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Madden 21 Team Diamonds 2 Players & Team Chems, Sets | MUT 21 Theme Diamonds 2 Promo
3/19/2021 9:59:53 AM

The yearly most exciting promo drops into MUT 21! Let's welcome the Madden 21 Team Diamonds 2 Set and reline your Ultimate Team with these best quality talents! 

Madden NFL 21 Team Daimonds

Madden 21 Team Diamonds 2 Promo

If you are an old Madden player, needless to say, you must be very excited about the return of team diamonds in Madden 21; and if you are a newbie or don't know much about this promo, don't be panic we will tell you why the team diamonds drop fire in Ultimate Team.

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What Are Team Diamonds Players in Madden Ultimate Team?

Team Diamonds program also know as Madden 21 Theme Diamonds is one of the most fan favorite promos in the game, as it adds a new collections objective featuring excellent talent to your Ultimate Team, which offers a great way to mix in players that might normally make their way in the MUT lineup - and gives players something to look forward to representing their team loyalty. So the team dimaonds are most loved by the people running theme teams.

MUT Team Diamonds Promo is usually be released in two series in the whole season, once at the beginning of the new version of the game, and once during the Free Agency period. Each series of the Theme Diamonds involves 32 players covering 98 OVR geniuses and 1 Team Diamond Master. And because of the special team chemistry, they have become the most popular player card. 

How To Get Madden 21 Team Diamonds Cards?

You can obtain the Team Diamonds players by completing their sets and solo challenges in-game. Keep read to discover the missions you can challenge for earning one of the theme diamonds. 

Madden NFL 21 Team Diamonds 2 Players & Their Team Chems


98 Dez Bryant (WR): DAL, BAL

98 Michael Turner (HB): ATL, LAC

98 Sterling Sharpe (WR): GB

98 Charles Haley (LOLB): SF, DAL

98 Antoine Winfield (CB): MIN, BUF

98 Mark Bavaro (TE): NYG, CLE, PHI

98 Russ Grimm (LG): WAS

98 David Boston (WR): ARI, LAC, MIA

98 Shawn Springs (CB): SEA, WAS, NE

98 Kyle Long (RG): CHI (recently signed with KC, may get them too)

98 Mike Minter (FS): CAR

98 Sammy Knight (SS): NO, KC, MIA, JAX, NYG

98 Paul Gruber (LT): TB

98 D'Marco Farr (DT): LAR

98 Chris Spielman (MLB): DET, BUF

98 David Akers (K): PHI, SF, DET, WAS


98 Johnny Unitas (QB): IND, LAC

98 Darrius Heyward-Bey (WR): OAK, PIT, IND

98 Eric Berry (SS): KC

98 Braylon Edwards (WR): CLE, NYJ, SEA, SF

98 Julius Thomas (TE): DEN, JAX, MIA

98 Brent Grimes (CB): MIA, ATL, TB

98 Kyle Vanden Bosch (RE): TEN, ARI, DET

98 Marcus Stroud (DT): JAX, BUF

98 Mark Gastineau (LE): NYJ

98 Lorenzo Neal (FB): LAC, NO, CIN, TEN, BAL, NYJ, TB

98 Peter Boulware (LOLB): BAL

98 Darryl Talley (ROLB): BUF, ATL, MIN

98 Willie Anderson (RT): CIN, BAL

98 Matt Light (LT): NE

98 Dunta Robinson (CB): HOU, ATL, KC

98 Dri Archer (HB): PIT

Info from Pro Football Reference

4 Diamonds: MIA, BUF, BAL, LAC, ATL

3.5 Diamonds: KC

3 Diamonds: NYJ, JAX, WAS, DET, TB, SF


1 Diamond: HOU, OAK, DEN, CHI, GB, CAR, LAR

Best Madden 21 Team Diamonds 2 Players To Get

Which 98 OVR Team Diamonds to get? Here is the best 10 ones we think you should get for your team:

  • 1. Eric Berry: CHIEFS

  • 2. Sterling Sharpe: PACKERS

  • 3. Braylon Edwards: BROWNS

  • 4. Julius Thomas: BRONCOS

  • 5. Brent Grimes: DOLPHINS

  • 6. Dunta Robinson: TEXANS

  • 7. Kyle Long: BEARS

  • 8. Russ Grimm: FOOTBALL TEAM

  • 9. Michael Turner: FALCONS

  • 10. David Akers: EAGLES

Madden NFL 21 Team Diamond 2 Sets & Solos

  • Earn One 98 OVER Team Diamond Card by completing a 17 card set

  • Complete Each Set by exchanging 6x 90-94 OVR from their team, 10x 85-89 OVR from their team, and a specific named player from their respective team.

  • Earn Team Diamonds by completing the Solos under Team Affinity


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