on supply versus demand.

So for example in classic wow a black lotus would cost you 100 gold, if people earned 10 times as much raw gold and materials in general that black lotus would cost you 1 000 gold Aka 10 times as much, so once again they reduce the cost of mandatory things instead of increasing gold earnings. Maybe reducing the gold cost of the mandatory things will also make it, so that it would be less of a market for gold buying and gold selling.

Mage Boosting in WoW Classic Fresh

If respeccing class training and mound training costs were significantly reduced regarding mage boosting,  they need to fix this somehow and throughout, they can either change how blizzard works, so it has a target cap of how many targets can be affected by the slow effect or they can remove safe spots which they have done in retail.

Leveling Speed in WoW Classic Fresh

One thing is for sure and that is the most mage boosting method needs to be fixed on the official survey sent out to players, they also mentioned faster leveling and this is an idea that could fix or at least combat the mage boosting meta instead of giving us a flat percentage increase in leveling, you could make quests give 100 more or 200 percent more experience,  this would incent device questing in the open world like that would be the fastest way to level up, it is also the originally planned way to level up, and it would also distance and device have done during farming mage boosting and mobile grinding.

So not only would this fix the mage boosting meta, but it would also fix well like back at the launch of classic, wow, a lot of players felt forced to grind scarlet monastery, even though it was boring and nobody really wanted to do it, it was by far the easiest and fastest way to level up, and by getting more experience from questing that would disincentivize dungeon farming like that as well, which could make the game itself more fun and less, you wouldn't really feel forced to grind things, you don't want to unless you don't want to do the quest

You would have to balance this out, so questing doesn't give you 10 levels per quest, but it needs to be the fastest way to level up because in general people will choose the fastest way to level up now if you are against this idea, another one and that is that instead of giving us a flat x gain in leveling speed like private servers have times three times five and times seven leveling speed.

Blizzard reduces the experience needed per level instead of artificially inflating the experience numbers that you get it doesn't really actually matter which one they go for, but it's a lot more pleasing with smaller numbers instead of suddenly getting 10 000 experience for killing one mob in the open-world. 

Honor System in WoW Classic Fresh

Next, up change the under ranking system and introduce rated battlegrounds keep their same rewards and titles, but make it skill-based instead of the time-consuming madness.

In classic wow this might be a deal-breaker for some of you, as the other system in classic one is quote iconic, but personally, a skill-based ranking system like rated battlegrounds is a lot more fun, it also makes it possible to hit rank 14 without quitting your job. 

World Buffs in WoW Classic Fresh

World buffs this one is a bit of a tough one, a lot of players have different opinions on this, it really makes the game itself a lot easier and especially for raiding it pretty much, incentivises people to not play the game, because you go get your world buffs and after you do that you're pretty much, forced to log out the Chrono boom displacer, the other at the end of classic one does fix that issue, it allows for a completionist style of gameplay.

When you have done everything that you want to do in the raiding scene, you can hunt for achievements sure that might not be for everyone, but it's easy for blizzard to end, and it will in general just add quality to the game itself, it will generate more gameplay you will probably notice that left out a couple of changes.


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