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Lost Ark Halloween Skins 2023: Character, Weapon, Pet Skins & How To Get
10/12/2023 6:03:36 PM

The Spooky Season is coming to Lost Ark what skins are coming with the Halloween event?  Lost Ark Halloween skin 2023 includes the weapon, the skin, and the pet. In our Lost Ark Halloween skins guide 2023, we're going to take a look at all new Halloween Skins!

Lost Ark Halloween Skins 2023 (Character, Weapon & Pet)

The Lost Ark Halloween event is a seasonal event that runs from October 12 to November 2. During this event, players can participate in a variety of spooky activities. Players can explore a haunted house filled with monsters and traps. At the end of the haunted house, players will face a boss fight against a powerful ghost. Players can participate in a variety of activities in the pumpkin patch, such as pumpkin carving, pumpkin tossing, and pumpkin racing. Players can trick or treat with various NPCs throughout the world to receive candy and other rewards. Most importantly, players can purchase a variety of Halloween-themed skins for their characters. Next, let's check the Lost Ark Halloween character, weapon, and pet skins for 2023!


    Lost Ark Halloween Skins 2023

    1. Halloween Skin Special Package

    Price: 3100 Royal Crystal

    Items: You can Obtain the following items

    Halloween Weapon Selection Chest, Halloween Skin Selection Chest, Little Ghost Selection Chest


    2. Halloween Skin Selection Chest

    Price: 200 Royal Crystals

    Items: Contains one Lost Ark Halloween Skin of your choice, select and obtain 1 of the following items

    -Ascendant Witch Festival Set

    -Youthful Witch Festival Set

    -Splendid Witch Festival

    • Warrior


    • Fighter


    • Hunter


    • Magician


    • Assassin


    Lost Ark Halloween Weapon Skins 2023

    Price: 650 Royal Crystals

    Items: Contains your choice of one Lost Ark Halloween Weapon Skin select and obtain 1 of the following items

    -Bleak Nightmare’s Focus

    -Bleak Downfall’s Focus

    - Bleak Calamity Focus


    Lost Ark Halloween Pet Skins 2023

    1. Halloween Skin Special Package

    Price: 3100

    Items: You can obtain the following items
    -Halloween Weapon Selection Cest

    -Halloween Skin Selection Chests


    How To Get Halloween Skins?

    Log in, go to the skin center, and you can get all the Halloween skins of Lost Ark with Royal Crystals. Here are some ways to earn Royal Crystals in Lost Ark:

    • Purchase with real money - This is the quickest way to get crystals by spending cash in the in-game shop.

    • Credit Card Rewards - Some credit cards offer points or cashback that can be redeemed for crystal purchases.

    • Daily/weekly login rewards - Logging in daily or completing weekly missions will reward you with small amounts of crystals over time.

    • Event rewards - Special in-game events often include crysatls as rewards for participation or milestones.

    • Chests/loot boxes - Opening various chests obtained through gameplay has a chance to grant crystals.

    • Founder's crystal pack - Purchasing a founder pack at certain tiers provides an initial crystal allotment.

    • Honing rewards - Crystal rewards are sometimes given for honing gear to certain levels.

    • Marketplace listing rewards - Earning profits from auction house sales provides a small % in crystals.

    • Ranked PvP/PvE season rewards - Achieving ranks rewards crystals at certain tiers.

    • Reaching Island/roster level milestones - Level thresholds award crystals as one-time bonuses.

    • Twitch drops - Link accounts for chance at crystal drops during partner streams.

    • Ark Pass - The premium Ark Pass offers crystals as free or paid rewards.