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Why Diablo 4 Is Better Than Path of Exile: Diablo 4's Endgame & What To Expect
3/21/2023 11:24:35 AM

We go over 4 things from Diablo 4 that we hope Path of Exile 2 addresses and go over Diablo 4's endgame and what to expect. Diablo 4 beta was super fun to play and brings a next generation feel to ARPGs, 3 month seasons means Blizzard will use the same model as Path of Exile and aim to have new content consistently, Diablo 4 does not aim to be Path of Exile 2, and it does not need to be in order to succeed and be a great game, no pay 2 win elements is a huge positive, next beta weekend will allow us to test out Necromancer and Druid.

Easy Respecs During Campaign

-Path of Exile has an issue where a full respect during campaign is extremely costly, many times it is easier to just relevel a character, very beginner unfriendly since you can make a mistake while pathing and be screwed.

-Diablo 4 allows you to have full skill respecs for almost no cost during campaign.

Character Creation Customization

-Path of Exile has zero character customization.

-Diablo 4 has full-featured character customization allowing you to change a whole host of options.

-Huge step up for character customization in ARPGs.

-Maybe Path of Exile 2 will allow us to finally change the no pants templar.

Open World Campaign

-Path of Exile’s campaign is the worst part of the game with many Acts being developed years ago.

-Diablo uses a seamless open world where you can travel from end to end with no loading screens, similar feel to Elden Ring and Zelda.

-Lots of dungeons to explore with a great story-driven campaign.

-World bosses are a fun addition.

-Campaign feels less linear compared to Path of Exile.

-Will repeated campaign playthroughs be fun?

Graphics and Atmosphere

-Diablo 4’s atmosphere is on another level with the zone before Act 1 Boss.

-Graphics are a sight to behold on Maximum Settings with a 1440p Monitor.

-Makes us excited to see if Path of Exile 2 will be able to expand on their current graphic engine.

Diablo 4's Endgame & What To Expect

World Tiers

-World tiers are considered difficulty levels that unlock when you finish campaign.

-Originally, we will only have access to the first two tiers of difficulty.

-You unlock higher difficulty levels by completing the campaign along with killing a series of bosses in dungeons.

-Higher difficulty levels unlock more loot, d4 gold, and experience.

Nightmare Dungeons

-Unlocked at tier 3.

-Dungeons are much more challenging as they add an extra affix.

-Example affixes include “Double Boss” or “Invisible Enemies”

-Difficulty of dungeon will depend on the level of the nightmare sigil in your inventory.

-Currently, the highest Tier dungeons can have 5 Afflictions.

Helltide Events

-New region-wide event that unlocks after World Tier Three Difficulty.

-Monsters in Helltide drop Cinders.

-Cinders are a new currency used to open Helltide Chests spread across the region.

-Helltide chests contain valuable gear.

-Cinders drop on dead, so PVP?

Whispers of the Dead

-Tree of Whispers will send you on tasks throughout Sanctuary.

-After completing the quest, you will receive experience, Diablo 4 gold, and Grim Favors.

-Exchange Grim Favors at Tree of Whispers for loot and experience.

-Whispers will rotate on map frequently and offer different set of rewards.

Fields of Hatred

-Designated PvP Zones.

-Players kill demons to collect Seeds of Hatred, seeds of hatred are dropped on death.

-Bring seeds to altar of extraction to convert to red dust, red dust will not be lost if you die.

-Rewards you with Cosmetics and Ornamental rewards.

Level 100 Boss/World Bosses

-Level cap is 100.

-There is a level 100 boss waiting for us at the end of the endgame.

-Considered as “officially” beating the game?

-World Bosses spawn in open-world events that massively reward players, up to 12 players.


There should be a lot of endgame for players to explore at game launch. Will be important for Blizzard to constantly add new endgame every season like new endgame bosses. Nightmare dungeons will be the main focus of the endgame, and every run should be slightly different as you get random afflictions. PvP being good will give a huge incentive for players to keep improving their gear for tiny, incremental gains.