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WOW TBC Classic Best Upgrade Route for Leveling 60-70
7/30/2021 10:27:47 AM

Dungeons are instantiated areas through which advanced players and leaders can gain better rewards. At the same time, dungeon grinding allows players to quickly move from level 60 to level 70 in Burning Expedition Classic. This guide will focus on dungeon upgrading strategies and provide the best dungeon upgrade routes for players to follow.


Dungeon difficulty distribution

In The Burning Crusade, there are 1-2 dungeons in each area. The earliest dungeon you can do in The Burning Crusade is the Hellfire Walls on the Hellfire Peninsula, which is available immediately upon entering the area at level 60, and the "Heroic" dungeon in TBC, which is a new difficulty level. Different levels of dungeon versions reflect different difficulty factors.

Why is it most effective to upgrade to level 70 in a dungeon?

The ideal method for many players is to repeatedly clear the dungeon from level 60 to level 70. They don't need to worry about competing with outside enemies or internal struggles and can reach level 70 very quickly.

Dungeons are relevant to this leveling strategy, and you can benefit from knowing the best routes for dungeon upgrades. And by planning your route ahead of time, you can decide faster where to go or who to complete to promote better completion of your upgrade goals. Also, a pre-arranged route during the march allows for better response to changes, as well as better and faster completion of multiplayer objectives.


Level 60-70 upgrade route in a dungeon

In the following upgrade route, the default player has T3 or T3 or more equipment. If there is no T3 equipment, full level when the week, a blue and green clothing probability can not play Karazhan, if time is not enough, brush 5 people this 115 blue clothing can be.


1. After doing the level 60 into the darkness of the door task, come to the glory of the fort and then do the blue trinket task. After taking the blue jewelry, immediately open brush "hellfire walls" and "blood furnace" these two tasks (recommended to brush to friendly 5999, after the nightmare task useful).


2. After brushing the wall furnace to friendly 5999, level 62 or so. Then you can start to brush the PT slave fence task, the level will be brushed to about 64. Not recommended complex dark swamp.


3. After level 64, you can go to brush the PT mana mausoleum task, to brush to about level 66, the prestige of the Star World Consortium, depending on the situation. It is not recommended to brush the Ojinni crypt task, this copy is too troublesome to fight.


4. From the beginning of the 66th level, you can do the pilot mission into the black swamp, and then brush PT old Hillsbride hills, until the level 67 reputation at will; after the start of the 67th level, first, do the pilot mission of the forbidden magic prison key (void storm map), and then go to brush PT Setec, until the level 68.


5. Level 68, you can start to try to do the task of Karazhan first, continue to brush PT Setec to level 70, and brush the reputation here to friendly 5999 (because you can not fly the relationship, temporarily can not go to the ecological ship and energy ship tasks. If the player first rose to level 70, then you can go directly to do the Karazhan key task.


6. First go to play once PT labyrinth, do the follow-up of the Karazhan key task; then brush PT eco-ship and energy ship task, until the completion of the follow-up of the forbidden magic prison key; then follow up the follow-up of the Karazhan key task, play once PT steam cellar and PT forbidden magic prison; then play once a black swamp, Karazhan key to hand.


7. Congratulations to everyone who finally upgraded to level 70, then to level 70 the first time to do the task, is to go to the first 5000 gold coins to get the big bird. If the gold is not enough, you can only continue to go out and brush WOW TBC classic gold!


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