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Lost Ark PVE Tier List 2022 - New Lost Ark Best PVE Classes For NA/EU
7/18/2022 6:37:26 PM

You haven’t picked a class yet in Lost Ark because it’s such a daunting decision. Maybe you don’t care so much about class fantasy as you do care about the effectiveness of the class. Knowing if it is actually good and what specifically it is good at. What class is for you? Welcome into this best Lost Ark PVE tier list 2022. This includes the Lost Ark best class PVE for the EU and NA release versions.



Lost Ark PVE Tier List NA/EU - Best PVE Classes In Lost Ark 2022

First things first, every class in this game is good and everyone is perfectly viable for every piece of content. They are simply some that excel in certain areas for specific reasons. There are a ton of classes is a tier on this Lost Ark PVE rankings. Because generally, the classes are quite well balanced. What we have done in here is nitpick at certain things like the team synergy, how well they'll perform as well as each class's advantages and disadvantages. Now let's check Lost Ark PVE tier list NA/EU.


S Tier on Lost Ark PVE Tier List 2022

Gunlancer (Warlord)

Starting the best DPS classes in Lost Ark, we have the gunlancer. This is s or even s plus tier and the tankiest class in the game. The gunlancer offers a unique playstyle, because it can literally ignore so many of the boss's end-game mechanics by putting its shield up and just tanking it as well as having a taunt that can stop certain boss mechanics and also open up burst windows. On top of this, it offers a party cleanse, a party shield, and having a warlord plus support in your group is already giving you the best chance of success, just because of how much utility they both offer.


Wardancer (Battlemaster)

Wardancer in the s tier, this might surprise some people. While it doesn't offer the same shielding and stuff that the gunlancer does. The team party buffs it has are huge and if utilized correctly open up massive damage and burst windows for you and your party. The 18% crit chance bonus it gives is really massive and the attack and movement speed allow people to get into position faster and also use more skills during these burst windows. On top of that, the class is actually quite similar to play. 

If we're talking about the beginner's mind class engraving is the main mere build for it and you generally go agility crit. So you're really fast and you can get into position as well for your back attacks. Just be sure to bring some destruction impairment bombs as the build lacks that but they're easy enough to craft. It's actually in the top 5 Lost Ark rankings PVE for tankiness.



Berserker is one of the best Lost Ark PVE classes 2022. This goes into s tier as well. Not only is it rank 4 in terms of tankiness, he also brings a really good team synergy with his red dust which makes enemies take 12% more additional damage from all sources. This is again huge for burst damage windows. Being on something like discord with your teammates who are the min-max damage through these burst windows is how you get the maximized damage out of the game. With berzerker, it's not a truly difficult class to play. However, to master, it's a different story. 

The rotation's pretty simple, hitting red dust and following up the rotation is a really good start. For the madness, berserker build is what we actually recommend. Your health is capped at 25% but you take 65 % less damage. However, it's really efficient because you only have to use green parts and you also build agility and crit making you really fast. On top of all of this, you have good destruction and impairment skills and really big hitboxes.



Lancemaster is without a double the Lost Ark best new PVE class. Starting off of its coefficiency, it's quite close to the top, it has access to a parry skill which is a very brief shield it brings up. This actually allows you to skip below the boss mechanics if timed right. Having a weapon swap, this also makes it a higher skill cup class but also gives you more skills to be able to cycle through increasing your sustained damage. It also has a few really hard-hitting skills like its dragonfly to get in some bursts as well. 

The class also has access to some fantastic mobility no matter what weapon you have equipped. Combining all of this together as well as its team synergy which is similar to the battle master adds an 18% crit chance to the party. This is absolutely fantastic when timed right. It also has some great stagger and destruction skills and is generally considered one of the best classes when it comes to normalized content.



When the class is played at its maximum potential then it's very strong. However because of how squishy the class is of being right near the bottom of the coefficiency. If the player is not very good or just feeling like really tired, then this class can really struggle. It's really full on but when it's played well it's absolutely magnificent. You have tons of mobility, and mega damage, it's not overly positional dependent and it also has very strong team synergy. 

