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Lost Ark Gunner Build News
  • Lost Ark PVE Tier List 2022 - New Lost Ark Best PVE Classes For NA/EU
    7/18/2022 6:37:26 PM
    You haven’t picked a class yet in Lost Ark because it’s such a daunting decision. Maybe you don’t care so much about class fantasy as you do care about the effectiveness of the class. Knowing if it is actually good and what specifically it is good at. What class is for you? Welcome into this best Lo...
  • Lost Ark Best Valtan Builds For All Classes - Ark's Recommended Builds To Prepare Valtan
    5/19/2022 10:59:43 AM
    When Valtan releases in Lost Ark, what build should you use and what relic sets should you need? Let's go over the rules if you are worried about Valtan normal or hard, it doesn't matter. In this Lost Ark Valtan guide, we list the best 3+a engraving builds for all classes, so that you have no proble...
  • Lost Ark Sharpshooter Raid Build Guide 2022 - Death Strike Sharpshooter Build
    4/19/2022 11:30:17 AM
    Do you want to run a sharpshooter build for Guardian Raid and Abyssal Dungeon? What engraving you should pick for this class? Here we’ll take you into a new Lost Ark Sharpshooter Raid build 2022 with skill upgrading, tripods & runes, best engravings, card set, and more. Lost Ark Sharpshooter Raid Bu...
  • Lost Ark Best Gunslinger PvE Build: The Highest DPS Gunslinger Guide
    4/16/2022 5:42:55 PM
    We will show you the best Gunslinger PvE build in this guide, we will show you what abilities and awakening skills as well as Lost Ark gold you want to get, then we will explain what are the best engravings and cards to use for any game content, so you would be able to get the best results and highe...
  • Best Lost Ark Gunslinger Endgame Build: Stats, Gear, Skills, Engravings, Runes & Tips
    3/28/2022 3:12:53 PM
    Gunslinger is one of the best PvE DPS classes in Lost Ark and can be extremely powerful in the endgame. How to build your Gunslinger character? Here we’ll go over a guide for the Lost Ark Gunslinger endgame build. Best Lost Ark Gunslinger Build: Endgame Stats, Gear, Skills, Engravings, Runes & TipsB...

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