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Lost Ark Akkan Normal & Hard Gate 1/2/3 Guide (Mechanics, Patterns, Tips)
8/18/2023 7:28:26 PM

Our Lost Ark Akkan Raid Guide covers the main mechanics, patterns, timings, battle items, supporting strategies, and flight tips to clear the raid easily. 

Lost Ark Akkan Raid Guide (Normal/Hard) - Gate 1/2/3 Mechanics, Patterns, Tips

Welcome to the Legion Raid Guide Series featuring Akkan a three-gate legion raid accessible in Normal mode at 1580i level and Hard mode at 1600 ilevel. Defeat Akkan to receive eyeballs for gear transfer. Similar to Brelshaza, this raid features Troublesome follow-up attacks making overall uptime very crucial. The guide covers Normal patterns, DPS uptime tricks, and supporting strategies in detail and includes differences between difficulties.

Lost Ark Akkan Gate 1 Guide

Gate 1 Maluk is an undead boss with 150 HP lines, he has tauntable, yellow indicators for grab attacks, and has follow-up attacks if players are hit. 

Gate 1 Battle Items

  • Bring Sega charms as a requirement and consider using Firebombs, Time Stops and Panacea as recommended items. 

  • Equipping Purify Runes on skills is suggested to counter the gate's numerous debuffs. 

Gate 1 Boss's Major Mechanics

  • 140 - Green Orb or Black Orb

  • 128 - Stagger Check

  • 112 - Stagger Check to Orb Defense

  • 110-90 - DPS Time attack

  • 75 - Spears and Adds

  • 50 - Spin attack staggers check (hide inanna timing)

  • 22 - Egg Form

  • 20-0 - Last Phase - Counter + Root

Gate 1 Main Patterns & Defeat Tips

  • At 140 lines, split up - each player destroys one Black or Green orb and to the Green spear when the boss lands 

  • At 128 lines, when stagger starts, save skills at Green debuff cleanse ASAP at yellow and stagger at red 

  • At 112 lines, destroy orbs corresponding to your color, same color or player will need to get grabbed on purpose to initiate a stagger check, then block small green and black pellets that reach the boss. After the cutscene, push the boss to 90 bars in one minute travel towards the stairs without the debris, and jump over to the next stage when water reaches this point

  • At 75 lines, destroy the ads and go inside the spear when you see a gray fog effect 

  • At 50 lines, use Esther Nana for a huge DPS opportunity, if it's not available stagger at 7 o'clock and counter afterward 

  • At 21 lines, kill all bucks quickly to rest see bonus damage to Shield, step inside the green mud and DPS. Make sure to exit before 10 stacks of poison trick is to move back and forth every 6 or 7 Stacks. After the cutscene, push the boss till zero bars, he will either jump away to counter or root everyone to kill damage stab.

Lost Ark Akkan Gate 2 Guide

In gate 2, you'll face Akkan, he's a demon who has 190 bars and is immune to taunts, he has vicious counter-attacks and annoying plague meters to maintain during the fight.

Gate 2 Battle Items

Bring Sacred Charms, Destruction, and Corrosive Bombs. The team needs at least one player with the Corrosive Bomb and at least two players with Camouflage or Invisible Cloaks. Generally, everyone has a Sacred Charm and Destruction Bombs, two supports with Corrosive Bombs, and two players with Stealth or Camouflage robes. 

Gate 2 Universal Mechanics

Plague meter and gaze are the universal mechanics, each player has a plague meter below their character which increases when gazed at or hit by Akkan's patterns. 

  • If the meter fails up, it stuns the player for 4 seconds and inflicts more poison damage with each subsequent fill. 

  • Furthermore at the third step of circular plague fog envelops the player, filling up other players' plague meters too

  • Upon reaching the fifth stat though, the player's mindcontrolled and will suicide bomb the team, managing to Plague meter carefully to avoid these dangerous effects. 

  • In the group during the fight, one player's randomly gazed, they get plague meters for 16 seconds then it jumps to another player. Watch your debuff bar or yellow ring effect to know when the Gaze changes targets. 

