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Lost Ark Class Engravings Tier List 2023 - Best Engravings in Lost Ark
9/25/2023 3:12:48 PM

Here is our updated definitive list of class engravings up to and including Soul Eater.


  • A Tier: Arthetinean Skill

  • B Tier: Barrage Enhancement, Berserker’s Technique, Blesses Aura

  • C Tier: Combat Readiness, Communication Overflow, Control

  • D Tier: Dark Moon, Deathblow, Death Strike, Demonic Impulse, Desperate Salvation, Drizzle

  • E Tier: Empress’s Grace, Energy Overflow, Enhanced Weapon, Esoteric Flurry, Esoteric Skill Enhancement, Evolutionary Legacy

  • F Tier: Firepower Enhancement, First Intention, Full Bloom, Full Moon

  • G Tier: Gravity Training

  • H Tier: Hunger

  • I Tier: Igniter

  • J Tier: Judgment

  • L Tier: Lone Knight, Loyal Companion, Lunar Voice

  • M Tier: Mayhem, Master Summoner

  • O Tier: Order of the Emperor

  • P Tier: Peacemaker, Perfect Suppression, Pinnacle, Pistoleer, Predator, Punisher

  • R Tier: Rage Hammer, Recurrence, Reflux, Remaining Energy, Robust Spirit

  • S Tier: Shock Training, Surge

  • T Tier: Time to Hunt, True Courage

  • U Tier: Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu

  • W Tier: Wind Fury


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