So strong in fact that throughout an entire fight, you can keep up a 10% extra chance to critical strike which also makes it a very desired class to have in raids, especially when you go to hell mode raids later on. So overall we've put it in s tier because of its extreme potential. However, it really comes down to the player much more so than others when it comes to the gunslinger. A fantastic class in the right hands especially once you build up some muscle memory. But until people get some experience with it and really understand it, its performance is going to be that great.


A Tier on Lost Ark PVE Class Tier List

Deathblade (Blade)

Deathblade simply comes down to the team synergy that it brings is actually really situational. It's just been buffed which is really nice and it basically means that head and back attacks take 12% extra damage and everything else takes 3% extra damage. The problem is if you have like a blaster or a gunslinger on your team that doesn't particularly take advantage of the head and back attacks. Then the huge damage potential from this synergy is wasted. However the maelstrom also applies a high attack movement speed buff to the pie for 6 seconds, but this is where it's situational because if everything lines up really well and you've got a high head and back attack team. Then this is fantastic in going into s tier. But if not that is going down to b t tier. So we've overall chosen to put it in a level on the Lost Ark best PVE Class tier list. It's also ranked 10 when it comes to tankiness.


Shadow Hunter (Demonic)

Shadowhunter is slightly worse than blade in terms of coefficiency. A good strength of demonic is when you transform you actually heal. Transformation build is probably what most people are going to be, so that's what we'll focus on. This also makes it a really cheap build, because the fact that when you transform, you only need two gems in tier three to really optimize. This is because one gem just generically increases the damage of all your demon skills and the other one is for cooldown reduction of all your demon skills as well. So focus on rapid transformations. 

The fact that you heal when you go into it, they're cheap for an alt because of the low optimization requirements. Great damage with some big aoes, you can pretty much just spam the skills when you go into demon form and you're winning. A stylish class that a lot of people are going to like. The synergy as well is decent the same as the berserker, it gives you 12% extra damage from all sources for 6 seconds, and the stagger immune from being in demon form is also going to make it easier to play for a lot of people.


Artillerist (Blaster)

This is a very tanky class when we're focusing on his class engraving of enhanced siege. This actually reduces the damage taken by all sources by 20% which completely negates the negative effect of grudge which is super strong. You also have an on-demand shield for you and your party. If you spec into it as well as when you go into turret form you gain another shield which makes you really tanky. This makes it a really chill class to play and then it just comes down to hitting your nuke skills. These are your main source of damage and they are delayed, so you need to get some experience and some knowledge of the boss mechanics to really play it well. In terms of its coefficiency it's rank 11, but because of everything we've just mentioned. It's actually way higher when it comes to actual tankiness.

For team synergy, it's a debuff that reduces their defenses by 12 for 6 seconds with extremely high up time. Artillerists can also increase stagger otherwise known as impairment on bosses by 20% for 4 seconds which can really come in handy when you have impairment checks. Blaster is like a medium range class but it's actually a really comfortable medium range. There are a lot of aoes that bosses like Argos for example where they're short range and long range circles around. But there's this safe spot in the middle. Anyone's thinking this is a very slow class that's incorrect. Going in hand siege which is the main meta build you're going to be going swiftness and critical, making your character really fast. It does also have some really nice stagger and destruction skills, especially on its nukes. You just have to make sure that you're saving them if you need to for specific stagger checks, depending on what boss you're fighting.


Scrapper (Infighter)

Scrapper is a solid a-class. It's quite a simple class to play. When it comes to its tankiness coming in at number 3. The two main builds are shock regeneration and taijutsu. One focuses around being really agile and the other one focuses on big burst damage but it's slower. So you have some choice when it comes to this class. It also brings some really high destruction and impairment abilities to it. Unfortunately, the problem with scrapper has a bit of a low damage ceiling. When you compare it to other classes things like the sorceress and the berserker can just deal out more damage generally depending on who's playing them.

It's received hardly any buffs or nerfs and been a bit of a gold standard when it comes to classes in Lost Ark. So if you like the look of it, then go for it. When it comes to its synergy, you're applying a debuff which makes the target take 6% additional damage from all sources. This has extremely high uptime, it does have quite a few back attack reliance skills as well and this is why we generally prefer to go taijutsu. So you're quicker to be able to position yourself faster for bosses as that's the swiftness crit build.