  • Most common deaths occur when a gazed player fills the meter and gets stunned and gets hit by additional patterns, always cleanse the player quickly using battle items or skills. 

  • Alternatively, avoid the stun with Bart's Guardian tune or space bar at the right moment

  • The timing is just before the debuff seconds become even, if you've been gazed, be ready for the stun and take appropriate action to stay alive.

Gate 2 Main Patterns & Clear Tips

One person will get a gaze randomly that fills up your meter, when the meter is filled you will be stunned. The third time you will emit a meter poison pull and the fifth time you will get mind controlled to your death.

  • At 162 lines, don't let the red ghoul reach the skull item, pick up with G and pass it up to other players, you can use the cloak of invisibility before picking up the skull to avoid the ghoul finding you for a long period of time. Always prioritize putting poison pills away and counters are all in diagonal positions in hard mode

  • At 140 lines, avoid the red Fields. After 3-4 red field ring appearance, Akkan will teleport to insta-def slash.

  • At 110 lines, you will start doing the lantern mechanic based on time. Stay on top of his shadow behind them, he will rotate 90 or 180 degrees by based on the floating green skulls. The tip is to move ahead of the Shadow, there will be a red field again at 85, this is where you can use hidden Ester thyrain.

  • At 53 bars, skull football will happen for the second time

  • At zero bars, you will need to apply at least 100 Destruction points, countering Akkan's ghost three times will let you use Ester thyron. Use 3 thyraines or two thyraines with sufficient battle items to clear the gate

Lost Ark Akkan Gate 3 Guide

In Gate 3, Akkan has the new and enhanced normal patterns from Gate 2. This gate has Universal mechanics - the plague meter, zombie player, and the lantern. You need someone to be the Lantern God roll to clean out the insides or you'll be overwhelmed with poison pools.

Gate 3 Battle Items 

Sacred Charm or Sacred Bomb are required. Bombs have more charges but they need to be thrown, cleansing stuns are so important, don't hesitate to use them to free party mates, other battle items like Time Stop and Dark Bombs are recommended as well.

Gate 3 Universal Mechanics

As for the universal mechanics, the Plague Meter operates the same way, but there are no gazes. All dead players will be revived by Akkan to fight along his sides periodically then turn into a Suicide Bomber if they're not killed. Class AI is going to fight so the player's build doesn't really matter.

Gate 3 Lantern God Role Mechanics

And at the beginning of the fight, the way will provide you Akkan Lantern. If you pick it up with the G key, you can go inside into another realm, these plague pools outside will give you a plague meter if you stand on them. But on the other realm, the pool's core will show up, you can use the Q laser to destroy the cord to remove the pool. Any player can pick up the lantern to go inside but generally, you have one player focusing on cleaning the insides. We can call them the Lantern God Role. While you're inside, ghosts will follow you consistently, you can only temporarily kill them with the Q laser and the W purify beams. 

On hard mode, there will also be a Ghoul Lady, who can fear you as well, she can't be killed only petrified temporarily with the W Lantern skill. The map is divided into three large ring groups, the pool's logic is:

  • Logic 1 - The initial pull generation is about 1 every 10 seconds and it will always spawn at the outermost ring

  • Logic 2 - Each pool itself has an internal clock that expands itself to the area every 10 seconds

  • Logic 3 - Outside players getting hit too much to receive a plate stack will force a pool spawn, it can either expand or create new ones on the outer ring

  • Logic 4 - After 140 lights, the initial pool generation is increased to 2 every 10 seconds

The goal is to clear the eggs as fast as you can to provide a clean Battleground for your team, the better Lantern God you have in the team the easier the Raid is going to be. If you have nobody that can clean properly, your team is doomed. It is absolutely possible to keep the whole field clean throughout the fight. 

Gate 3 Lantern God Role Clear Tips

For potential Lantern God players follow these tips to make sure your performance is top-notch:

  • 1 - While picking up or dropping the lantern, you become invincible or drop the lantern intentionally and pick it up again before the plague meter fills up to avoid stunts. You can't see anything in a short time but you can still control your character delete X if you remember where they were.