Generally, this is a class that doesn't get a lot of love. It still has a good team buff increasing crit damage by 18% and also attack speed. But where it differs from the wardancer is it doesn't have the movement speed buff. That comes on with the fact that its main meta build is burst damage orientated build that is a specialty and critical as opposed to swiftness and critical from the wardancer. This means it's significantly slower and is a back attack class. Positioning is really important, so the skill ceiling for the class is significantly higher. At endgame rating when you get to be a kiss and above is significantly harder to get behind the bosses because they move so much. A good striker who has good positioning absolutely dominates the MVP damage screen. It also comes in quite high of its coefficiency so there's a little bit of room for error.


Sharpshooter (Hawkeye)

Sharpshooter is quite a simple class to play with low apm making it friendly for slower players. You also have a fully ranged play style allowing you to skip a lot of melee mechanics, making it quite safe. It's also right now in a pretty good spot when it comes to its damage and a good hawkeye is actually quite hard to out DPS. As long as you're hitting your snipe and charge shot abilities which is where most of your damage comes from. In terms of a team utility, it brings a constant 6% damage buff to the party just like a scrapper. But the fact that it's a bit easier to play is one of the reasons why it's so high on the Lost Ark PVE class rankings. When it comes to its coefficiency, it's towards the lower end as it is quite a squishy class.



If you get a really good ignition sorceress that hits all of her bursts, then the damage she has is completely cracked, it's massive. However, if she misses the burst or times her ignition wrong, then this class really starts to fall off. If you go the other class engraving of reflux, this is a consistent damage build of low cooldowns. It's significantly easier to play and you'll see much better consistency throughout the class if you're playing with one. This is because, in the reflux main meta build, most of the skills are instant cast. 

The reason why ignition is so much higher skill cap, especially at endgame is that the bosses move so much you can miss way easier, and also you're much more vulnerable when you're casting. So knowledge of the endgame boss mechanics is really important for an ignition sorceress. All of this combined with her co-efficiency making her a squishy class and her team synergy being 6% extra damage from all sources which is okay but not hugely desirable like gunslinger's crit chance. These are the reasons why we have chosen to put sorceress into a tier.



Because of a recent change and a buff that's coming to arcana and it's more consistent now. Arcana is one of the best Lost Ark classes for PVE. Twisted fate is used to buff your damage by either 40% or reduce your damage by 20%. This has now been changed, so it will just buff your damage by either 0 or 40% damage. Allowing you to get off some huge burst. If you combine that with her culling card that's a 100% crit chance and 50% extra critical damage for 4 seconds as well. 

If you get both of those cards together, it's insane damage. So there is some rng to the class and in some runs, you're going to be top DPS and in other runs, your cards just aren't going to line up properly. So this is another reason why we won't put it in s tier. Looking at its coefficiency it's towards the bottom, so it's one of the squishier classes. When you're looking at its synergy, it brings a 10% crit chance to the pie with extremely high uptime just like the gunslinger and the deadeye.



Summoner is a consistent damage class. it's not that hard to maintain that damage because you can summon your pets and they do a lot of the work for you. On top of that like a sorceress, it's a fully ranged character, so you can play a lot safer depending on the fight due to that range. Again they have access to an on-demand shield, however, a lot of people endgame choose not to take that in favor of more DPS. Looking at the coefficiency obviously, it's towards the bottom being a mage class. When it comes to its party utility, it debuffs the target reducing their defense by 24% for 2 seconds with a low uptime. At endgame, its party buff isn't rated too high so we won't put it into s tier. But because it's easier to get its damage off with the range and with your pets, it also doesn't deserve b tier.



Destroyer is the second tankiest class in Lost Ark. With skills like endure pain that gives you a massive damage reduction buff and a shield that actually allows you to basically trade hits with bosses. It's a slow and sluggish class but also a heavy front attack class. Like the gunlancer, this puts you in a prime position to be able to get a lot of counters. When it comes to the endgame raiding, the destroyer's lack of mobility can start to become a bit of a pain. But overall it's still doable. 