  • 2 - Your Lantern God roll limit is around 3 to 4th place Stacks, since 5th Stacks is a guaranteed death, utilizing on the timings properly to make sure cleanse yourself before getting a stack, you can get anonymous effect even on the inside.

  • 3 - Generally rotate 1 Direction positioning yourself around in the middle ring, you'll be able to see all possible playing Xbox

  • 4 -  Minimize the Q skill animation to quickly move to the next egg, you can kite and move per tick as well, moving in a steady path with the fastest clean attempts is enough to keep the whole map clean

  • 5 - When the Ghoul Lady is nearby, petrify her with the W skill and proceed to move on, you must keep on moving to kite the mobs. If all else fails, you can always drop the Lantern and come back later but you'll get some meter

  • 6 - When eggs are just spawning, make sure to kill them immediately. Plague pool does not spawn right away so you can actually kill two eggs at once if you stick closer to the spawning egg. You can also sacrifice some meter to kill two eggs at once if you position yourself correctly.

  • 7 - Swiftness character tends to be better due to the W cooldown being impacted by the swiftest stat, about 600 is needed

  • 8 - Even on slow progression, only one player is needed for the whole roll since they're not going to fight as much switching your engraving to Heavy Armor or vital points is also a good idea. Some players prepare full stagger builds for this role as well.

Gate 3 Boss's Major Mechanics (Normal/Hard)

  • 200 X Laser to stagger

  • 165 - Double Red, Green, and Purple Laser carry

  • 140 - Hexagon start shape statues

  • 125 - Awakened Akkan, enhanced AoE/Curses

  • 30 - Wave Survival to final phase (15 Hidden Wei)

  • 0 - Destruction Mechanic

    Hard Mode Hidden Phase

  • 300 - 2nd Phase Starts

  • 235 - Akkan Smash

  • 200 - Stage flipping water waves

  • 135 - 2nd Akkan Smash

Gate 3 Main Patterns & Defeat Tips

  • At 200 lines, lasers from the four statues need to be intercepted to stagger Akkan, group up S2 and stagger. There will be razor blades and Guillotines in hard mode always Dodge those first.

  • At 165 lines, purple laser at 9 o'clock, orange laser at 12 and 6, and Akkan will fire Green laser from 3 blocks. All lasers and the rest of the player will need to drag the purple laser to Akkan to stagger

  • At 140 lines, 6 statues will spawn 4 outside and 2 inside, stagger them all to have the camera zoom out, the final shape is either a hexagon or a star. If the 1 o'clock statue is firing its laser as a plus, it's a star; if it's firing as an X, it's a hexagon, spin the statue with a G key to finish the shape.

  • After 125 lines, Akkan is awakened with enhanced AOE patterns and curses:

    Slime pattern is when Akkan faces up with green smoke

    Skull pattern is when Akkan faces down with a magic circle. 

    Red Curse: stay far away from each other, mindcontrolled can be CCED. 

    Blue Curse: stay close to each other, mindcontrolled can be CCED.

    Green Curse: try to stay close to your partner and throw away three pools

    Black Curse: group up behind Akkan at all costs and don't separate 

  • At 30 lines, survive until dropping Akkan's HP to 15 for Esther Way execution or zero then apply sufficient destruction to finish.

Gate 3 Hard Mode Hidden Patterns & Fight Tips

  • At 300 line, start falling back or stay close to Akkan, Black Orb to mist pattern will create two tentacles which will give you a stagger Buff when destroyed. One player will receive the worm debuff, which will create a warm portal under the player's feet. Stay on Akkan's hands that are contracted to the ground or the pillar to dodge almost all normal patterns.

  • At 125 lines, you must enter the warm on purpose to survive a Khan smash

  • At 200 lines, survive the pattern by avoiding scratches and lasers, pools and waves will make you slip over and fall

  • At 135 lines, go inside the worm on purpose again to avoid the second account smash. Afterward, drop this HP to zero to finish the raid.