Its team synergy is similar to that of summoners, it has a 24-defense reduction for 6 seconds. It also has an extra neutralization debuff making the boss take extra 20% neutralization for 6 seconds. These are both on low up time and again and are only okay when it comes to team synergy. It's also not particularly a hard class to play with how tanky it is and it brings a whack of destruction and stagger two.



Scouter is quite a solid class in Lost Ark. It's got two builds, you can go technology or legacy. Technology is focused on staying in human form and legacy you're going to be transforming as much as possible. Coefficiency makes it seem like one of the squishiest classes in the game. However when you transform you gain a huge shield and because you're going to be transforming quite often, especially in tier 3, then it actually makes you a lot more tanky. With the gems for the shadowhunter the same thing goes for scouter. It's another really cheap ult because of low optimization. Because you only need two gems to optimize well of course more is better. One that increases all the damage of your iron man form. Two that reduces all the cooldowns of your skills in iron man form. For its synergy, it brings 6% extra hp to the party with very high uptime. With the transformation build and the shields you get, it's not that hard a class to play.

B Tier On Lost Ark PVE Class Ranking

Soulfist (Soulmaster)

When it comes to soulfist, we put this one in b tier. This comes down to a few reasons one of the main ones is it's all about hitting your awakening. The main map build is an extremely high burst build focused on that awakening. But with really big downtime as the soulfist's awakening is the hardest-hitting awakening in the game. If it crits then you can do absolutely crazy damage. The numbers are ridiculous. But if you miss it because it has an extremely long casting time or it doesn't the damage just falls off significantly. 

So it is quite an rng when it comes to min maxing your damage. This makes it very hard to play well as the damage output when you don't have your awakening is very low. So in the hands of an extremely skilled and very knowledgeable player. Then the soulfist can put out some crazy numbers. Its coefficiency is not too bad putting it in the middle and it also has a defensive buff to be able to take less damage as well as buffing her and her party with an extra 6% attack power.


Deadeye (Devil Hunter)

He's going to perform as well as gunslingers due to the fact that it focuses on its shotgun skills, so we won't put it in s tier and you're actually going to be wanting to get in really close range. Plus on top of that, it is very back attacks reliant meaning that you're almost a melee character. Your sniper becomes just fulfiller skills and yes there is a handgun-only build which makes it significantly easier to play because it disables both of your weapon swaps. This did receive a nice buff recently so it's much more viable. So we may see some hand gunner only builds at launch but in terms of min maxing damage currently, you're going to be wanting to get the positionals and use your shotgun. 

When you get it all lined up then the burst damage is actually really quite strong and you've got some really nice mobility just like the gunslinger to be able to position yourself correctly. But this does get really quite hard to do consistently at the end game. The coefficiency you're right knee down the bottom and having to be in melee range a lot makes you quite vulnerable. Like gunslinger you've got a really good utility for a 10 % extra critical chance for you and your party. So because it's going to perform as well as gunslingers we won't put in s tier. But because of the really difficult nature of the class at the endgame, we also didn't want to put it in a tier.



Reaper is a bit of a guilty pleasure, it's very well known that it is the squishiest class in Lost Ark. Even though its coefficiency is just above Bard. Obviously has lots of shielding heals and damage reduction which makes it significantly tankier. So it's an extremely mobile class. One build focused on sustained damage and the other one on burst damage, but both of them are not very forgiving at all just because of how squishy she is. She has tons of outplay potential with her mobility but this also makes her a very high skill ceiling champion and she's also extremely back attack reliant which again increases the skill cap. 

For the majority of players, they're going to optimize with her that well. But her synergy she brings 20% extra damage when it comes to crits and this is okay. But then again if you're not critting or if you have a low crit rate build, then you're not going to make use of this as much. You could pair it up with a gunslinger and it's going to synergize quite nicely. But other than that it's just okay.



Classes like gunlancer could be an s plus tier and reaper unfortunately with how squishy is in the wrong hands it's just going to be absolutely dreadful and could slip down to c tier. But just play what you want to play because that is by far the most important every single class can do end game. Buy Lost Ark gold and items, you can order without worrying from Utplay.com!




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